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Jun 20, 2022
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How to install Rescue the Lover MOD APK v1.24 (Awards) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Rescue the Lover MOD APK v1.24 (Awards) APK file.

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[Free Download] Rescue the Lover MOD APK v1.24 (Awards) Game for Android

This was a running game that can really assist you in spending your spare time. There are a few things that make me reluctant to award it three points. The first is the advertisements are all there, and after each level, is an advertisement. Another issue is that it takes too long to load an entirely new level, but it’s just me. It’s a fantastic game however, I wish it could be updated or even fixed.

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I like it , but sickman feels like a film thing, and that’s fine. to end the game and don’t care I enjoy this app and rate it five stars. Thanks for the app and my young brother is a fan of the app.

The game is enjoyable but there are lots of advertisements and it’s kind of frustrating because each time an advertisement pops up. If you fail, it will start the game completely over, which can be frustrating as well. The game is fun. Pls make available the sequel very soon.

I really enjoy this game. It’s fun to play . I just would like to see many more challenges .. as well as the sequences are entertaining but when I fail, I begin again from scratch. I am not having any issues getting the levels started but taking me a long time to revisit the scenes I wish there was a speed button that would not play the same scenes over and over again.. It’s fun to play and 5 stars rating

It’s a great game, and it’s a lot of fun! You basically need to assist the girl and choose the best option. If you make a mistake, wrong, just restart the level. Some levels are very difficult however some are East lemon peezy!

I had fun playing this game for a while , however it came to a place at which there were too many advertisements and once I had completed the first level at level 30, the game was unable to function after trying to make it work several times . I hope you are able to resolve this problem .

Thank you for contacting me back I hope I’m not inflicting any harm on anyone. I just wanted to make my comment since I believe this game is worthy of being developed and requires more money and the game itself is good. The only thing that could be improved was the quantity of advertisements and how they were able to be accessed within less than two seconds, which is the only issue however it’s a great game. Keep creating more games similar to these

I enjoy the game but am not a fan of the advertisements. I don’t understand the value of advertising when it’s an actual game, but not advertising! If it’s an advertisement game, then let it be known to the world!. Other than that, I enjoy the game. I have not yet downloaded it , however I will download it right now. It’s pretty and intriguing. I rate the game 4 stars, but there’s none of us are perfect. Thank you for your help. I will make it 3 stars since I have just downloaded it and it stated that it was it was not able to download. !!!! ?

One of the most enjoyable games of the year. Simple, with great plot twists, loads of effort put into creativity (although we are aware of what’s happening) It also has an amazing story. I’d buy the developers an alcoholic drink, if I met them. Thank you for the kind words!

It’s fantastic but the storyline is not. …. not my top one, but it’s.. bizarre how can a normal person have an S97 in their pocket, and they’re walking about with it in the bank? what do aliens have to have to do with the storyline? then the player decides that to leave the country, but the plane crashes and the person wearing the hat is coughed up by some odd island people who then use his phone to contact an alien to come and pick him up to transport him to another world How does this even even make sense? ?

In addition to the number of advertisements that this game provides, this game is very enjoyable. The game is truly surprising and difficult. However, once you’ve played this game, you pretty often don’t want to repeat it and I believe there ought to be more to the game. I’m not sure what the reason is, however it is, I’m always getting an incorrect answer, however this game is enjoyable.

It’s not the greatest but it’s definitely not the most difficult. The thing I don’t like about the game is that if you do make a mistake, it’ll bring you back to where you started. I hope you can fix this, but aside from that it’s a pretty fun game. What I would like to see you change is the ads. As an avid ad-shopper. I hate the way they are presented and I know that many people do not like them too. What I like about this game is the some plot twists and so on. I hope you will are enjoying this game like I do. And I hope that you can fix the issue and thank you for your time..

The best game I’ve ever played, it’s so addictive and fun, I highly recommend this game. …..I just wish you could add additional levels. For example, when the two lovers are together and become parents I’d be happy, however, it’s a good app, keep it going!

It’s a great game, nothing does not bother me. The only issue is when I make a decision the whole screen freezes , then removes me from the game. This happens repeatedly and it’s extremely annoying.Please make it right or I’ll give it 0 stars and never leave an review.

Storyline was fun However, you should consider including a way to skip cut scenes since watching the same movie 10 times can be frustrating and dull.

Yes, it’s a great game! It completely alleviates my boredom. The ads aren’t really that bad, but they do bothered me 🙁 but yeah the overall experience is 10/10, so it’s an 5 star rating from me:) the only thing that bothers me is the advertisements! Keep coming up with these types of games. They’re enjoyable :))

Another adventure game with stick figures for me to try and I think the failures are hilarious. It brings back memories of the stick-figure games like Henry stickman that I’ve played before. And the failures are funny too.

It’s a very fascinating game, and extremely funny. …. It could be even more enjoyable when you could provide ridiculous reasons for why the chosen choice isn’t right… It’s a great idea, thank you and I’ll be watching for another aspect to the challenge.


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