RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK (Full Arm/Arm64)


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Dec 7, 2022
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK v6.30.0 (Full Arm/Arm64) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK v6.30.0 (Full Arm/Arm64) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] RAID: Shadow Legends MOD APK v6.30.0 (Full Arm/Arm64) Game for Android


The game is fantastic, however the ads that pop-up are the most irritating part whenever I’m at the home page , the advertisements pop up. It’s too to much. Add features such as “sweep”(to immediately clear the stages which have been cleared). It’s not worth the time to continue on the exact stage that’s been cleared. This is the no.1 reason I have stopped playing. The entire process is excessively time consuming.i

Fantastic visuals and the strategic component of configuring teams is extremely well thought out. The issue is that the grind is insane. I love striving towards goals, but completing daily tasks requires a huge amount of time. There are a few enhancements to quality of life that can alleviate the stress and let you play with the most exciting aspect of the game – the many skills and builds.

Technically , it is free to play but primarily intended to be a pay-to-win game, with hundreds of dollars of daily time offers every week. Sales content begins at a lower cost for those who are new to the game, but rapidly becomes more costly. There is definitely a fun part (if it’s something you’ll invest), $$$), but it’s an obvious money-grabbing scheme is a poor game. The constant need to make purchases in order to make the game enjoyable is what makes me keep an eye on for the option to uninstall.

Fun game overall. The only thing I don’t like is the draw rate for the legendary heroes. I get the randomness however it’s almost as if you’re going to be insane amounts of time in order to try to acquire one, only to fail frequently or not. Maybe it’s just my luck, but it’s my only negative. In other words the graphics, story and gameplay are spot on. It’s easy to navigate and dive right in. Also, if the draw system wasn’t as poor, I’d rank it higher. Good game nonetheless.

The game is enjoyable playing …at first. The campaign is challenging while also being enjoyable and thrilling. Champions, let’s discuss how difficult it is to achieve. I’ve played for almost two years. I’ve got 5 yellows, and four of them received at events ….. as was everyone else. The purples appear at times but are almost impossible to acquire without grinding constantly and dependent on the amount of power you’ve got. I’d rate them higher when you can change dropping rates.

The game can be challenging. It takes a lot of time. Doing daily tasks can take a long time and, should you wish to advance it isn’t enough to just perform every day tasks. Although it’s a game for mobile the most effective way to progress is to play it on your PC with Plarium Play or Bluestacks. You’ll be disappointed for several months until you’ve got excellent champions and have them leveled up.

I’ve been playing this game for about a week. Initial, I was tempted to play to earn some money through reward apps. However, once I was involved in the game, I decided to enjoy it. Fantastic graphics, animations that are smooth The game is demanding, and there’s plenty of material. My only issue is that leveling and ranking up process requires a lot of resources. Heroes aren’t easy to acquire and the campaign is too long and monotonous. In the end I am a fan of RAID and believe it’s the best of its kind.

The game is overall pretty good. The graphics are fantastic, and there’s always something happening. The reason why I’m not giving it five-star rating is whenever I decide to back out of something I’m constantly repeatedly asked to purchase. If I complete a quest and then am requested to make a purchase. I visit the tavern before heading back to the home area and am being asked. This is bordering on harassment. We need to find a way to stop purchase pop-ups. I’d make a purchase to be able to block it, and sincerely.

Okay, maybe I was harsh in my last review of the game. It’s certainly a grind and tedious, but when you utilize promo codes and perform all the other things you do every day, it’s possible to advance in the game without spending an enormous amount of money. It’s not as expensive as other games in apps. We would like to live to the days of when you could buy an entire game, but well.

The most popular hero-collector game out on the market, so long as you make it through the first part of the game. The beginning of the game is a lot. There’s a lot going on in everywhere. Make use of guides and YouTube, and you’ll be far better off with the initial content. Once you’ve mastered it, it’s enjoyable to create your characters and teams strategically. I love how imaginative you can be with your designs!

The game is fantastic but it takes more effort than necessary to earn prizes during tournaments or events, particularly for players who are just beginning their journey. I began playing this game about 3-4 months ago and have invested around $2,000 in it, and it’s very difficult to move up the ranks. It’s extremely slow and extremely difficult to progress when you pay however, it’s even more challenging in free play. Additionally, the rewards for tournaments and events are not worth the effort. Sometimes, glitches hinder rewards, and the game can be a mess with many glitches.

Enjoy playing this game but the amount of times you are hit in the face with pop-ups asking you to purchase items is frustrating right now. Like i get it. There’s a place to shop, should I wish to purchase something, I’ll. But the constant push at you is what makes me reluctant to start the game sometimes. But it’s a fantastic game.

It’s an overall great game. One of the most frustrating aspects (and the reason why I didn’t rate five rating) is the absence the ability of filtering out champions. If I want to focus with a specific faction I’ll always have to scroll through every champion until I’ve reached the group I want to work with or affinity level, or rank.

Excellent graphics, however the volume of pop-ups are a bit annoying! Expect to be bombarded with “deal deals” every time you return towards the Bastion. It is possible to advance without having to pay the ridiculous amount they demand for practically nothing. You can spend as much as 4mil silver just to upgrade an item to lvl 16. Then there’s the fact that they’ll want more than $30 for one old shard, and that’s not even a 100% legendary! It’s a very grindy game if you’re not willing to pour thousands worth of money into it.




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