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Sep 15, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install School Planner MOD APK v6.6.3 (Pro Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded School Planner MOD APK v6.6.3 (Pro Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] School Planner MOD APK v6.6.3 (Pro Unlocked) App for Android


I have been using this app for about 3-4 years. And it wasn’t until recently that I started seriously using it for school. This is a phenomenal app. It is minimal and organized. You’ll get occasional ads, but nothing to bother with. I recommend this planner if you have a busy lifestyle and want to keep your school or work life organized and help you efficiently.
So I’ve had this app for almost 3 years now and I can say it’s a LIFESAVE! It helps manage time, makes it easier to remember important events, and is easy enough to navigate that I can make sure my class schedules stay up to date. It helped me finish high school and go to college, this app will help me achieve my goal of graduating again. I highly recommend this app. Only using the free version, there are a few ads, but otherwise it’s great.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP. He is great in every way except one. I need them to add an online option for courses. I want to add tasks to keep track, but there is no smooth way to do this with a timetable. I wish there was a way to signal this in the schedule because I have classes from different schools that overlap and start and end at different times. Even just a colored band for each subject at the top of the calendar for each term would be great. Just so you know.
The paid version was definitely worth it. I love this app, the homework schedule and reminders are amazing. And the material tuning and design is the BEST PART (in my opinion). My main complaint is that I can’t enter grades worth more than 100%. I get extra credit in a lot of my courses and it would be nice to be able to show for it.
Ads are annoying. But so far I really like what it has been able to do for me in terms of keeping things organized and still easy to work with. I like that the classes are entered only once and whenever I need to enter an assignment into the program, I can choose from them. Or choose if it’s an assignment or an exam… And have multiple schedules. It was actually more pleasant than I originally expected from it. Good app.
It’s a great app and really helps me plan my week. There are so many options and options to schedule. I’ve really only recently had a problem: If I don’t block notifications from the app, my phone will constantly vibrate during the time I have something scheduled, even though I have the vibrate option turned off in the app settings. Other than that, it’s a great app and the only other annoyance is the add-ons (but those I can live with).
This app is great, keeps me sane and has a lot of useful features. It’s quite complicated to put in your information (class, teachers, schedule) and it doesn’t show up when you have late assignments, which can be a problem if you forget. Overall, it’s very useful for visualizing what you need to do and having everything in one easy-to-access place regardless of issues.
I love this app! I installed it to help me organize tasks and track deadlines, but all the other features sold me! It’s easy to use and navigate, and once fully set up, it provides a clear breakdown of what I need to do and when. It also allows me to record lectures, track my attendance and view the timetable! (Also, few ads) However, I wish I could choose to repeat the lessons as per the schedule. My meeting times are sometimes different so it’s a bit inconvenient
Overall, I really like this app; I’ve done seminars on scheduling apps so I’ve seen quite a few and this is the best one I’ve seen that works best for my personal use. However, in the agenda menu that I use the most, it would be fantastic if an update was made to allow an “in progress” option along with a “completed” option. Many college students have multiple parts of an assignment or discussion board, so this would be helpful.
It’s damn near perfect. The layout is very intuitive, the reminders are customizable (constant for me lol) and it’s easy to see what’s coming up. Only thing is it’s nice to be able to add times to events. You can schedule your lessons for specific times. But I often have, say, a club meeting at 2pm or a meeting with a friend at 10am. Being able to add times for these occasional events would be nice.
I like this app. The timetable is really helpful and keeping track of things is easy. However, the recording feature could do with some work. When you’re listening to a recording, you can’t pause or search it, so it’s really annoying. You also can’t export audio to listen to from your phone, which I don’t really like. Also the ads are a bit over the top but I understand why they are there.
Organized and somewhat customizable. Pretty effective, but could be more efficient and intuitive. One suggestion is to make it easier to switch between planners. The ads were ok, not very often, but I decided to remove them by purchasing in person. One of my favorite planners, I just wish it had a broader focus beyond school planning since I’m graduating soon! I can’t really recommend it because most of my friends are out of school. Overall it does what it says and I’m glad I have it.
This application is very useful and can be used by any student, be it high school, high school or college. It would be nice if the schedule had a recurring setting where one event could repeat itself throughout the school year. This would apply to high school students with highly repetitive class schedules. In addition, integration with google calendar would be a big plus.


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