Special Forces Group 2 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money)

v4.21 b119

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Aug 14, 2023
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v4.21 b119
5.0 and up

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How to install Special Forces Group 2 Apk Mod v4.21 b119 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Special Forces Group 2 Apk Mod v4.21 b119 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Special Forces Group 2 Apk Mod v4.21 b119 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


Great game. It really brings back the feeling of OG counter strike. But the AI ​​needs to be polished a bit more + in zombie mode it would be great if you could a) infect people on the spot (so they are zombies immediately and don’t have to respawn first) b) if zombies could be more tanky and regenerate health if they will sit still for a few seconds, unable to respawn. and c) if you could do it, it’s random who starts as a zombie at the start of each round.
Great game! And I need something that would be a fire update for this game! Is to improve “Ultra Graphics” and more! And we need some optimization for lower end devices. You can customize the “Low Graphics” option more optimized! And add some features like emotes, stickers and more! I hope you see these kind of comments. God bless you!
It’s a good game, I rate it 5 stars, but I have some new modifications. 1.) When you tap the crouch button while running, it creates an animation like sliding, and while standing, if you long press the crouch button, it creates another animation that crawls. 2.)The game already had hipfire, but I want you to mix the fire button and the scoop button to get close + fire and kill the enemy. Wish it could be added for all players to download. Good luck making your new edit. keep up the good work
I really love this game, I’ve been wanting to play this game for about 4 years, it’s just delayed because my childhood phone broke and my mom’s phone is low on space, but I love this app and the ads are only mild or if you want to playing online turn on airplane mode and no ads! I just want FORGED GAMES to add more animations to the game like in “C.O.D Mobile” and the bots have the same reloading, gaining and checking animation. I really love this game, thank you 🙂 <3💚
It’s a pretty good game, the ads aren’t that frequent if you play with internet on, it also doesn’t require you to play with internet or mobile data on, it has pretty decent game modes, the best in my opinion is zombies, it’s funny how you can customize the mode for single player by choosing what weapons your allies and opponents can use and how many bots you play with, the skins, even with the added cost are pretty decent, overall a good game.
Playing this game with your friends is fantastic and fun. However, there is one small thing I would like you to consider adding skins for the katana and other melee weapons. You can also add animation to skins, like a dragon skin that moves when you kill someone, which will be cool if you add one. Can you add more maps? Because the current ones are pretty uninteresting and can you please add some animation when you defuse the bomb. I hope you notice.😁
This game is the best offline and online multiplayer and you can play with and offline. I have a problem when me and my friends are in a multiplayer game as a user (android 13) that I automatically quit the server with. If I’m the host, nothing happens, no logging out, just nothing.
Good game, bugs fixed so far. I suggest adding some sound effects of gunfire on the far side so we can know where they are fighting, also it’s good for the ears to listen like in real life. Also your sound fx sounds fake, please make it like a real gunshot sound. I’m giving four stars as of now and will give five stars after my review gets a chance.
I’ve played it before and still do. It’s fun because there are many modes and weapons and it’s even more fun when you have a friend or brother with you. We play via Wifi and Hotspot. We even skin the weapons we like, these skins are free so you can customize any skin color you want on your weapon. So I gave it 5 stars
Increase or remove the time limit in “Bomb Mode”. Sometimes the bomb explodes almost instantly. And I think it’s a bug if you try to change the team once you enter the match (changing to make the teams even, like if the teams are 4ct vs 6t) even if we pick the terror guy the game still adds me to ct but spawns me in the terrorist spawn area. That’s all my experience with offline mode against bots. Please fix these issues
5 stars, I’m not a bot but the point is it’s a decent game. even though it’s a CS copy, it’s still decent. if you didn’t know, you can change the HUD controls in game. my low end phone was able to get good fps playing this
This game is good but I need you to add (RPG) and add new map.. without update it’s quite boring new weapon also new map and I decided to make a new one it’s just (RPG) and new map, for people to have fun… That’s all, thank you and goodbye 🫂🫂🫂
this game is good but one thing need to add another game mode make it without any team just me vs another big team to make the game more fun add it but don’t need to remove another game mode just add a new one
It’s so nice and great game because the enemies are easy to kill and they have many map skins and modes, create a new map in Special Forces Group2
This is an amazing game, this is the most amazing cawnter I have ever played. But before the hack was born Players are strong to kill and not fair. But I like the offline mode because there is no hack that is fair to me. I love it 😍😍
Great game. The perfect Counter Strike alternative for mobile gamers. There’s just one problem. I can’t use my skins that I made for weapons. I wonder if you could come back and update this soon.


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