Shadow Fight 4: Arena MOD APK (Damage)


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Aug 1, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Shadow Fight 4: Arena MOD APK v1.7.15 (Damage) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 4: Arena MOD APK v1.7.15 (Damage) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Fight 4: Arena MOD APK v1.7.15 (Damage) Game for Android


Good fun game. But very unfair. Once you reach level 2, you will be constantly leveling with level 5 players and they have 500-700 more experience than you. And it’s hard to win against them. This is a problem with this game that they need to fix especially for us beginners because it makes it less enjoyable if you are constantly facing players who are more experienced than you and also have more experience.
The game is really good, it has decent graphics, different types of characters, some are hard to play, but with a little experience you can master them all. All it needs is more ways to experience the game because it’s repetitive. Maybe some challenges with limiting certain moves like in shadow fight 2 would help, overall it’s a great game.
This game is…..perfect, can’t describe it, the graphics, the gameplay, the character system🔥🔥🔥…..the only thing that would make it better is if people using the app would buy so I can get better gear a bit faster…… because I’ve been playing for almost a year but I don’t have a single epic weapon or skin so pls make it easy for us poor players. It will be a big help if they fix the matchmaking issue…sometimes i meet players with 3x level of my dojo…pls nekki
This is the best fighting game ever my favorite. And the most interesting thing about it is that it is completely based on skills THAT THEY HAVE TO ACTUALLY THINK BEFORE ATTACKING, a really GREAT system. The ONLY PROBLEM is the matchmaking, it’s even very bad. IN EVENTS, my network gets weaker as I win more fights and eventually stops matching IT’S DESIGNED THAT WAY….(ANNOUNCING). STOP KEEPING ME FROM PLAYING THIS GAME IT’S TOO TERRIBLE TO HAVE SUCH A LITTLE PROBLEM.
The game is very engaging and the graphics are also great. However, the new story that just came out has some flaws. Players don’t freeze as well as their backgrounds and the game doesn’t progress. The frame the player is operating in seems to freeze and the player continues on, but nothing happens. I also think the game is rigged. Sometimes it feels like the game doesn’t want you to progress. It is better to uninstall it.
Switch to another app for literally a second and that app will completely restart, even if you were in the middle of a battle. If the ad redirects you to the Google Play page, the game will restart and you will not receive the reward. This definitely discourages players from clicking on ads and accessing their Play page. Seems like someone should take a look at this before the advertisers find out. The core game mechanics are a lot of fun, especially when your opponents aren’t camping in a corner.
One of the best games I’ve played. That’s why I rated it a 5. But no matter if I connect my phone to WiFi or a 5G network operator, there are network issues. Second, the game interface with “Friends” can be upgraded. I play with my friends most of the time. The problem is that you have to connect with your friend’s ID every time you play. So it will be really helpful if there is a group or friend list where you can add them to your list, join and play.
I was so excited about it that I invited my friends at work to play it, but when we tried to use the vs friend feature and send each other’s IDs, both sides got a message saying no opponent found! please advice what to do or fix it because i really want to increase my star rating but i can’t thank you! Update: it works for people who live nearby, so is this a region issue that will be fixed soon? I will give 4/5 stars for the answer. Edit.. Forget it, it works fine
The old story mode was good because the chapter completion reward was bigger than the current reward. If you complete the chronicles mode (which has 35 levels and takes too much time), you can only get 495 silver coins, which is less than if you complete the normal story mode (12 levels) three times (275*3= 825). Think about it Nekki.
I loved the game but the reason I rated 3 stars is because my account is level 9 but when I play it on rank the game always makes me fight high level accounts like level 11/12/ 13, and I lose trophies again and again and again and I can’t even enjoy the game, please add an update where I can fight players who are the same level so the game will be fair.
I absolutely love this game, I’ve been playing it for years, but I have some complaints about the matchmaking, I don’t know if it’s on purpose, but there are a lot of times when my opponents levels are much much higher than mine, that it’s almost a few hits and I’m dead, once i got like 10 level differences sometimes when i changed character it fixed it but a lot of time that doesn’t cut it anymore. If it’s the intention that he might like to force you to change character, please add an indicator
I haven’t played an amazing game like this that has great graphics and quality and good gameplay. Features: After you beat someone, there should be a rematch and an exit button in friends mode. Problems: When I play or watch an ad while the game is on, the game size automatically changes and a restart icon appears in the lower right corner, which is very annoying, and after resizing the game, the game button does not work properly as it did before resizing the game. Friends mode also shows network problem.


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