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Jul 20, 2023
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Android 9 and up

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How to install Shazam Encore Apk Mod v13.39.0-230713 (Full Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shazam Encore Apk Mod v13.39.0-230713 (Full Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shazam Encore Apk Mod v13.39.0-230713 (Full Premium) App for Android


I LOVE IT!!!! I love all different kinds of music. I always listen to great music on the radio or while shopping etc. But when it comes time to download music to my phone I would draw a blank every time! HE HAS A MEMORY!!!! I used to have to struggle to find paper to write them down when I heard them. Shazam is so easy! I simply pull up the app, press the S button, and it listens to what’s playing, and immediately the title appears on the screen. He also saves them all.
While I haven’t used it much, it’s pretty accurate and should be considered if you’re into music. Yes, there are occasional inaccuracies where the app responds with the wrong song or “Song not found”, but this should be taken into account.
It’s alright. If you listen to classical, indie or opera, forget it. I’ve had more “we can’t find it” than good comebacks, and those are popular radio songs. When you can’t identify Bach or movie songs that I assume are soundtracks, especially snippets of operatic or techno hits, then I don’t know. Of course I’m in the minority of not being able to find the songs, but that seems like a narrow demographic of what can be found. I have also never had singing or humming to find singing, even well done
I’ve had this app for years and really like it, but in the last two weeks or so it’s completely drained my normally long-lasting battery, so when I wake up in the middle of the night, I find my phone at 3% or 1%! Please fix this sudden problem, I don’t want to uninstall for a while!
Accuracy: The application should accurately recognize and identify the notes played. The more accurate the note detection, the higher the rank. Speed: The application should provide fast and responsive note recognition. Users expect real-time or near-real-time feedback when playing notes, so a fast response time is important for a good user experience. Range of instruments: The application should be able to recognize notes from a wide range of musical instruments. Whether it’s piano, guitar, violin, or any other in
The shazam popup feature is so crazy. It automatically starts showing the lyrics of the song playing and I’d say at least half the time I use it it freezes on the screen and the only way to clear it is to restart the phone. I can’t close it and can’t use any part of the screen it’s frozen on. Other than that, the app is basic and works as it should.
It’s a great app but it would be added if you could add a feature like Google where you can hum or sing a line or melody of a song you don’t remember perfectly and Shazam will find it.. Good does a great job with this feature.. .Don’t be biased, but I think you should try this app to get a feel for what I’m saying and implement something like this into Google Shazam quickly.
I love this app it makes it so easy to find the song names I want to know. although when I want the lyrics to match the song with the lines to what’s in the song, it doesn’t always do it and just shows the lyrics still. otherwise it’s a great app and I recommend it to others.
I have never given any app 5 stars but this app deserves 5 stars. It helped me find songs that would otherwise be impossible to find. It was so easy, a true technological marvel. Thanks to the developers and people who thought to come up with such an amazing and useful app.
I love it and recommend it to everyone. This app captures songs even when people are talking and barley hears the music. For most, Shazam has the song right. I have never had problems with this app finding a song. As a bonus, most songs will have lyrics. I love this app. Try it out.
This app amazes me a lot. I can be in a noisy environment where you can barely hear the music but the app picks it up. Even now it was the end of the song and I didn’t think the app would find the song but it literally took the app 1 second if it even found it!!!
It works well in my local mall which is buzzing with reverb. However, it struggles in a crowded food court. It has trouble where it really resonates sometimes. When I tap “Lirycs” it knows where it is in the song, even if it’s a line ahead. I have to be right under the speaker though.
Shazam works and works like a charm. That’s great. I used to use the “search for a song” function on Google, but Shazam is better. It will find the song you’re looking for and let you copy its title into your music app. With Google, you can’t copy a name instantly.
Many years ago I digitized one of my old tapes where this song I liked was recorded from an analog FM station and to this day I had no idea whose song it was or what it was called. So today I decided to try this app and played this song through BT headset in front of my phone. And it took this app about 15 seconds to recognize it correctly, the first time. I’m speechless, really… 5 stars? This app should get 10.
It’s a good app with a great concept. The only problem is that it tunes songs correctly 40% of the time instead of 80% as you’d expect, and it doesn’t wait a second to decide what song is playing, and it hardly gets it right, which will happen a lot, beware , so be careful how you set it up.
I love Shazam, but one thing I really don’t like is that when the same song is Shazamed multiple times, it gets added to the library multiple times. I do not understand why. Please change it so that the song is only added once, and if it is Shazamed again, just move the previous item to the top of the library list.
🤘Save now and go later. I’m a DJ and that’s important for collecting rare gems. I also love listening to my Shazam playlist unsorted on Spotify and Apple Music. It’s like listening to the soundtrack of my own life. So many memories. I recommend Shazaming any song that even catches your earholes.
Do you want to know the name of the artist or the name of the song when you listen to it? Shazam uses your phone/computer’s microphone to accurately identify songs in seconds. Remarkably fast, easy to use and simple interface. The user-friendly design and GUI fills in general information about the song/artist almost immediately and prompts the user to purchase/download the song(s) via Apple music. Excellent application.


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