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Jul 21, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Real Racing 3 MOD APK v11.5.2 (Money/Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Real Racing 3 MOD APK v11.5.2 (Money/Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Real Racing 3 MOD APK v11.5.2 (Money/Unlocked) Game for Android


Coming back to the game after a few years, I like how the special events are offered rather than feeling pressured to jump right in or miss out. It also runs much smoother now and doesn’t have to keep reloading if you’re doing something else on your phone. Edit: After the 11.5.1 update, the app stopped loading on Android phones. Still waiting for the patch 3 days later and counting…
The game is very good, good graphics, good physics. The perfect combination of arcade and simulator. The prices of the cars and upgrades are only expensive to create a sense of the richness of motorsport spending. However, this new update causes this game to crash right after launch. I think this problem will be solved and we will be able to play again.
The graphics are great and the car dynamics are fine. I would give the game 5 stars if I didn’t always have to start every race from the back! It’s a bit unrealistic to win a 2-lap race, starting from the very back in almost the same machine. Also, when you play endurance racing, why do the other cars go so slow on the racing line! It takes all the fun out of the game!
10 years later, it’s still one of the best games on mobile if you’re into car racing. But don’t expect it to be a sim – the stats and performance of the car won’t reflect the real counterparts. My suggestion to the devs is this – there are races with a minimum required PR that seriously hampers your progress if you haven’t upgraded your car. In such cases there should be no restriction on playing the race – let it be challenging and not restrictive.
The best game I have ever played. The graphics are amazing and the physics and gameplay are perfectly balanced to provide the most realistic racing experience possible. Vehicle detailing is top notch. EA should add an option to match with non-Facebook friends to make the experience more convenient. Also racing in drift mode would be phenomenal.
Still in 2023, it’s the best game on the Play Store. I like that the developers regularly update new cars. Some people don’t like it because they think the game is hard and only buying is the way to win but I personally play this game and have 200+ cars without any buying. To win matches easily, you need to reduce the assist break and you can also change the traction control settings.
The game is 💯. But I would recommend you to try something new for a change during updates. Instead of adding cars every time, you can add new tracks once in a while. Then add the weather like; rainy conditions and possibly fog. Also if there is an option to split the game into two that would be great….where you have one app that maybe deals with F1, Fe and nascar while the other deals with GT cars and road pickups and then you get to the main one in each app. Anyway, the game is awesome
Really great game, has pretty good graphics, has a lot of cars from great manufacturers like Porsche, BMW, Nissan, etc. Lots of real tracks. But if you want to have great cars, you have to have a lot of patience. And I also think that the upgrade prices for expensive cars are a bit harsh, for example the Ford mustang, it’s a great car, but I think the upgrades are very expensive.
The graphics and physics are great. However, I would like a mode where I can choose the type of race and track I want without having to play career mode. Starting at the end of the grid is not always great, especially in shorter races. I wish you could determine your position on the grid using the result from the previous race.
I’ve been playing this game for years, always been a fan. The graphics and game controls are good, it’s fun to compete. The game is challenging, which is what I like about it. Tho, once you’ve been in the game for a while, progress will be very steep in terms of cost (in game currency). Cars/upgrades are extremely expensive and impossible to keep up with unless you are P2W. All in all, it’s a good game to pass the time, but don’t expect to be on top of the game.
Very fun racing, love the graphics, very well designed game for everyone with lots of challenges. A.I could be better and there could be a way to adjust the difficulty but overall an excellent game. I haven’t found many other games that can top it, let alone compete with it.
What a great racing game! 6 month update: The game seems to have real depth. So many events to join. Really nice advertising tracks for cars. The graphics still hold up nicely even after such a long time. I haven’t paid any money in this game, I can’t afford it, but I still find it fun and things can be bought with in-game currency that you get for winning. I wish the races paid just a bit more and the higher items, upgrades, cars, a lot less. Thanks for a really good console style racing game. 🙂
The number of cars and tracks is the best I’ve seen on mobile. The driving physics are fun and responsive. The only problem the game has is that even if I want to pay for the extra content, the hyper cars are too expensive.
The perfect simracing game! I would rate it 5 stars if you add free play… Like we can drive any car on any track. And cars shouldn’t need service so we can have fun driving. You also won’t get any prizes after completing the freeplay races. I hope it gets added one day!
1 of the best games 2use. You are a driver, prove what you can do! It’s so simple! Amazingly sublime! Personally, with this software and the people behind it, I would love to use it in the FIA ​​Rallycross 2photograph 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 2000 series. Do future racers of all genres have a chance to see it? Five stars from me! Sublime, any person young or old can manipulate, draw, design, photograph these cool vehicles, 2 satisfyingly race and enjoy the fun!


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