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"Here's the best mind teasing game ever!
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May 28, 2022
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How to install Tangle Master 3D MOD APK v37.6.0 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tangle Master 3D MOD APK v37.6.0 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Tangle Master 3D MOD APK v37.6.0 (Money) Game for Android

The puzzling is fun enough, but it’s ad upon ad upon ad. I have no issue with a couple of ads but by the time I’m spending more time watching them than playing the game, I’m out. Impossible to get into an actual puzzle flow. There’s also a lot of extra stuff tacked on that adds nothing to the play experience. Shame, really love the concept.

Fun puzzle game, I’m thinking about buying the ad free version but it seems a little buggy at times where the pin won’t set down or sometimes it picks up the wrong rope which gets a little frustrating on the timed levels. Also the difficulty labels seem to be off…so far any that have been labeled as ‘impossible’ have been extremely easy but the ‘medium’ levels take multiple attempts to get 3 stars. Also what is the purpose of the tangle monster?

Update:. I really hate this game. Ropes sizzling but nothing will move. Force stopped it. Can move one rope but froze again. Uninstalling!!! This could be a really good game but its just an ad trap. Two seconds of play, 5 minutes of ads and being hijacked to the plays tore no matter how many times you press the x, then when you try to get back to the game, forget it. You wont.

Game design has an issue. I don’t mind watching ads. But there are other flaws. Firstly, there is no clear instruction or way to check the way to play for all the bombs, frozen stripes and other obstacles again later on. Sceondly, no more ways to see challenge levels after I reach lv100, that daily task become something impossible to play. The “open 1 items in the shop” quest is similar. The open button in the shop cannot be clicked. If the daily task really needs a redesign.

Good game and love the concept. What I don’t like is the fact that you have to make a character. Like why? That’s not why I got the game. Second issue is that when I play the booster jackpot it often gives me a black screen and forces me to exit out and lose my boosters. Please fix the second one (I aware you’d have to change the whole game for the first one.) and I will boost rating. Thank you.

I loved the game itself. I played it twice. I enjoyed untangling, but what I didn’t like, what actually is making me Uninstall the game is the amount of ads. I played two plays they showed 2 ads. I played one more play and got two more ads. Several times it was repeats of the same ads. Normally a few ads aren’t so bad but when you make 3 plays and have seen at least 7 or 8 ads it is no longer fun it’s annoying.

Played a few levels and think I would enjoy playing more. However, constantly getting notifications (2 or 3 per day) and can’t find how to turn them off, so have uninstalled. Also, as others have said, way too many repetitive and lengthy ads.

This is a great idea for a fun relaxing game, but yet it’s still very challenging and makes you think in the higher levels, give it a try see if it’s something you may enjoy, by the way it does have ads, but most are only to move you to the next level or grab a gift or get extra turns if your stuck, they will offer you to skip ads if you take the normal amount of prize money or you can double, triple etc… All the way to 5x for one ad, you can use the money to upgrade the little knotted ball

I like the game but the ads are ridiculous. Other games don’t have this many ads it makes you not want to play. So I paid 2.99 for no ads. And still get them too ridiculous!!! What was the point of paying for no ads when you still get them. Such a ripoff.

Hey! So I found a helpful hack to getting less adverts…well in fact none! So i know you shouldn’t have to do it but simply pull down your task bar and turn off your WiFi and your data So that no ads can run! BUT from when the game is loading on, it is organizing which ads will come so even if you have no WiFi or data, ads will still play…so as well as turning them off, go onto recently used apps and swipe tangle master away so that when you are on it there is no set up ads and no Internet!

I would have given this game 5 stars cuz I love playin this game so much that I paid to have the ads removed! But then I hit a section of the game where it loops the same 40 levels over and over and over! Im hoping this “update” changes that, cuz even thou Im stuck in that loop..I keep playin! I’m on level 598 and I’ve done the puzzle for 597 about 6 times already! If the update doesn’t fix this loop.. please add more levels! I guess I can play the speed challenges section.. again.. if I get bored!

Nice game but way way too many ads. Almost every after every game. And google, please set ome rules for ads, starting with max length for an ad and making the x to close the add to minimum size. Most apps do the x so small yoy can barely click it

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