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How to install Summoners War MOD APK v8.0.5 (Unlimited Crystals) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Summoners War MOD APK v8.0.5 (Unlimited Crystals) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Summoners War MOD APK v8.0.5 (Unlimited Crystals) Game for Android


This has to be my favorite mobile game. It takes an investment of time to get into everything this game has to offer. Pvp is challenging with great rewards. Dungeons have a good understanding of the boss and how to use specific creatures to clear higher levels. Summon rates for 4 and 5 starts are fairly low, but that makes it all the more valuable once you pull them out. System 2a allows you to make novice creators super powerful. Personally, the game is a 10.
The gameplay is pretty good, some of the designs look really cool, and there’s a lot of action to help especially newbies. What I will say though is don’t fix what ain’t broke. The evolving monster was perfectly fine, a bit Grindy, but it was simple. The new evolution process on the other hand is pointless and I just really don’t understand WHY they had to redo it. What would only be 5 5* Rmons would be my entire upgrade stash consumed just to evolve from 1 month to *6
Reloaded is better now after the patch, but it still feels like a time sink. Leveling up is such a chore now and drains energy. Running faimon hell took me over 40 wipes to level 35 to 40 for 2x exp, without the boost it would be over 80 wipes (400+ energy), that’s crazy. The rewards of the Abyssal floor are lackluster for the time invested and energy expended. It feels like the summoning war 6 years ago where everything was expensive.
Fun, lots of rewards. However, it definitely needs minor improvements. Just like when a player is looking to add a mentor, it would be nice if the potential mentors shown didn’t include people who are fed up with mentees. I wouldn’t care, except one of your new Summoners Way quests is to add 5 mentors. Something I have yet to finish.
Great game, like all mobile games it’s pay to win, but the game is still very playable and fun for free. I’ve been playing for years and it’s been the only game I keep coming back to even after long breaks. It’s very fun and rewarding to see the improvement in your account!
As I write this review in response to the 8.0.0 downgrade, I’ve enjoyed the game so far, but the development and power-up changes are a disgusting mess. Why did you make changes that don’t make sense and are hard to achieve. Now I have 66 max level 3* rainbowmons that are completely useless and why evolve feeders to level 25 when they are just fodder. The whole sequence was a complete disaster because you had to update it 3 times and it still has problems. You can do better.
The game is fun, no doubt about it. The spawn rate is either really good or bad at times, but the more you put into it, the more it seems to give back, especially during events. Being in a guild also helps, especially if you can find a group that fits your playstyle well and you can learn how to use guild points to your advantage over time. It should be 5 stars but there is always room for growth in my book.
I love this game, but there could be a few improvements. 1: You should be able to leave the auto-battle for the Ascension Trial. 2: I wish you could add an option for 100 replay battles and be able to quit the game when he is fighting (the game can send you a notification if you lose). 3: Chat needs a little more sensors. It is obvious that this game is played by minors and some people are not very good with what they are chatting about. And it is done! Thank you for your time! SW could go places!
He gave the game another shot and it’s not trigger worthy. Looking at it from a F2P perspective, it’s an awesome upgrade. Needs more tweaking for the latest update though like the Exp on scenario and monster drop rate in the scenario.
since it was my childhood game i think it’s time to improve since it’s a bit the same for more than 9 years —– I suggest that each floor in the repeat battle can be marked for targeting because the crystals have the most damage , so consider it pls 🙂 bro it’s too many updates you can’t do it once a month it’s literally 2 or 3 times a week it’s annoying i reinstall every update it really pissed me off
I’ve been playing this game on/off for a while. The gatcha aspect of it sucks. But the balance and how they improve the QOL aspects are triple A. It should definitely be ported to the switch console version. Cross link/cross play. Offline mode or online mode. Beats most monster master games available for mobile.


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