Stickman Hook MOD APK (Skin / Ad-Free)


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Aug 1, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.4.5 (Skin / Ad-Free) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.4.5 (Skin / Ad-Free) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Stickman Hook MOD APK v9.4.5 (Skin / Ad-Free) Game for Android


I’ve been playing for a hell of a long time, there are so many shortcuts. But really without VIP this game sucks because the amount of ads is bad like it used to be winter and here and there but now it’s just bad but with VIP this game is fire. Levels repeat but not in order, added some new levels for variations but after 200 you’ll notice it’s a good timepass overall but if you don’t want to be bombarded with ads you’ll need to get VIP. btw top im top 1%
That’s ok, it’s hard to really give a review because when I try and play there is an excessive amount of ads after every level or 2 like most mobile games. The ads were driving me crazy so I had to stop playing.
Fun game, great animation, super colorful, decent extra modes. My only problem is that there are simply TOO MUCH ADVERTISING. But almost all games suffer from this nowadays.
Very good game, I remember the old version. I would like to politely ask a few things. 1. Level Builder Level Builder is good, level builder. You can place items found in the game to create a level. You wouldn’t get much for defeating some, but you can get 2 rewards: R1: level creation: duck, which you can change into any kind of duck. R2: Level Completion: You get a giant pencil-shaped duck. 2: Character maker: you can make an oc to replace your stickman… and trail and whatever
I’ve played it before when I was younger but I see people probably have with the fix ads just turn on airplane mode it works for me the game is fine just wish there were different characters and levels
This app has been nothing but bliss for over 2 years watching it grow and update, I am so amazed to see how far it has come. Ever since I downloaded this game, it spoke to me, it showed me that mobile games can be good and mean something.
Great game just needs more features like map editor and community events I don’t think this game has enough support from the developers. I think a map editor would be nice and you could view things on profiles to make the community nicer because you can’t chat with someone or friends like the map 1v1 mode of a similar chat system P.S. also make more maps because the main levels get boring seeing the same map 3 times just add more maps to the rotation
The best! I’ve played a lot of games, but this game… is really something. It’s addictive, you can play offline and play with other people. I am now lvl 206 and still enjoying it!!!
I have been playing this game since I was a kid and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to pass the time with the game (for people who complain about ads, just turn off the internet)
The game is really fun. There are a lot of ads, but if you switch your phone to airplane mode, you get a fun game without any ads
I’ve dedicated my life to getting every single skin I just can’t afford, not buying any ads, and getting those skins at a premium price. I wish I had them but I’ve been trying to get them I can’t afford them because my parents will let me get them I don’t have a credit card or anything so if anyone wants to help me get every single skin I’m already in champion And I really like this game and that’s why I’m writing it again good
I love it but there are a lot of ads but I have the airplane mode trick no ads just the game but sometimes it stops working.
The best if you don’t have internet and fun, you can’t stop playing it so exciting and just stop I’m addicted to it, one of the best games.
I like it but the ads can be a bit much at times and play the same thing over and over but other than that I love it
This is a really fun game when you are bored I play this game all the time and what I would like them to do is add a fox character please
The awesome doesn’t “happen”. Great concept and great game. But you can say that the levels are automatically generated without any further action. Levels at 1 are the same as at 200. Generation also has no gimmicks – I’ve had a few levels where I literally can’t touch it and just bounce to victory… It’s VERY easy, like every level it’s the same, everyone happens an expert at several levels. Levels don’t really do anything for the game other than unlock skins. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve sunk quite a few hours into it… but I just want more!
The game is simple, fun and very addictive. The variety of levels decreases very quickly and it’s possible to break them so hard that there’s no challenge to them (but that’s part of the fun!) Too many ads – are they falling off the screen? Advertisement. Beat the level? Advertisement. When unskippable ads appear, it’s faster to close and restart the game. When you succeed, the ads feel like a punishment. All told, still fun and worth playing.


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