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May 23, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.152 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.152 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Knight MOD APK v3.16.152 (Premium) Game for Android


It’s awesome, however I would really love to play it, not having it restarted every two or three minutes. In Arena I believe I’ve had to fight someone for about six times, and it says “the Match is not existing”. After completing an dungeon, I need to sit or press on the “home” button four minutes in a row, only to be faced with reconnecting issues… Are you able to possibly solve it? I truly enjoy it. I even splurged a amount just because I thought it enjoyable! Consider my thoughts!

I usually gave 5 stars rating however now it’s a 4 because of the latest update I’m not able to normal when playing the game prior to the update. It’s functioning smoothly, with no bugs, and without delay but now it’s slow. One example is when playing in survival mode. After you’ve completed the round, it will hold you back for a few minutes and it will give you the round reward, and then delay for another minute even when you tap the next button repeatedly. P.S. It’s true that I have decent connection to the internet and I love playing the game

It’s a great game that has very nice animations. My only complaint with the game is that there are small and the armor of the player doesn’t appear. It also says sometimes that there aren’t any advertising to use? I’m not understanding why there’s no advertising to enjoy. In other words it’s the best offline game I’ve ever played. BTW, Ashley sucks in the game. I’m hoping they improve her or even add a second player.

The graphics style and gameplay exactly what I had hoped to discover. I would rate five stars, however the menu screens during fights remain demuted and they aren’t making it possible to tap any item. I need to close the game and then reopen the game.

Incredible Performance – Amazing gaming experience that you must try However, it’s a bit frustrating to purchase other characters or heroes for the sole purpose of playing them with fully rather than play them as part of an exact mission to obtain the character or hero you want. If you succeed in that mission, you will be able to play the hero/character in full. However, the game itself is stunning and incredible, even if it’s a pay-to-win like game. Still, I enjoy it! !

I enjoyed the game very well and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I also like the characters as well as the boss antagonist of the game. I would recommend playing this however I did not like was the number of characters are available to purchase If you’re self-dependent and only pay for the other case, you can play and enjoy the game.

It’s the best game I’ve ever in my life. and is a big heads up to game makers. It’s very enjoyable. I enjoy when I look at the character I would like to be the toughest. It’s the best to all other characters.

The game is incredibly well-designed and the designers have thought of every possible step to make it easier for players. It’s laudable that they made use of advertisements that benefit players in comparison to other similar games that show ads after playing and is a hassle for many players. I also appreciated how the game’s developers created a separate playable area to play with characters that were purchased, and also upgrade reverts for a small amount of game assets, creating room for future characters that will replace the existing and the first ones.

My account won’t complete the syncing load of the game since the latest update, and was a slowing in the acquiring of reward points after watching the ads. These issues have been going on for about a week now. what’s the issue with the server?

The game is fantastic and it’s the one I thought was the best. Fighting abilities, actions, and everything is great however, please keep this game for free as there are a lot of applications that can strengthen our characters. Please don’t make in-game purchase of apps.


The game is fun thanks to ease of use, incredible graphics, and an incredibly difficult but fair gameplay. The amount of information that is displayed in terms of objects such as upgrading mechanics, upgrades and so on. could be confusing initially, but the process is fairly straightforward. One problem I have is that I’m unable to access the online game until I’m connected to wifi. My data is connected however I’m unable to join the game server despite when everything else is loading for me.

I’ve only played for an hour and I’m amazed. The style of art and graphics is great for the purpose and the characters are distinct from each other. The interface is simple and micro transactions aren’t only un-intrusive and not mandatory however, they are also priced fairly and refreshing. I’ll shell out 5 dollars to play a character in an online game if it is enjoyable. There are so many games nowadays .and it seems as if if you’re looking to get better at something, you’ll need a new character with a price of 35-99 dollars. The one you have here isn’t. Great job


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