Summoners War MOD APK (Unlimited Crystals)


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Mar 27, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Summoners War MOD APK v7.2.3 (Unlimited Crystals) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Summoners War MOD APK v7.2.3 (Unlimited Crystals) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Summoners War MOD APK v7.2.3 (Unlimited Crystals) Game for Android


I am in love with this game. I truly do. It’s fun and challenging. The reason it did not score 5 stars is as they have changed the way updates apply, I need to uninstall and install the whole game. It doesn’t apply updates in a patch-like fashion that is, in essence, download the entirety of the appand apply it on top of the current one. Sure I could update my phone or increase the memory however I shouldn’t need to. Make sure this is fixed before I decide to not install it again.

I played for the initial 3 years after release, and the rates were awful, and I was astonished to have played for that long prior to leaving. Then I returned and the rates seemed to have improved a bit as well as COM2US seemed slightly more generous than the when I last played. I’m fully engaged today but all I have to say is dark and light rates are still abysmal. It’s time to change that for both returning and new players.

Wow, I began playing again a couple of days ago, and my last post was absolutely nothing. The designs of the characters can be enough to make me love this game, but the continual flow of content is astounding. The variety of teams you can build and the various monsters available and the easy to learn start. I cannot suggest a better game it is a fantastic game to play and has an incredible time to pass.

A fun, free-to-play game that is extremely rewarding for novice players. It’s hard to find games on mobile like this which you don’t need the money to buy. Even if you discover “free” games however, you must pay in order to enjoy the games. (Or more importantly paying in order to be able to play!) The game is certainly full of micro-transactions. However, I’ve been playing for two days with no purchase any items and it’s enjoyable and rewarding.

I’ve played intermittently for nine years and it’s one of the most enjoyable gacha games. You are able to play and complete everything as an f2p. The game’s in-game story was fascinating, however they never updated it, and seems that they were unable to decide what to do with it I would like to see more of the story continue after 9 years. The downsides are the extremely poor pull rates for 5 and 4**, it is possible to be without pulling a single one, do not even begin with the LD units, and pvp is quite P2W

I am in love with this game. However, after numerous attempts in the world arena, and only losing a few times, I am afraid of it. It’s the only aspect of the game that I do not play. I’ve tried many strategies. I have not won a single time. Others don’t even allow you a chance. You just get burned.

it’s an enjoyable game however, it’s mostly paid to play. If you don’t invest money to play this game, it’s likely that you will not grow your account your way that you’d want. I’ve tried to make purchases on this game several times, but I always receive an error every time I try to purchase something this is very frustrating. The community and the players are wonderful, but the chat censoring system is an overkill, and you cannot use normal words such as “assume” because it is based on the three initial letters.

It’s been a blast playing summoners war since the beginning. Of course the game doesn’t have everything flawless, but they attempt. That’s better than other games and businesses. I am grateful for how this little game has helped me through and the incredible connections I’ve made. I’m excited for the Collab as well as the 9th anniversary, and all the other things to be. Thank you summoners war.


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