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Apr 26, 2023
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How to install Rider MOD APK v2.05.0.00 (Diamond) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Rider MOD APK v2.05.0.00 (Diamond) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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It’s one of my top games on mobile! I love the neon style and the gameplay is amazing! I love the possibility to do backflips to earn the points (or be able to lose your time in case trying to earn three stars in every stage) and the range of physics seem quite real! I would love to see a level in which you are spawned in a circle and have to get through the entire level while sliding on your side and trying to avoid flipping over and fall off the back, and then die! However, I am not the game’s creator. I give 5 stars to the creator!

Amazing game. It’s a time-killer game. Particularly, its challenges are excellent. There is a wide range of vehicles but each is not suitable for all. However, the levels are difficult to achieve three stars. The game itself is fantastic. You must try it.

Really enjoyable game, when you switch your phone to airplane mode, you will see with no ads. with airplane mode, there are hardly any ads, simple to play, enjoyable, and you don’t have to pay-to-win

Excellent game, the only thing i would like to add to cloud save. Each time I change my device I must start over and it’s not the most ideal option to erase all your progress due to changing an device. If they are able to add solutions to this issue, it’s a five-star game.

It’s a challenging game, but it’s also monotonous. A variety of challenges in the future would be great. It can be difficult to overcome. There is a lack of consistency in control settings. I’m not sure what’s the cause.

Great game. Could use a bit of control adjustments, but I know the subtlety of controls is the reason it’s difficult however being able to switch to either direction would allow an even more engaging gameplay. A great game. Worth advertising often.

Excellent game, however there are certain obvious bugs, such as invisible bumps on the track that can cause your bike to snag and moving objects that behave badly. Also, I find that the game slow and lags. It also becomes slow or jerky when ads change.

I am awestruck the fact that the game is not monotonous and that there are different cars you can buy but the main issue is the controls as well as the additional features. In addition I’m loving it.

It is a fun driving game controlled by the finger. This is an extremely clever game that blends the physics of physics and animated graphics with varying goals for achievement. My experience is that every locked car functions exactly the same way, they just appear different. Therefore, it does not matter. I set the setting at “Random” and get a new car each time I accident.

It’s simple, fun and satisfying when you’re doing well. One thing that is irritating is the occasional ads. Overall, a great game.

I am a huge fan of this game. It’s great for times occasions when you want to have fun. It isn’t easy at times because you need to be cautious about what you hold the pedal for (or otherwise you’ll turn upside down and fall over) but it’s a lot of fun when you get it right. I enjoy the presentation of the course in neon and the adorable bikes you are able to collect. Sometimes it’s annoying with the number of advertisements that pop up after you crash and must play over and over again. However, I switch on my WiFi down and enjoy with no ads. Excellent game.)

Rider is among my top games. I first downloaded it years ago, and have been playing it since then. You can play it wherever as it’s offline and it’s a great time-saver. Of course, there are bugs and gliches, moments when it spins even after I’ve stopped touching it and other instances where the car suddenly crashes or slows its speed, though these aren’t as common as many believe they are. Overall, I would say this game is worthy of four stars, however without bugs, it could have been a 5 star game.

Five stars is definitely five. It’s a very easy game that is extremely addictive. I’m not usually into the levels, and instead play the adventure mode however, the levels are quite impressive (although at times I’d like them to be more challenging!). The endless mode is a lot of enjoyable, however. The controls are very simple however I sometimes think I would prefer an escape pedal. The challenges are incredibly fun and, while some are very difficult (on the brink of becoming impossible) However, most of them can be completed and are really fun. I love the bikes however they don’t provide much help during the game (they simply look cool). However, it’s a really easy and enjoyable app that is not difficult to grasp, but fun to play!


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