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Dec 27, 2022
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How to install Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.24.0 (Max Level ) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.24.0 (Max Level ) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Shadow Fight 2 MOD APK v2.24.0 (Max Level ) Game for Android


I just redownload this game after a couple of years of not playing. I love this game, but there are a couple systems that could be better. Firstly, are that the ads are a bit much. 1 ad after every battle is excessive. Second, I really dont like the energy system. Just being able to fight 5 battles and then having to wait really sucks. An solution to this would be to make some sort of separate game mode where you can fight without energy, but get no coins or something. Thanks.

I love playing shadow fight 2, but it doesn’t work with my laptop’s keyboard, so I have to use touchscreen. And after updating for the raids multiplayer mode, it said that my device is not supported, so I couldn’t play it. But the problem is that after every battle, it pops up the short speech by ‘Volcano’ for me to enter the multiplayer mode, just for it to keep saying that my device is not supported. I would appreciate it if you’re to fix this problem, because it’s ruining gaming. Please help

I played this game many times a long time ago. Like the art, weaponry system and not to forget I appreciate tournament mode where you can achieve rewards by winning. There is one problem though. Whenever you want to upgrade your character to a higher level, it either requires stars or gems to upgrade your character and weapons. Admire the movement of the game. The graphics are good. Good characters with nice names. It gives me chills. I love the fighting styles and moves. It is better indeed!

This game is in general very fun. The soundtracks are especially when good and nice to listen to in the game. The only issue is that when an ad pops up all the sounds in game disappears, so I constantly have to restart the game to continue with the actual music and attack sounds on.

Yes it is a good game but there are a some problems First, the problem of ads – ad after every single match is just annoying and it severly affects the overall gaming experience Second – lately there have been many bots who just appear in the online raids and finish the raid in like 2 sec. So we automatically lose and a key is wasted just like that when the keys are limited. Please fix it.

Please remove the ads. Sometimes in raids, even though I use my keys I don’t seem to be able to fight and the battle ends immediately saying I didn’t inflict much damage even though I just entered. So please fix that because I just wasted all my keys trying to just enter the fight. Otherwise it’s a solid game. Can’t wait for your comics and the shades game. It’d also be awesome if we could get some gems by battling people. We only get coins. It’d be a perfect 5🌟if you fix the problems I said.

The game is fun my biggest issue is that the block mechanic is bull most of the time when I fight the AI blocks almost every attack while I block almost nothing and it gets annoying another thing is when doing the challenges in chapter 2 sometimes you get a challenge that says “no punching” but the AI can use punches while you are stuck with kicks so if you could change those 2 things that’d be great thanks

Good game with great controls and gameplay.But what I hate the most are the stupid annoying challenges .Some of them are fun,most of them are are just unfair and it feels like little thought went into making those challenges.Like seriously,why should I stay in one spot and continuously jump to avoid losing.Soooooooooo annoying and also the ads.I really hate the ads.They are the worst.Everytime I finish a match,there is an ad.And this ad causes my game to either freeze or exit making me restart.

It’s a pretty much good game the weapons are really good & easy to use. Actually i wanted to rate 4 and half star but it wasn’t there. The only problem i face is that sometimes it doesn’t respond quickly and the price to the weapon are a bit high. That is the only problems i face except that this game is perfect. I’m satisfied by this game.

I love this game but the eclipse may boss is just ridiculous and needs to be fixed. Even if you don’t fix the ridiculous damage output and defense she has, at least make it so she doesn’t heal more damage than you can do every single time you hit her. I’ve almost completed the game but this just sucks the fun out of it and I’m this close to just being done


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