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Apr 5, 2023
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How to install Sonic Forces APK v4.16.1 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Sonic Forces APK v4.16.1 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Sonic Forces APK v4.16.1 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


I loved Sonic Dash but this game is a complete blow-out of the water. There are 73 characters you can be a part of, the game is entertaining to compete against other players in battles and the method of unlocking characters is amazing. The trophy sistum, however, makes sense. Once I participated in an arena battle and lost trophies 2nd position. It is also a shame that I would lose trophies in 2nd or 3rd place but I think this issue was resolved. Sometimes, it also will cause me to miss advertisements even when I did not press the”x” button. The game itself is excellent.

Overall, this game is great. You can compete against other players in real-time for prizes with characters you acquire and progress to for even greater rewards. One thing that I encountered was that if you lose connection because of a weak connection, you lose rank dramatically. It is possible that this feature is intended to stop players from quitting the game when they’re about to lose. However, there needs to be an opportunity for the game to determine the difference between a player quitting and one who is disconnected.

I absolutely love this game however, there are some problems in the game that give it four stars. The first is that how often rings are redeemed. The rate are quite slow, and with certain characters requiring a lot in rings for upgrades, it can take a bit long to complete a level. Another issue is the frequency of characters appearing. Ice Slider Jet to give an instance hasn’t been seen in a rerun for some time, and is also the one character I do not have, so I thought it would be interesting to have him and other characters be more frequent.

It’s a game that I actually find quite enjoyable. The characters are well-cast and the gameplay is enjoyable and it’s an overall great time. However, I have one major problem with the game. That being event-exclusive characters. I’ve played this game before, however, I lost all my progress including the level five Super Sonic. The event is now ended, I’ll never get the chance to obtain Super Sonic again. You could try the same thing that Sonic Dash is doing and make them available for purchase by cash once the event’s finished.

It’s pretty decent I would say. The games are fun and the characters are easy to make by putting in the effort and skill, and occasionally enjoyable. The problem is with the repetitiveness and the lack of changing of the songs. Yes, I enjoy the game, but it requires more songs and songs osts, if it is possible, but in the event that budget constraints prevent it, then that’s okay. I’d like to think that the logo might change it’s a special thing every now and then and that characters not official Sonic characters could be developed for this game.

I’ve played the game for an year or so and, in the majority of cases it’s quite enjoyable! The only issue is that certain characters receive significantly more focus than other characters that people end up choosing only a few “meta” characters. Characters released on the market are either overpowered or simply unworthy, which is understandable when they’re not altered or buffs to even them out that is why people choose only these characters. I believe the more popular characters merit some consideration.

It’s fun, and you can play with your friends and other people. It’s a great addition to games and awesome characters. However, you have to pay for certain cards in the your tails vult box to ensure you can get the character cards. It cost $9.99 to allow the box to be OPENED and you must pay for it over and over again. My parents are fed up of having to pay for it.

There is an issue that causes the game to lag only a little bit during battles I really enjoy this game. I’ve played it for some time and am now able to play it even though the number of rings required for Rare and Super Rare characters are ridiculously high (Lv. 8+ for Rare & Lv. 5.+ Super Rare), other aside from a few minor mishaps such as the ones I previously mentioned, it’s an extremely good game therefore I’m giving it 5 stars. keep it up SEGA! 🙂

A great game, but I find a few issues that I do not like: there’s no confirmation of purchases made with rings or rsr. As the case with there’s a daily treasure chest. Also, it’s irritating that you tap something , and spend your rsr when you’re trying to save. Also, it’s obvious that you can trade rings in exchange for rsr however why not do to the reverse? I have a huge collection of rings I’ll never with apart from occasionally leveling up my characters. I don’t wear rings. the possibility of swapping rings for rsr would be great.

I’m not a fan of the game, it can be a lot of enjoyable at times, but it could also make you completely insane. It is a game that feels very rigged . Once you are into the lead , you’re struck, almost immediately . All attacks seem to be aimed at you, regardless of . It’s either bots or very good players . You always finish 3rd or 4th from the first . It is also common for you to be knocked out at the last minute and finish 3rd or 4th away from being the first . Ridiculous game .


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