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Apr 5, 2023
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How to install RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK v2.0.5 (Paid) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK v2.0.5 (Paid) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK v2.0.5 (Paid) Game for Android


It was another amazing experience in aviation. The sky is amazing and I’m convinced that it’s time to pay attention to the ground, its views and scenery. The satellite map of your guys does not match the map, particularly 46N 122W. I would like to know what time I entered the different countries and states. Please add state lines as well as borders of countries to this map. I enjoy the game and am going to play. I’m stuck!

Most likely the best flight simulator game available on Android. The previous version was extremely landings made by Rortos itself. It was my favorite game, but now it’s a step ahead due to the detaling and accessibility. I’ve opted to the pro version for a month, and it’s fantastic actually. However, the subscription could be more affordable and a tutorial feature would make the game simpler. Apart from that, it’s an excellent flight simulator featuring more planes as well as vast areas.

Since when I was a kid I’ve always wanted be a pilot and pilot planes even as an adult. With all the simulator apps , I believe this is an authentic and most similar experience that you can get from flying a plane . I would highly recommend installing this application if you like flying. Also, spend some cash to upgrade your device and get the most complete experience of connecting to the tower as well as radar and all the other features that the upgrade can provide. You will not to regret it!

One of the top simulators I’ve ever played, however, it is in need of improvements. Repairs to aircraft in any airfield, the ability to move within and around the cabin realistic water bodies additional buttons that can perform new functions, improved appearance of the plane and features, as well as more bright plane lights (Taxi,Strobe and landing lights beacon, nav, and the logo lights. Update the flight controls so that they are like that of Extreme Landings (Classic). I’m constantly getting disconnected from multiplayer mode in the latest update. Please assist. Thank you.

The game fulfilled my desire of becoming pilot. I’d love to be able to create taxi routes or routes that airports allow me to take. While it’s difficult to get a plane in the way of taxing, I’d like to be able to follow a taxing route. Additionally, a circular route with a point. Circulation good routes are great additions. I’ve given this game 5 stars since there is nothing that can beat the real experience. I’ve signed up and am only found the process of joining a virtual airline difficult. 5

It’s all beautiful and realistic But there lies the issue. A tutorial-like mode that is properly designed would be a great way to start. As of now, I’ve not had the ability to complete one task because I can’t find any instructions for how to get to the right position at the airport of my choice. I believe it could be an addictive activity once you have grasp of it.

I am pleased with the latest update on the Boeing 727 because the autopilot is very precise when it comes to turning towards the next waypoint and the chosen altitude. The programing must be included on every aircraft in this simulator, because the autopilot (on all planes, except for that of the Boeing 727) is not quite as precise as the software for the Boeing 727 autopilot. It would also be nice if this APP could help make landings more smoother.

I thoroughly enjoy the game and have plenty of time playing. The only downside is multiplayer. my video recordings are completely different than my screenplay upon landing, be prepared for a crash when taxiing. ATC service requires more options, it seems unrealistic for a simulator. Small airports have no lights and all airports are small and do not have lights on their runways. I would like I could see more airports. Small airports have lights along the runways. There are options for clouds with more. World visual in hd. Overall, it’s a fantastic game, but there is room for improvement for the 5s

Amazing Flight simulator. Excellent quality aeroplanes and good features. Please add more homes close to airports, so that they appear more appealing and real. Cloud base in the previous version was excellent compared to the new version. Please fix it. Also, please include Boeing Dreamlifter plane. Overall, it’s amazing contrast to other simulations.

RFS is the top mobile flight simulator available at time I believe that RFS is the best mobile flight simulator currently available. The development team is involved in organizing events and updates to the HD airports in the Pro version (Worth the price of the subscription in my opinion!) and also the community is actively involved in creating better and more realistic liveries for all kinds of aircrafts. A major change that could dramatically improve the gameplay includes sounds, atmosphere and the most important thing the sound quality. For instance by adding the roar sound effect, such as the Trent XWB engines on full throttle, can enhance the game’s immersion.

Beautifully designed game, those airplanes and airports are really in tune with the visual. Each and every element you’ve put into the game looks incredible. I’m sure that it’s by far the greatest aviation game for mobile If you can think of a more impressive game coming in the future, you should try to beat it. I truly hope that this game can be close to Microsoft Flight Simulator however it’s still a mobile-friendly version. Keep up the good work on this awesome game that you’ve developed.

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