Slugterra Slug it Out 2 MOD APK (Unlimted Money)


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Aug 11, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Slugterra Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.5 (Unlimted Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Slugterra Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.5 (Unlimted Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Slugterra Slug it Out 2 MOD APK v5.1.5 (Unlimted Money) Game for Android


The game is cool and fun, amazing graphics, very competitive pvp and a lot of game mode to choose from to get more gems. The only problem is that there isn’t enough level to play with in the story mode. I finished it in a day and I’m dying for more. I really hope more levels can be added.
Great game good for wen u got a break from killing, just wish an update would come to finish some of the megamorphs and maybe up rock out put in the carvens some and do them more often to get instead of waiting 3 days. Maybe another story, a way to improve players health, 8000 vs 15000 is a bit unfair… even if they are damaging themselves. And sometimes they shoot faster than the tiles can match, like way faster
Review: Gameplay – The game is simple but interesting, the ability to freely move the tiles on the board makes it a little too easy, quite expensive tile combos are allowed if you think fast enough. Variety – The variety of scenarios, characters, skins and slugs is by far the highlight of the game, mixing and matching slugs to create special combos is by far the funnest part.Visuals: highly stylized and animated, a bit too animated in places but still nice.
I’m a slugter fan and like this game this game is amazing but the only problem is save data. I type my email address to save the progress to the cloud storage, but after entering the email address it doesn’t save. The color of the Send button does not change. Fix it so we can save our progress. I have made great progress on my license.
Fun game with easy to understand mechanics. The only thing missing is to add Mimikey the slug I think it was called 🤔 basically it appeared in one episode and anything the slug ever shot when the Mimikey slug fired at that slug would turn into a shade of red version that slug and have the same ability as that slug.
This game is good for relaxing and refreshing the mood and whenever I play it I feel like watching slugterra on TV. But the only problem is that this game takes a lot of time to load.
End, but if you have the biggest slugs like elementals, midas, both gouled and non-gouled versions of the thugglet slug, all your slugs evolved, all slugs leveled, two slugs that were fused, or really just very good, leveled, evolved and fusion’s you can even play a lot of multiplayer and it would be very easy.
This is a fun game, but my main problem is how you can get infinite of all things with the Power-Up chest when you pay 120 gems and get 100-200. This results in an infinite chest which means; gold, evolution stones and food. Plus Infinite rolls for slugs and skins.
It’s a great game, the graphics are good, nice variety of slugs, even ghouls, they seem to be my favorite, but I hate how they hurt not only your opponent but even you. I wish it could stop. But overall it’s a great game.
Good game but needs more ghoul slugs like tempesto and more ghoul megamorphs. Story mode needs more levels and must get legendary treasure box in battle and emperor must be in story mode and also stole warriors, it will be nice if elements come back and emperor story is in story mode.Junjies infurnus joojoo must be here too plss. Plss add more ghoul megamorphs and the rest of the slugs into megamorphs like tornado and slyren and you need more ghouls too. Please add one more slug bottle to make 5
It has microtransactions but I can forgive that because I loved the series as a kid and it’s pretty fun for a mobile game (as someone who mainly plays stuff on PC)
Overall the game is super fun and I love the difficulty of the story. My only issue is with the multiplayer once you hit 5000 slinger glory the opponent (the bot not the actual player) has an inhumanly high charge rate making it almost impossible to win because everyone uses a psychic elemental that completely drains you as well as an electric elemental that stuns . I just wish it wasn’t pvp against a bot to avoid this
I really like this game but what if you add a super burst it’s like a slug has an energy bar and when the energy bar is full you can shoot the max powered slug and it will do a lot of damage
I like the game, I think it needs a longer story mode, you finished it in a day, a lot of slugs, like there are a lot of game modes
Slugterra is one of my favorite children’s shows. This game has everything I expected and more. It’s so cool and brings back my inner child. Slugs are absolutely adorable and you can play as different characters. 10/10 recommend!
I love the game but I love the TV show more because there aren’t as many puzzles to focus on with ADHD
There are some things I wish I had kept from the original version. The story mode, the way you could buy slugs with coins, and the dungeons where you could also get slugs, you also can’t choose your character, which is a shame. Apart from these few things, the game is very responsive, the art style is quite pleasant and the attention to detail is definitely appreciated.
It’s a good game but you have to have internet on when you enter the game otherwise you won’t get into the game but overall it’s pretty good
The game is really fun, but there is one bug that really annoys me, it’s a bug at level 82 in story mode where I can’t fight the opponent, when I press duel nothing happens, please fix it as soon as possible.


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