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A sequel to the success of Shadow of Death - a hack and slash game with over 30 million downloads worldwide.
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Bravestars Games
May 20, 2022
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How to install Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK v1.88.0.0 (GOD Mod) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK v1.88.0.0 (GOD Mod) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK v1.88.0.0 (GOD Mod) Game for Android

This series is not without its plot. It is completely contributed. The game has a lengthy and detailed storyline that motivates players and encourages them to continue finding stories about the person and their world.

Shadow of Death 2’s plot follows the archetype in terms of content. The Aurora realm has completely collapsed since the first segment. It is now a place of darkness, and it has created evils and beasts. The ruler is primarily concerned with the power and not about the fate or life of the people. This realm is disappearing…

Although it was enjoyable at first, I had to pay gems to get to the boss. This allowed me to continue the game until the end. It doesn’t matter to me.

Although it’s an amazing hame, and strangely satisfying with some movement, I find it a little repetitive fighting the same guys over and over again. It’s very similar to stockman legends online, but it’s more expensive.

This game is worth the small investment. This is the best version I’ve ever played. The ads are only visible when you want to see them. They balance the game beautifully. Sometimes I forget to save the game. When storage problems get in, I have to take out the game. Then I realized that I had not saved the game. It’s all good. The event in this game can only be activated when connected to Wi-Fi or Moblie Data

The game features two main modes: Adventure and Challenge. Each section of Experience mode can be broken down into smaller sections. Your person will level up after completing a phase. This helps you to increase strength, endurance, and energy. If you are lucky, you might be able to get protective caps, coverings, weapons, and other hardware.

Adventure mode currently includes two guides, The Great Swamp or The Black Sea. The Great Swamp stage 2 shows the birds. These birds are small but can be deadly if you keep chasing after the champions. These birds were difficult to hit when I first started playing. They can fly very quickly. It is easy to tell when they fly by their tones. While preparing for an attack, they will turn red. You should see it this way: They will become red when you set up an assault.

The Challenge mode is still not available. Keep checking back for new and invigorating elements that will be added soon.

Control center

Shadow of Death 2 features a control centre, just like other pretending games. You can move the fundamental person by using the virtual joystick to the left. You will find the hop, attack, and expertise keys on your right. You can create amazing combos that cause enormous harm by consolidating key simultaneously.

Weapons and shields

Shadow of Death 2 offers players high-level weapons and gear. You can open weapons by fighting or buying from the shop. Max can be provided with incredible swords that will protect the most grounded champions. There are four types of weapons: Epic, Rare, Epic, Legend. Legendary swords have an extraordinary power but also have a beautiful impact. The sword’s red color contrasts with the dark foundation and looks like the blood of an enemy.


Shadow of Death 2 currently has one player. This person can be modified by changing his attire and adding embellishments.


Shadow of Death 2’s foundation color is dark. This, combined with the 2D screen on the second level, makes it feel like you’re watching the shadows of your characters. If you have played Shadow Fight 3 or Stickman Legends, then you are familiar with the tone and view.

Although the illustrations are only 2D, the images and the impacts of the game can be understood. Smooth movement gives you the best view of the fight.

This game is very enjoyable to me. It sometimes lags, and the spider swamp is full of bugs. The game is enjoyable regardless. I enjoy the simple gameplay and find it easy to use. However, the final stage is frustrating as it can be difficult to navigate. Please provide the new character as soon as possible. I am eager to see it, but please don’t make it payment because those who cannot pay need something ….so it’s free. I wish you all the best for your new character launch.

It’s a great game! Although the level 16 boss is difficult, I recommend it! The only problem is that if you forget to save your profile, then you have to make a new one. It’s an enjoyable game. 5 stars, and the game was free because of a sale.

PVP ISSUE – I am so disappointed! Bernald Griggs can only use the “Memory Ring”, which is tier 10, but it’s so Over Power! This item should be “Nerfed.” You can keep the 500% damage increase when HP is below 30%, but the invincibility should be decreased for 10sec. You can also make it like this: Memory Ring Tier 10: Increase 500% damage if HP is below 50% and invincible 10 sec. This seems reasonable. What do you think?

This game is great!

Incredible game with low prices. Only one problem: Bernald is way too powerful in PVP. The combination of the Philosopher’s Stone and Memory Ring makes him far too strong. The memory ring is too powerful in PVP, with 15 seconds of invulnerability. Please reduce it. Please add inventory slots. You can make them unlocked for large amounts of coins or gems to increase your depth in PvP. Update:-Bernald Is still overpowered. His Ring is too powerful in PVP. It’s unbeatable. Please nuke the invincibility

What's new

Blessed Shadower! We're back with these new updates:

1. Daily Login now can be double received.
2. Join and enjoy the Arena with a quicker login.
3. Fixed some bugs.

That's all and see you in the next one!



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