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[Free Download] Subway Surfers v2.16.2 (Money/Coins/Key) Mod APK for Android Download APK
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April 27, 2021
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[Free Download] Subway Surfers v2.16.2 (Money/Coins/Key) Mod APK for Android

Opened a support claim because even after the purchase I was still getting up-and-coming ads and supported that they were checking into it but the game gifted me 10000 coins and did not fix the issue. The awesome trick of not telling people no ads with purchases but even then bombard with ads. Fun game will adjust the rating otherwise and if fixed. Cannot be recommended until such time. And Def doesn’t recommend that you buy anything with the expectation of removing the ads.
This game is a more amazing running game than I played. There are no ads. Only when you buy some gifts. Amazing graphics. The coolest shop and the most interesting thing is that you can also play it offline. Too many characters and too many boards. Upgrading this game is fabulous. This type of game is very hard to find anywhere.
All I have to say is try to listen to your players and fanbase. Work on improving the game. The contents aren’t so enjoyable that when there are bumps or problems I end up hitting the ceiling when I jump with super sneakers to complete the arch coin jump. This is very frustrating. Please try and do better with the game and stuff.
Used to love this game. New monthly pass. I made it to level 10. OK. Made it at 11 p.m. 12. 18 hours. What’s the matter 13. 18 hours. Wait me long I do not know. Now it takes a 1 day level. Time it wrong, done. And now, you use the jumper boost for the jumps, you hit the roof. Or land on something you can’t avoid. Not how it happens. Not cool. And no, I’m not changing my star rating. Game Fix
One of the best games I play! … good graphics, not hard to control and not easy to play hard …. but I don’t like the fact that some characters and surf boards are expensive … for example Yutani to make it difficult for you to get 500 UFOs Needed, I hope you reduce the price of expensive characters and surf boards …. thank you !!
The latest update is awesome. You are now killed using a superjump inside a tunnel. These updates are taking all the fun out of the game. Please fix. Also, winning the jackpot now seems impossible. I haven’t won in an era, not even 50 or 100k. The game has gone in the wrong direction.
Liked the preview update. Would love this update after seeing the design until I play the game. I like to do super jumps but there is a wall in the tunnel due to poor design choices. I reported it 2 days ago, but no changes have been made to the game. I hate this update and I don’t hate the game.
I have been playing this particular game for the last six years or so. Many mobile phones have changed but every time the game is downloaded with almost all the progress. To my credit 200 million + coins, 250,000+ skate / hoverboards, 12000+ score booster 22000+ headstarts all accomplishments completed ………. and more …. for the last 10 months or so, each Updates bring no problems, sometimes fixed and sometimes not. Please look at it, Sibo.
I like this game but for some reason when I get a random score, it changes to the highest position I get on the weekly run. I got 12.2 million as of today but that has since changed with a 3 million score and now I am not the first. The game says my high score is still 12.2 million but it’s not on the top run leaderboards. It happened many times before but this is a little ridiculous. Is this just a visual error? Please fix this 🙂 Edit: Don’t consider it just a visual error.
(1) .ed, ed and ed. The vague time when you come back to the home page is always an ad, very irritating! (2) .Houston Update, while jumping in the subway, with dragon boards or super sneakers, must now crash with the roof! ()) .Houston Update, Mission no. 2356! 15 Mystery Buy Buy X but not shown after many attempts. “And the developer! Are you people responding to samples?”
Nice game wish they could give me two fans with their clothes. I also feel like the game is too slow and it distracts you when you run and it tells me how to lose my coins without giving me anything in reward. That’s why I gave this game three stars. The really good thing about this game is that during each season you have a different kind of music and you get a different game theme. For example: Now for me it introduces me to Easter.
There is a big delay with the jetpack because whenever I get ready to grab the jetpack, it seems like a whole second to activate this power, some weird deaths happen and there is a mistake because when you hit the roof, you get . Crashed !? Not allowed in this game! This is the end of the game for me, can you trust it? I have been playing this game for 5 years! Now I will give 4 stars to show respect. Thanks for letting me try this game, but it’s the end for me. 🙂
It’s a great game that you can find a lot of factories but that’s thing 1. You can bump the roof when you use super sneakers. I found this error where you go to settings and you change the year and go back to date Subway surfers and everything changes in different events, please fix this but overall nice game 4 stars
The focus of the game is very repetitive which is playing for the score but it lacks it because it always plays a similar level of change should be the same in different levels of their story or should have a different focus on the story. Ultimate Goal I know this won’t happen and I can get a feedback message but I hope I’m not the only one whose needs feel like this game needs to change for the better.
I love this game. I have had it for a long time and always love updates. But there is a place of death in the tunnel with the new Houston update. If you make it to the tunnel with any super jump, you hit your head on the wall which kills you. Would you please take this out so I can use Super Sneakers or my favorite board in the tunnel? Thank you!
This game has been played for so long and is highly recommended to all. There is a mistake that I want to make

[Free Download] Subway Surfers v2.16.2 (Money/Coins/Key) Mod APK for Android

What's new

- Get ready for takeoff and join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Houston
- Put on your space suit and get ready to meet Buzz, the new galactic surfer
- Blast through an out-of-this-world subway on the new Shuttle board
- Go for the full outer space experience with cosmic sales and offers in the Shop
- Collect Tokens to unlock amazing rewards in the Season Hunt


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