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Dec 23, 2022
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Android 4.4 and up

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How to install Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.72 (Awards) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.72 (Awards) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Soccer Super Star MOD APK v0.1.72 (Awards) Game for Android


Incredible, however I have a few negatives. It’s amazing and I recommend downloading it however, once you lose the ball, the opponent simply throws the ball away towards the stadium. The levels are repeated each time. Also, make sure that you can preserve your progress! I’ve lost my progress 3 times so far. Google play or any other alternative Please!

A pretty epic game. There are two issues that leave me unhappy. I’ll share the first. The NPC kicks it into the audience. This really irritated me since they could have dribbled it or one of my teammates could have retrieved the ball, but they then kick it away. The second is the commercials. Yes, there are ads are the most glaring issue with the game. Every time you restart 5 times, there must be an ad. I’m not playing when two-tenths of my time playing are ads! This is the reason i have decided that this game was my 3rd choice.

OOk this is a great game all around, but here are some improvements that I believe could be extremely excellent. 1. Penalties 2. When you defend when your opponent is beginning an attack. Red and yellow cards. There are more positions to play more than just attacking five. You can play the entire game. Names of the other players, not just mine 7. You should be able to see the standings of your leagues, competitions as well as European competitions 8. Should have the option of being able to speedily Sim the games you’d like to play (got this concept from FIFA) These are my thoughts!

The game is extremely enjoyable with a variety of types of levels and scenarios, however the advertisements are really annoying you can change to the airplane mode, but the constant ads is the most annoying feature of this game to me.

It’s a great, fun little game. It’s a good way to pass the time. There’s nothing I’d alter. There are a few improvements that could improve the playability of the game. 1. The journey continues on. In my 23rd season , I was given the option of moving towards Bundesliga or the EPL as well as the Bundesliga. If I had made it to the EPL at age 17, my player would be a 40-year old attacker. You can also quit and take over a current player , or to start over in the age 17. 2. Goal records of clubs that were played by, as well as the trophies that clubs have won throughout their the course of a career.

Fun game , however there should be some more accurate information on playing out the rules, and when the ball is kicked it won’t be kicked immediately out. If they manage to take the ball but don’t kick it out , we can change the defensive play and attack the ball. In all other respects, I had a great time and memorable experience. However, I would recommend an update that lets you view a tournament bracket for the next game and include additional players’ score % and name their shirt.

The game is enjoyable and exciting, but the problem is that it can be extremely irritating when the ai is just so stupid. Sometimes, your team member is able to dribble the ball and sometimes the defence of your opponent at a certain stage is so stupid, however if you try to play it again, sometimes they’ll go into God mode. Please ensure that the AI is smarter and it becomes so frustrating.

Very enjoyable game. A there are a couple of negatives, the first being that when you’re transferred, there’s usually the option of staying in the same place or have an option between more than 2 teams as well, but it would be nice to have a wider choice of teams available when you transfer teams, and there are numerous advertisements and other advertisements, however aside from this, it’s fantastic.

I enjoyed it, but there are four major issues. One is your opponents kicked the ball in the crowds. My team could’ve saved the ball, but they don’t kick it into the crowds , and they advertise are everywhere and an additional thing, the level 84, like what do you think of 4 orange objects followed by a blocker and another moving orange thingy and I started to get frustrated with it and wondering what can I do to kick it towards the goal? and the fourth one is that you aren’t able to choose which team you’d like I was part of the Ulsan team and I wanted to stay in the team and play the game.

A good game. You can swipe to steer the ball in the right direction and also learn about soccer in the process. You can pick different teams throughout the year. Additionally, you play in different events. Fun gamewith great graphics. You can personalize your football player too.

I would rate it 5 stars however there are some problems, such as unfair play, how often I’m fouled, and they continue to play without a free kick or penilty. Also, it’s not in your control if you either draw or win. In addition, their goalie appears to be unable to stop them. Still enjoying the game. I also suddenly enter the game and am playing for Roma but i’ve always been with Man Utd since the beginning. How can I return my club or do I play for some other team. I’ve noticed that customer service doesn’t really care about it either.


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