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“In a time of gun and sword, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. It all depends on you retrieving the magical stone…”
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Aug 30, 2022
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How to install Soul Knight MOD APK v4.2.10 (Money/Energy/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Soul Knight MOD APK v4.2.10 (Money/Energy/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Soul Knight MOD APK v4.2.10 (Money/Energy/Unlocked) Game for Android

Absolutely amazing! The developers are working hard to make everything available at the fingertips of players and resolve issues quickly and frequently in the event of a glitch. Easter eggs that are laid out are exciting to discover while the game itself is easy yet complicated at the same time. It’s a great game that you can play occasionally to have fun or for grinding and provides a myriad of options as the game of dungeons. I love this game , and I’ve played for several years. Highly recommended

The update is excellent however I’m unable to play in the season modes because of the controls. If I push the shoot and move buttons the game shoots and moves in one direction only because it is stuck. I’m not able to even change the control buttons to different direction. It’s a major problem because I’ll be capable of finish the game without moving and shooting only in one direction. (.*<*.). I’m hoping this issue can be rectified but I’m still enjoying the game.

The game is extremely good. The aesthetic and the music are amazing and the art style is attractively presented. The game offers quite an amount of replay value not just in the game itself but from the seasons that are constantly released. There’s a lot of content characters to upgrade to get it’s so much enjoyable. I’ve spent a lot of time playing this game. I highly would recommend this game.


The first thing to note is that this game is very demanding to learn and can be a bit challenging for players. The game’s storyline is that is similar to “Enter The Dungeon”. If you’ve played it, you’ll see the similarities here. The goal of the game is destroy enemies in every stage with your own characters.

Each hero is unique and has abilities which you can use for example, certain heroes are capable of using weapons, being able to avoid bullets, stealth enemy strength, and many more capabilities. Of course, each hero comes with its own unique appeal in addition to weaknesses. Some characters can be activated. Certain players can activate with gems, while others are only available with IAP at a cost of $1 however for gamers who aren’t wealthy like me Free heroes are sufficient. If you fall the game, you can buy 200 jade or view an ad that promises to revive you. Then you can start again.

In a certain level, upon having defeated every enemy, you’ll be granted a buff which will help you on subsequent levels. Also, there are mercenaries that aid you in the game. They will cost you money to hire them, and this is refundable when you succeed. With up to three personnel, they can assist you in getting a lot of work accomplished.

As you begin to explore the ruin in Soul Knight, players will see enemies appear in red light columns. They are constantly attacking you. While doing so you’ll be able to freely move to locate an appropriate attack location, and the weapon you’re equipped with at the start to play is not a good gun, and does take up no players’ energy. As time passes, you’ll explore various rooms and discover chests with surprising rewards.

When you see the chests mentioned above, you shouldn’t ignore them due to various reasons. They may provide you with items to replenish health and mana levels if you’re repeatedly struck or use numerous weapons that require mana. In addition there is an opportunity to acquire higher-powered weapons like bazookas with powerful destructive capability. Each character can hold an amount of weapons. When there is you have more than you can handle you’ll have to choose which weapon to drop.

One of the most exciting aspects that you will experience when playing this game is that you be able to join with teammates in multiplayer mode, and fight waves of enemies that appear ahead of you. It will be apparent that there are more enemies than you are able to meet in the game with the amount of players that you travel with. So that a multiplayer game will take quite a bit of your time however it will let you relax with your buddies.

Every character is a hero

In addition to weapons, the character is also an important factor. According to ChillyRoom they refer to them as all heroes. If you’re wondering what the reason is, you should not read this article or think about your words from the beginning. They call for heroes to be like heroes is because they are involved in the noble cause of helping save the world. In the face of aliens of various genres, we have several characters. You are looking for the best way to play the most effective.

Multiplayer mode is attractive

If you’re looking to play with other players, Soul Knight can support you with ease. By linking with Wifi or Bluetooth several players can communicate with each other much more comfortably. This is another feature that is not well-liked since many players aren’t close to each other and are unable to play with each other. It is easy to read feedback in Google Play or Appstore.

