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May 11, 2023
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1. Tap the downloaded Sonic Forces MOD APK v4.17.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

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[Free Download] Sonic Forces MOD APK v4.17.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


I really enjoyed Sonic Dash but this game takes it over the water. There are 73 characters to be a part of, the game is a lot of enjoyable to race opponents in battles and the method of unlocking characters is fascinating. However, the trophy sistum is no sense. Once I participated in an arena battle and lost trophies in 2nd position. It is also a shame that I would lose trophies when I am when I am in 3rd or 2nd position but I believe that this problem was fixed. It also sometimes causes me to skip advertisements even when I did not press the X button. The game, however, is excellent.

I absolutely love this game however there are a few problems to deal with that earn it a 4 star. The first is that the rate of rings are very slow, especially with certain characters requiring lots of rings to upgrade, sometimes it takes a little too long to complete a level. Another reason is the amount of characters appearing. Ice Slider Jet as an instance hasn’t been seen in reruns for some time, and he’s the only character I do not have, so I thought it would be interesting to see him and the others be more frequent.

Two main problems… The trophy system is broken for so long, and it’s still not solved in any way. The other problem is that you receive character cards for characters even when they’re 16 levels this is a huge mistake. If they wouldn’t let players at level 16 to have cards any longer this would feel much more pleasant and less time-consuming to increase the level of characters. Please do this as the system of leveling is a pain already and it could take years or even longer to make everyone level with the way it operates…

Personally, I don’t like the new bug I discovered. It blocks the player from moving around at ALL. If you are close to winning a match and a glitch happens the game is ruined. I don’t like the fact that even if you quit a game and you lose the prizes. This isn’t a great way to stop players from cheating, and it ought to be easily detectable. Could have been 4 stars, but this has made me feel like I was playing a game that I didn’t enjoy.

I find this game quite enjoyable. The cast of characters is great as is the gameplay and it’s overall a great time. However I do have a important issue. That being event-exclusive characters. I’ve played the game previously but lost my progress, including Super Sonic at level 5. Super Sonic. As the event is finished, I won’t have the opportunity to play Super Sonic again. You could try the same thing that Sonic Dash is doing and make them available for purchase by cash once the event’s finished.

The game is superior to Sonic Dash. There’s a problem first, you’re playing against terrible players, and then the next thing you know, you’re playing against the best players of all time. The ability to customize skins is awesome, but I think that you should alter the trophy thing. It’s rubbish. I believe the trophy thing is more a problem than Fortnite bugs. It’s like if you’re a level-one player is playing a level one Challenger you believe you’ll be able to win even though you’re a novice. However, ninety-nine percent of the time you’re likely to be destroyed.

I have an idea. What if we transform the game to something similar to the games Sonic or Sega All Star Racing? It’s not like they’re in cars or anything, but it’s similar to having more players playing in the game with the characters having their own unique items and items, why not randomize them? Like they all have access to similar items, like fireballs, traps or projectiles. When someone is behind, they could gain a significant boost to catch up with others.

Fun sonic game with different events that unlock characters. The one issue I’m having is that you still get cards for maxed-out characters, specifically Common. The characters can be more advanced, such as having a higher number of rings to start an adventure. Certain challenges require you to play as specific character, but don’t offer cards to the character, that I find strange. Do you think there is a chance possibility of having different reverse or even additional maps? Server issues also affecting me.

Apart from a glitch that causes the game lags every time I play I really like the game. I’ve played it for some time but the amount of rings needed to play Rare and Super Rare characters are ridiculously high (Lv. 8+ for Rare & Lv. 5+ to be Super Rare), other of a few minor mishaps like the ones I’ve have mentioned, this is an excellent game therefore I’m giving it 5 stars. keep up the great work SEGA! 🙂

This game is fantastic, but every time I finish racing I am rewarded with a victory chest. And I’m not lying I think that you must give rare, extremely unique, exclusive and challenger cards more often than the standard cards. In truth, the process of the common cards are becoming frustrating. So I’m hoping that you’ll make the game better and by the way, it’s an amazing game. I could give it 5 stars next time, but who is sure?


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