Spotify Premium Mod APK (Full/Final)


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Dec 20, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.92.521 (Full/Final) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.92.521 (Full/Final) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Spotify Premium Mod APK v8.7.92.521 (Full/Final) App for Android


Really enjoying! A brand new layout, but it’s not bad. Some songs didn’t have lyrics that worked, but it seems that this is fixed at present. This is a small issue however, seeing it function once more is a huge relief. It was among my favorites parts. Should it not disappear with the next update I’ll be more than happy. While searching for songs and previews, the option does not appear however that’s my only minor gripe right now. It’s a lot more than when previews were not working for a while. Very pleased with the results.

Although the app is fantastic as it is,, I’ve experienced some issues when trying to play certain playlists. For instance, when I attempt play my playlist from my phone, it doesn’t play, no matter what I do unless I change tracks before returning to it. It’s becoming annoying however, other than this, it’s an excellent app to listen to music that is premium or not (ads are usually 1-2 minutes long, but that’s not ideal.)

I really enjoy this application. It’s pretty much the only way to play music. But it can also cause me to become mad sometimes. I swear that the skip count of 6 on the free version don’t feel like 6, it’s more like 4. When a song ends the app stop playing music. If I start an app and the music that that I previously had open won’t be playing which means I need to switch to a different playlist, and then return to the playlist I was on. I have other things to share, but I’m restricted to 500 words. Fix it. Enjoy your day.

I’ve been using Spotify for about 6 years and use it on a daily basis. There are a few issues that the app shuts down suddenly however, the premium version is well worth the money. I appreciate how easy to use it and also has it’s own music station that plays what I’m listening to. The suggestions are tailored to my preferences, however, the one thing that is annoying is when I play one track that is from a different genre it alters my whole system of music preferences.

The majority of the time it’s a great app. I pay premium for it which means I don’t need to deal with advertisements, and I can play my music regardless of the order. However, for the past week, it’s not running as it should, it keeps slowing down and stopping every time I disconnect and connect to speakers as well as my car’s bluetooth radio. This is not optimal for my job and also, when I first start the app, the screen disappears or crashes and I must close it to begin again. Please will this issue be addressed and corrected in order for me to get it back on five stars.

I love this application and find it easy to use! It would be wonderful that the management of songs was made more simple (when using both a mobile device and computer). If I decide to add a song Playlists, I would prefer to see checkboxes alongside each list so that I could check them out and add it to several lists at once. It would also be beneficial if there was a checkmark next to each Playlist that the song is already added to and you can be removed by tapping.

My family is a huge fan of spotify. We love. It is a family membership and everyone has access to tons of music, ads-free. For the vast majority of time, the app does what it says on the tin. Be aware If you’re going to need to access music offline for any reason, try it by turning your device into airplane mode prior to going disconnected from mobile or wifi. There are times when there is a glitch that makes it impossible to access your music downloaded from the internet and it’s best to figure out the problem before you require it but aren’t able to.

I’ve used Spotify for many years in both the free version or as a premium member. I’d rate 5 stars, but due to a weird issue I’ve encountered recently. My playlists suddenly stop after one or two songs and I’m forced to change the playlists, then switch back to the original playlist or completely quit the app in order to resolve the issue. I had hoped that this issue could be fixed soon however until then I’m giving it 4 stars.

I recently unsubscribed from my Spotify account in order for the sake of saving money. I didn’t realize the value of the amount of money. I was without it for a week before the $10 per month became worth it again. Ads on every song. Being unable to skip around. Things I didn’t realize were premium features, such as being able to view every song on the playlist. I would like to see that the free version wasn’t so an abomination, but I enjoy the advantages I receive when I have a paid account.

I’ve always loved Spotify. But , suddenly recently, I’ve started experiencing this issue in my personal premium that makes it impossible to start playing music when I hit the play button on the playlists. If I’m completed with a track, the next time I start the app Spotify it should display a bar at bottom of the screen which shows the last played song, along with the heart button and play buttons right next to it. But, in some cases, they’re not visible when I launch the app.


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