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May 5, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.93 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.93 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.93 (Premium) Game for Android


The game was enjoyable. I hope that once you’ve completed a chapter the next chapter will open up. It’s better for you to decide to decide if you want to rewrite the chapter you’ve completed but with a higher level or go on into the following chapter. It’s boring to be stuck in the first chapter and playing the standard difficult, challenging and even extreme levels.

I usually gave 5 stars rating however now it’s 4 because of the latest update I’m not able to playing normally. When I played the game prior to the update. The game is still functioning smoothly, with no bugs and without delay, but it’s now so slow. One example is when playing in survival mode. After you’ve finished the round it’ll delay you for a few minutes and it will give you the reward for your round, and then delay for a second time regardless of whether you press the next button several times. P.S. It’s true that I have reliable internet connection and I love playing the game

Amazing Performance, amazing gaming experience that you must try but it is a bit disappointing to buy characters and heroes for the sole purpose of playing them with fully rather than play them as part of an exact mission to obtain that particular character or hero and when you succeed in that mission, you can use the hero or character in full. The game is incredible and breathtaking, even though it is a pay-to-win type of game, but still great i enjoy it! !

The game is incredibly well-designed and the creators have thought of every possible step that the user can take. It’s admirable that they have benefited from using ads that are beneficial for players as opposed to similar games which show an advertisement after playing that is uninspiring to the majority of players. I also enjoyed the fact that the creators created an additional playable stage for characters purchased and upgrade reverts for a small amount of assets in the game for creating room for future characters to replace the existing and the first ones.

I really enjoyed this game well and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I also like the characters as well as the boss character. The game’s villain is a good one. would recommend playing this however I did not enjoy was the amount of characters are available to purchase If you’re self-dependent and only pay for the other case, you can play and enjoy the game.

My account isn’t able to complete the syncing load of the game since the latest update, and was a delay in receiving the reward points after watching the ads. These issues have been going on for the past week, what’s the issue with the server?

This game is amazing it’s the game I thought was the best.Fighting moves and skills, everything is amazing however, please allow this game to be free since there are a lot of app purchases that will boost our character’s power. Please not make in-game app purchases

Online and real-time fighting games and in this particular game, the first rank is awarded to me. Because i am a pro player. This is a very great game.

The game is enjoyable thanks to ease of use, incredible graphics, and an incredibly difficult but fair gameplay. The amount of information that is displayed regarding items such as upgrading mechanics, upgrades and more. may be complicated initially, but once you get used to them, they’re quite simple to follow. One problem I have is that I’m unable to join the games until I’m connected to wifi. My data is connected however, I’m not able to access the servers, even while everything else loads for me.

I’ve only played for about an hour, and I’m amazed. The art style and graphics are perfect for what they are and the characters feel different from each other. The interface is sleek and micro transactions aren’t just unobtrusive and non-intrusive however, they are also priced fairly and refreshing. I’ll pay $5 for a character to play games if the game is enjoyable. So many games now .and it seems as if if you’re looking to advance, you’ll need that new character that costs between 35 and 99 dollars. This one isn’t. Great job

Overall experience is excellent. The smooth graphics and sound effects are good. The only issue I’ve encountered at the stage 1-10, which is the boss fight. There’s not a boss. I’ve tried to wait for 180 secs, even although the goal is to complete it in 120 seconds, but there’s no sign from the boss. I’ve only started the game and this is a huge problem. I am unable to continue playing the game. I hope this issue is resolved or if you have an issue on my part. Thank for your help!

The only issue I have is with connection issues. There are no connectivity issues with or in any other games. When I attempt to earn an achievement or upgrade something, it takes around three seconds to be registered or doesn’t register at all, and I need to restart the game to allow it to function. Also, it makes me reconnect each time I finish an adventure mission. The gameplay itself is enjoyable and I’m able to tell there’s some kind of skill that is likely to be more apparent in higher levels.

The game was great. I hope that once you’ve completed a chapter the next chapter would pop up. It’s best to make the decision whether you’d like to redo the chapter you’ve completed but with a higher level or go on towards the chapter that follows. It’s boring to be stuck in the beginning of chapter one and playing the standard difficult, challenging and difficult stages.

It’s an excellent game, in my opinion, to date, I’ve begun, and the artwork is stunning, it’s easy to play, however I’m thinking they should to make some changes because it’s glitchy, but it could be due to my phone. The tutorial could be more instructive, but it’s designed suitable for people who can use their hands, however overall, it’s a fantastic game.

I’ve noticed that lots of people are claiming that Ashley skills are a joke. I don’t agree. I’ve have killed Moredeos by playing with her. It’s also not a pay-to- take home the prize (however you can speed up your advancement). Graphics are fantastic. It’s a pleasure to anticipate Lucius. Lucius update. I’m not sure what are the “friends”. I believe it would be fantastic if there is multiplayer modes. For example, 3 players can start on one side, while the remaining 3 start are from another. It is then a fight similar to moba. In the end this game, I would like to thank you for the rewards that were given to pre-registered players.

The video game itself is GREAT! But let me share with you one small change that could significantly improve gaming experience. It’s known as “cancel animation”. It’s difficult to avoid enemies when you’re in the middle of an attack sequence that is basic. It will allow the player to move more smoothly and feel more confident in the character. I’m hoping this feature will be added in future updates. Like, for example, doing a lot of basic attacks but when the enemy is going to attack, and using the cancel animation, you can avoid immediately with dash or another skills and not wait for basic animations to end. I’m sure that this game will be much more exciting.

Amazing and great game, however it takes some time to collect hero coins I wanted to organize an occasion where we perform a tasks and collect coins. I requested the shadow knights team


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