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Sep 13, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install MOD APK v1.19.3 (Unlocked Skin) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MOD APK v1.19.3 (Unlocked Skin) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] MOD APK v1.19.3 (Unlocked Skin) Game for Android


Great game, cool skins, overall great dynamics. However. There are too many ads. Online play would also be a great feature. If it’s impossible or difficult to implement, I have suggestions for bots: Remove the ability for bots to get the boost you get at the start when you follow an ad. This feature makes it a little unfair because I always die when snakes hit me in the face without dying. Also, the yellow “safe zone” doesn’t really work in this mode (the part you can safely walk through).
A good game, it’s generally fun, but can be a bit level playing field for casual players. There are occasional lags that can be a problem. The appearance of the event is therefore not a one-time event, it only returns to a certain time. They rotate new and returning events every 1 or 2 months to keep things fresh, but whenever I get a new device, please let these event skins carry over. Thanks for letting us play as the boss of the event. However, since they added the Daily Skin challenge, it conflicted with the event.
I love this game so much. Events are great, but it would be great if there were daily skins to earn. It could exist, but it would be great. Some of the event skins I never got because it was before I played. Overall I love this game. I warmly recommend! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 There is one thing I forgot to mention. I spent so long unlocking the skin and it’s not unlocked anymore. I have to unlock it again so it’s disappointing. I used it a lot too 😟
Editing my review: The developer was quick to respond, which is good after I left it one star. Ads are VERY harsh when playing for free. It’s literally every time you reboot you’re watching an ad. I bought the app and it is very fun and addicting without ads. The controls are tight and the game is very playable. My suggestion to the developers is to reduce the ads a bit on the free version. Maybe every 3 or 4 turns?
It’s really fun! There are so many cute skins and scary ones. It is very fun to cut and kill little baby snakes 🐍. Plus, if you die, you can respawn, which is nice if you had a really big score, like 33,000 . Absolutely amazing 👏!
Great game, no lag unlike worm io. Just one problem. After 15k I just kill myself because when you get to that point it’s too easy and boring. There should be a limit so it can’t be too oppressive for other games in that amount. Otherwise, I really enjoy this game
I must say it is a very addictive game. Not too easy, not too hard. If you ever NEED a Beta tester for new things to add to the game, I’d be happy to help, as I just restarted the game and played it earlier on a different account for hours. Big thanks to the developers for this family game ♥️
The game is a lot of fun! The only thing I would change is to add an option to disable cheats so there aren’t other players who aren’t invincible. It’s annoying when you’re doing really well, but then a random player flies past you and you can’t do anything about it, or they come and steal your points after you’ve worked hard to kill another player.
This is a really fun take on the classic Snake game. It’s a competitive multiplayer version of snake with skin unlock, high scores, pvp… I can’t stop playing it.
I absolutely love this game. A bit disappointed to find out I’m not playing against real players. I can be off wifi and still play. I have a suggestion to improve the game… what if there was an in game currency? You could buy some skins for currency and you could find some currency on the pellet map and you could get some currency based on your score. Anyway, love this game. Props to the creators. 🙌
This game is really a lot of fun but one thing is challenging I would say that to kill another snake you have to bend down to hit it…Also I think you should have instructions for your game because when I was new, it was a bit challenging…


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