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Aug 30, 2023
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How to install SimCity BuildIt MOD APK v1.50.2.115474 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SimCity BuildIt MOD APK v1.50.2.115474 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] SimCity BuildIt MOD APK v1.50.2.115474 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


Frankly speaking. I expected it to be classic EA ‘pay to play’ but. It’s really not that bad. Currency generation is a bit slow. But the game has a system for that. Although it would be nicer if it was faster/gave more. Because as your city grows, it gets slow and a bit boring. It’s still bearable, but very frustrating when you can’t afford something your citizens want and they can’t make money fast enough to build it. Then he leaves. It’s worth going.
Pleasant. Nice graphics. Fun game. Some more tutorials would be good for certain aspects of the game. It would also be good to update items (graphics/size/colors) to match the scheme of the rest of the city. Some pieces are too big and others should be bigger. An 8x booster would also be ideal. Different aspects of the game keep it interesting. Being able to save designs/designs of other nations would be great if there is a city you want to emulate.
I love it. I lose time every time I play, mainly because I have so much to worry about and get involved with. I almost have to set an alarm to know when to stop. Good game, I enjoy it almost as much as the old PC version, although the length and frequency of ads are frustrating at times. But I built 4 big cities for free and still doing well. Enjoy!
I’ve been playing this game since 2016, it’s still the best sim game I’ve ever played. From the beginning until now, I thought nothing would change. Looking forward to the next update!. It can update building and road design. I have negative feedback on the traffic situation, sometimes the road is clear but I needed to upgrade it because it shows that there is heavy traffic on the road. Fix it, it costs a lot of money from time to time.
I like this game. I played for a while. But after working so hard to get one city up and running, when I was doing it all over again, I lost interest pretty quickly. I don’t understand the point of the battle war? I will not participate. Not interesting at all. The ‘introductory’ ads are sometimes a bit annoying. But otherwise I like it. Very similar to Sims.
Ridiculously addicted to this game. I try not to spend real money on it and you can definitely play without spending a dime. But I’m excited and all ADHD and I want everything I see. The graphics are fantastic and I enjoy visiting other cities to see buildings and elements from past challenges that I don’t have. I’d like them to bring some of them back. 5 stars all day except nights it keeps me up until 3am!
This game itself isn’t bad. Think of it like cities – panoramas, but it lacks some of the serious aspects of management like traffic, natural disasters, polluted water, etc. It has its own charm and true to its name, it is set in a Sims-style world city builder. And as others have said, they (HAS) pay in aspects to advance faster. But it is not absolutely necessary to build a good city. You can still do everything F2P and flourish. But slower than paying for it all. 8/10.
It’s not a bad game, the only problem is how hard it is to earn in-game currency. Even though it doesn’t pay to win, it still looks like it gives a HUGE advantage to people who have premium and other passes, while those who play the game for free have a bit of a hard time. But overall, if you’re not looking for fast expansions and big rewards, then it’s a pretty good game.
I really enjoy this game. So many different things to work on. It keeps it interesting. I don’t buy anything, I just make things I need or ask a club member. My city takes longer to build, but that’s okay. Some of the nicer stuff costs a LOT of simoleans, so it takes a very long time to buy bigger items to increase your population. Other than that, I love this game.
Addictive but needs improvement. The biggest changes would be what I would consider balance and user friendliness. Being able to friend request people you buy from would be huge and shouldn’t be a problem as it’s not like you can message them anyway unless they’re in the same club so there’s no security issue. The “global trqde hq” market is really flooded with items that no one wants, so you can’t find the things you want. That’s probably the biggest inconvenience.
Gentlemen! Great game, I’ve played it for a few years and can’t say it’s let me down. The 2 things I would say could really make the most of this game are the expansion requirements. I feel like the game requires too many rare items for the expansion. And maybe if you add the street view, it’s cool to see the city from above, but seeing it from the Sims’ point of view would be absolutely incredible and would definitely make this game my favorite mobile game ever!
10/1o I thought it would be like any other build it game but it was like really fun to play to this day. No ads, you rarely get offers. Really easy and fun. It’s really detailed and gives you step-by-step instructions if you want. Not like other games where you make something and it takes hours or even DAYS! But this game really doesn’t. Short wait times so it’s fun!
I like the game, but I have to share my opinion. I don’t feel comfortable making all my buildings tall. There are certain levels that look appealing and I want to keep some of the buildings as they are, but the constant annoyance of the build button keeps popping up and I can’t just make all my buildings into skyscrapers! I think some feature is needed to disable build popups in some buildings of the player’s choice.
I feel the same as many others. Fun game for a while but being able to earn sim coins in a slow and boring process makes it boring because you can’t do anything. Items take forever to craft and buildings take as long to upgrade. I can’t get past level 1 epic buildings without using speed boosters. I keep going in and out of factories hoping for an ad so I can cut down on material production time.
A player who “NO” but likes a challenge!!! This is why I currently have 2 cities that are in the Sim One Club!!! The new twist with the “Streak” quests is amazing!!! Enjoy the change in the mayors competition, but the season track has to have value in every space, even if it’s as simple as one war or a finished product!!! Milestone Assignments are a nice change and add to the mayoral challenge!!!
This game is great! i love how long it takes to get stuff! This game is very good and I recommend you to play it. Actually, there is something I would like to recommend to the developers… when crafting some materials, I always misclick on the wrong materials that I want to craft. I wonder if you could add a feature that allows users to remove the second product they are going to make next! But this game will always be good!😁👍


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