Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


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May 15,2023
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How to install Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK v5.0.8 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK v5.0.8 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Real Drift Car Racing MOD APK v5.0.8 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


The game itself is good, I just wish there was more to it like customization options or even multiplayer, otherwise it’s fun to play when I have nothing else to do. There is one major problem though, I keep losing my lanes to invisible walls/bumps in the roads and it’s really frustrating to have to start over when that happens. It’s mostly downhill/uphill.
Great, except for repeating the same songs, there could be more song variations. I also wish you could be abpe to change the location of the buttons because they are so far apart on the screen that it actually makes my thumbs position very uncomfortable to the point where it can hurt. more ergonomic controls would be great.
became unplayable since the last update. There has actually been an improvement in battery life, I have to admit, but in terms of framerates, the game has been retrograded. It ran very smooth on my LG G4, but since the update I can’t play it anymore because the framerate drops to less than 10 per second, which is especially annoying around bends and bends! Even with all gfx disabled! Honestly, I prefer the old version, which unfortunately I can’t downgrade to. Edit: ok for test apk.
One of the best drift simulations. It takes some getting used to, but the tilt controls feel good and the simulation feels realistic. Lots of tracks available, stats look good and overall the game is very fun. I haven’t tried multiplayer yet. The reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is the lack of visual customization. People like to customize as much as possible and really stick it out, but here you basically only get to change the colors. Overall a great game, definitely worth it
This is a really decent game, really fun to play. I wish I could give 5 stars, but late in the game certain levels are impossible. I’m on ‘Drift Master’ and can’t get to the next one regardless. I believe certain levels/requirements need to be reworked to require proper skill but not unachievable.
Gave four stars because there are some rendering issues in the higher levels. Levels do not render vegetation and railings correctly. The problem persists after multitable restarts. Otherwise, the experience is amazing and the control is good. Also, different vehicle modifications are fun. There is an Initial D Tureno. Would give five stars if they fixed the rendering issue in stages that have a lot of vegetation.
The best racing game in the app store. I would give it 5 stars, but the controls need to be more customizable. I have been playing this for a long time and I can reach 1,000,000+ points. I’m still missing the downshift button half the time and can’t make it bigger or move it to a more ergonomic friendly location.
I went back and edited it to share my displeasure with the current menu screen and buttons. In my opinion, the old one was much better. Wish there was an option to choose between the 2. Also considering how good the game is I think it needs controller support. I took off 1 star because of these 2 issues.
This game is amazing and I read that many people had a problem with the steering and to solve this problem when you start a race you immediately go to the options menu and you can change the steering sensitivity and the difficulty and if you turn all the difficulties all the way up you can whip 360. I love this game
I’ll try to give as honest a review as possible, if you like Cars or even Drifting this game is fantastic. The graphics are good and the gameplay is well implemented because you can set the difficulty without major disadvantages (except more money) I gave the game 4 stars because I think the game could have more customization on the cars for example bumpers, skirts or spoilers options. Another thing is maybe more updates, I feel like it will be boring after all the tracks are done.
The game is amazing, fun and has a great selection of cars. I would like a few more cars and fixed minor issues like evo 10 not having all the wheels. The two big changes to the game are that you don’t have multiplayer to race against strangers or race with friends. Another problem is the fps animation, I’m bothered by things like the speedometer not moving, as well as when changing gear, the arm just stays stuck to the steering wheel.
It’s a really nice game, if you like cars and mainly drifting them, then this would be a good choice for drifting on the road. The only thing I wish was more content and a lot more customization options, but other than that it’s a pretty good experience overall.

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