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Aug 6, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Soul Knight MOD APK v5.3.5 (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Soul Knight MOD APK v5.3.5 (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Soul Knight MOD APK v5.3.5 (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android


The game itself is really good, I like the mechanics, enemies, etc. It’s way better than 90% of all mobile games out there. I wish the game was faster in progression, everything takes a lot of gems, but you get around 1000 in one full run, it takes a lot of time. And here is the error that appears almost constantly on my Android devices – “Bad reception”. The problem is my daily rewards aren’t refreshing, plants aren’t growing, I’ve tried everything and nothing works so I hope you fix this, it’s annoying
The game is very nice, the gun has different uses and you can play multiplayer using hotspot, but it can’t be played online with my friends, that’s the only problem I hate about it, if you can fix it, I would really appreciate it, I hope you can fix or rework this because for me this is the best multiplayer game.😍
Everything is awesome except half the characters are paid… Also please add an option to disable melee attack when I have enough energy to use a weapon because it’s annoying that I can’t use the shotgun for direct shots. .
It won’t start, shows the first loading image and then crashes. Reinstalled five times, rebooted the phone and nada. Edit: Changed from 1 star to 5 because they fixed the issue within 1 day of highlighting the issue. I’ve never seen a development team so diligent, these guys are kudos.
The game is great, but sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time on a particular run and then it all falls apart, which is disappointing and overwhelming. The game is still great, don’t get me wrong.
Great game. Multiplayer is good and fun. There are tons of cool and unique weapons. Although I wish the “holy statue” had a change. Perhaps the player could choose a statue as a decoration, such as a priest statue? Also change the buff “You can worship many statues” to “You can put coins in many statues”.
Simply one of the best games on the Play Store. Great story, lots of gameplay and ads are pretty much optional. You watch ads for free boosts (or you can pay gems that are easy to get) for free gems, coins and weapons and that’s it. The mechanics are great and there are enough characters for any player of any role. Although not all content (such as the cat shop and some characters) is available without transactions.
This is one of my favorite mobile games of all time, no kidding. I’ve been playing this game for so long I forgot~ I love what you’ve done with it over the years, always new content when I come back and it just keeps getting better. I can go on and on about how much I love this game, but I’m limited to 500 characters. xD Thank you guys for making such a beautiful game. I want to show my appreciation for the great experience I’ve had with her over the years. 9.5/10 And I recommend online multiplayer c:
Soul Knight is a popular mobile game with engaging game mechanics, roguelike mechanics and pixelated visuals. Its roguelike elements, unique weapons and constant updates make it an immersive experience. The game’s pixel art graphics and catchy soundtrack give the game a nostalgic feel. Soul Knight’s monetization model is fair and accessible, offering a free-to-play experience with no in-game purchases. Overall, Soul Knight is a must-play for fans of action-packed dungeon crawlers
Hello Chillyroom! I wanted to say that you made a good game… No, a very, very good game! Who doesn’t like pixel games? But the game is much better than stylish, let me explain: Soul Knight has a very unique gameplay because it has several types of monsters and the number of bosses is hard to count! So you can continue to struggle with something like: Find all the bosses or Use only one weapon. And since you can do any challenge you want, this game will never be boring!
I love this game. I’ve had it on my phone for at least four years and I would never want to delete it. Let me make a few points: The Good: Tons of characters (26 as of now), even more skills, and there’s an insane amount of weapons. The game gets updates quite often (~ every 3-4 months) and the game loop is very repetitive and fun. The Bad: Quite a lot of stuff needs microtransactions 🙁 . Although, the max price is around $4 for cool stuff (like some characters).
I love this game!!!!! If I never played it, my life would be boring. And I really like the new skins, events and new enemies. I really hope for the best for this game. And I also wish there was a multiplayer mode in The Origin game mode, it will be awesome.
This game is suitable for a mobile game, port or not. I hate that you have to buy some characters and some of the ones you buy will give you access to legendaries. I understand that you have to make money somehow, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this game to the fullest. I appreciate your work, I can’t wait to see more of your work!


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