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Mar 6, 2023
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Android 9 and up

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How to install Shazam Encore MOD v13.20.0-230302 (Full Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shazam Encore MOD v13.20.0-230302 (Full Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shazam Encore MOD v13.20.0-230302 (Full Premium) App for Android


Makes my lifestyles so much better! I have located sooooo plenty new track, I use it all of the time! I adore it! My most effective reason reason for four stars is because once I begin playing songs in my library, it stops operating most effective after some tracks, that is regardless if I’m on my S23 Ultra, computer, computing device, etc. I love the library feature, however it is a ache to ought to reset it after only some songs so I can listen the tracks I saved. Other than that it’s an remarkable app that I were using for many years 🙂

I actually wanna thank this app’s life, it is in reality beneficial for me to find songs i certainly like anywhere I cross, at any public locations.. Or whenever I rediscover songs i listened to & have preferred a lot from childhood but in no way knew every of the songs’ titles & the musicians until I began the usage of this app. One of the weaknesses is that now not all songs can be detected/are to be had right here & when I Shazam four/five times there’s still no result even though the net connection somewhere else & sounds are fine

Sitting inside the automobile and attempting to phrase out what artists are announcing gets real annoying every now and then. Just stumbled across this app though, and this solves that problem! I like messing round and turning on songs from my playlist and seeing how lengthy until the app guesses it! Normally the track doesn’t even end the intro earlier than the app gets it! And to date, i don’t suppose I’ve come upon an advert.

I’ve been the use of this app for some time now and I am secure to mention I am very surprised on how properly this works. Everytime I pay attention a music I like I Shazam it and it tells me all of the information about it, the lyrics (if it has any), the song video, and info that I didin’t even realize approximately. It also maintains all the songs you shazamed in a Library that is remarkable convenient; and there’s slightly ANY ads, near no advertisements at all. 10/10

Pretty solid app. The only difficulty I have with it’s miles that whilst you locate the track, they’re extra closer to apple tune. I do not see a number of options for Spotify or soundcloud. That might be a superb touch, bit in any other case I love the app

It finds the titles of songs appropriately! Put it subsequent to a speaker and it will discover a in shape in less than a minute! It also saves them to reveal up if you are offline. Definitely recommend for each person who loves music, old and young. The huge button within the app does all the work and all you need to do is push it!

Absolutely ❤️ this app… I could award 10 🌟 ‘s if poss… Particularly inspired with 2 unique capabilities = 1:being capable of see the variety of instances an individual music has been shazam’d (of path the project to locate an unshazam’d tune was at once prevalent) 2. The compatibility with ones Spotify account.

I am a bit of an audiophile, I love a big type of genres and musicians. Shazam gives me almost limitless get entry to to any track I am seeking out both past and gift. The app is straightforward flexable rapid with nearly immediately delight for downloads. I am additionally able to entertain my grandchildren and encourage music track and dance vs passive activities. Carolyn Shaughnessy Bailieboro ON

right away determined an arabic tune I become paying attention to. Located additionally a music by means of harem scarem a melodic rock band. Not as famous as current bands however it found it as a take a look at. Google and soundhound failed. The speed also is great almost instantaneous after pressing the button. Small size additionally that’s a plus. Most effective con.. It by no means observed a single song i hum or sing only actual track is ID. Google and soundhound observed what i was singing. Eg. “every breath you’re taking” . Interface is exceptional.

Shazam, for what it’s miles, is a reasonably precise app, but the builders desperately NEED to add greater resources to their seek databases. The app actually FAILS to discover ANY track from the YouTube audio library. I must use Google Sound Search for the ones tracks and there’s many different things I have attempted to find that Shazam appears incapable of IDing for me from clips I’ve recorded out of motion pictures. However, Shazam is extra brief to discover stuff from Epidemic Sound, which is quality.

It’s an amazing track popularity, so in the interim while you taking note of a track however you don’t know what the identify, this’ll be helpful. But some of the songs can not be recognized. But it is good enough. As lengthy this app works true, then hold using it.

It is a good app, however sometimes it does no longer search for songs that I need Also i want to in some songs with lyrics, turned into translate with other languages due to the fact songs isn’t always in local language. I want to you make this characteristic, to get it what songs approximately

I constantly have Shazam on all my phones. Best app to perceive track. Few points for it: Positive: It has lyrics that pop up and play with a few songs. It has a direct link to Apple Music so as to go without delay to the music to download it. It can be positioned as a button on the facet of your display for clean access. Negative: RARELY, it does now not pick out the tune. Over-all nine/10 Would Highly Recommend.


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