Great game, but there’s a huge issue. It’s extremely difficult to play. It’s like I was on the final level of this game. However, I lost my life which is why I clicked an advertisement to restart. Although I didn’t get the prize, I was able to reach three or four. Just as I was about to collect my prize I saw the ad play in the background, and I went through the entire advertisement. However, the game stopped playing before it crashed.Edit the problem has become more severe, and I am unable to play. Whenever I begin an activity and suffer damage, the game stops and freezes. If you’re going to make games, please ensure that it’s actually playable.

The game is great particularly the multiplayer aspect and you do not require internet access, but the main problem is that the characters aren’t always cost-free, but it’s much better if there are different ways to unlock the characters instead of having to pay and, lastly you can save your progress. I highly recommend synchronizing our accounts with Facebook, Google etc. Many players wanted to save our progress during this game. I am aware that the game has saved our progress before but this process isn’t easy, so yeah I’m giving it 3 stars.

This game is a masterpiece. It has been through many changes, and nearly all of the content is removed because of microtransactions. The heroes that require cash are playable with no-cost trial vouchers! Another complaint is that you aren’t able to get the legendary heroes you want without spending due to the requirement the players to play at a maximum and may require some money (so they can’t be upgraded). However, overall, an excellent game with many games and secret modes! There are some crashes here and there , but.

The game is fun and enjoyable , and it’s also the kind of game that lets you leave the game and come back to it. However, i would like something added to the game. A feature where , if you play with controller or gamepad the icons for UI/Interface/Control change in a similar way. For instance when you play with controllers, the move, attack and skill icons must shrink and be moved on the left of the screen so that lets us know the buttons to press as well as making the game more appealing by having a more appealing UI.


The game uses different currencies, including gems, gold. Gold is used to pay soldiers and to purchase other items to support. However, Gems is the most expensive currency that is used to buy new pets and characters and upgrade your existing characters, as well with other bonuses. It is also possible to play an in-game game within your game’s lobby with the hopes of winning the power of a weapon to begin racing, and gain more gems.

One of the things I love in this particular game is the fact that it contains no ads, other than when there are ads that promise 200 gems. It is not possible to check the stats of your weapon in the shop prior to the buy and you have to buy it in order to determine the power of the weapon is.


Apart from the typical and numerous enemies you’ll encounter as a player in Soul Knight, you will definitely not be able to avoid the bosses you will encounter in specific rooms. You can identify the most powerful enemies by its massive design and its health bars. This is why you must use your skills of control and the tools that you have to attack it. This will definitely be a difficult climb and aid you in reaching the next level.

You’ll be able look at an outline of the area that you have entered on the right of the screen. Also, the area that’s larger than the squares is where you’re standing. In addition there are several rooms you need to explore and it is important to not overlook them as there will be chests can be opened. Additionally, the objective you must achieve is to cross the doorway from one floor in order to move to the next one and gain the strength that you require to select carefully.

An amazingly balanced game and the way they manage advertisements is the best I’ve observed. There are no ads in the game. If you pass away you are able to live another day by watching an ad your death. This is amazing because it ensures that the advertisement doesn’t interfere with the game. There’s more I could discuss however you have to discover all the amazing pieces of the game for yourself.

Incredible game, lots of enjoyable and you will never be bored with the many options for game modes, weapons as well as challenges. There are however some things that can make it more user-friendly game. 1. Create a trash weapon in game play so that when you’re using an upgrade of 3 weapons, or playing Airbender you are able to drop any weapon you don’t would like to. 2. Let us customize the controls to ensure that aiming and moving are not separate. 3. We can change the names in lobby instead leaving and re-entering the lobby.

What's new

*Build the season mode’s armor mounts in Level Mode! Blueprint frags are dropped by defeated fuel guardians in the season mode (Badass).

*Added auto-aim.
*Added temporary buffs.
*Arms can be unequipped.
*Adjusted the health, projectiles, dmg of fuel guardians, and the difficulty of later waves of enemies.
*Optimized stats of armor mounts to differentiate them from each other.



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