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Mar 31, 2023
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How to install PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.47.435 (Mega Menu) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.47.435 (Mega Menu) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.47.435 (Mega Menu) Game for Android


I am a huge fan of this game…it is very well-designed with stunning graphics, animations gameplay, modes etc…but it has problems with it…one of the most significant bug problems is the network issue…even when you have a excellent connectivity, it will tell that you have an “unstable network, please attempt another time” as well as an interface which says “server is not responding. Please check back later.” “…these issues are a a major issue that has been Flustrated…i am hoping that this issue is solved quickly.

Dear KRAFTON Dear KRAFTON, The game is far better than it was, but there are still a lot of issues …… According to you this game, it’s an exciting game for the future! Change the look of the game. For instance, you can change the way of the gun held by your character Lobby. The game should be more futuristic. This gun style was great during 2nd Alpha but now it is ugly and the main issue is “unable to connect to the server’. It happens every time I complete the game and go to lobby. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you.

It’s an overall good game overall. The shooting is much more realistic that COD while the recoil and reverberation of the guns makes the game feel much more real. The movement mechanics may be somewhat jittery, but I’m sure that won’t be an issue with more expensive gadgets. My main issues with the game is the “pay to play” Battle pass and skins, lots of network issues and glitches on maps and players who utilize other programs to cheat on the game usually using aimbot or cheats that don’t require a recoil. Won’t recommend.

The game is excellent. I like the fact that the royale is more realistic and ends up becoming an “who is the first to see who” scenario. But, TDM or RDM are slightly annoying, especially when considering the perspective of a third person in open, small maps. Personally, I like first-person games however when everybody else is using third-person view, it’s tough to keep up. Would you consider adding the option of a first-person-only option to TDM as well as RDM?

Edited to say wow, literally wow. The game actually got better than my last experience with. It’s been around for some time and a new map brought me something new and my fellow players to appreciate. I love the releases, and how the game is always getting better. The game’s creators are also highly commended for their response and responses to the demands of each player. Kudos the new state of affairs for this exceptional experience. It’s a wonderful and great graphics game. It makes me feel more immersed into the battle.

There is delay in the lobby, and, when you arrive on the plane in traditional ping, it gets way too high. It’s 200+ despite having an internet connection that is stable and matchmaking is a joke as well. Most times I don’t figure out which sound effects from bullets and car sounds originate from where the sound effects for distance , and also in close proximity. similar to these issues. Regardless, The game is a possibility and can be worth 3.5/5 or 4/5 rating.

I enjoy this game extremely thoroughly. Event is also extremely helpful to obtain skins. I gave it 4 stars due to a minor issues that don’t appear in the beginning, however, if you attaining platinum. Then the issues . Now I’m facing two issues . The first issue is that when I check my inventory, I see a red dot in it. The second issue is that I am unable to hear music in the lobby, even though I have disabled and enabled it yet again. The lobby music isn’t there. Everything else is good. …..

The game is essentially PUBG 2 in the sense that it is PUBG. It is more visually appealing as well as more ganeolay mechanics, and like. It’s also designed for smaller devices in comparison to the standard PUBG. Additionally, I like the fact that finding rare cosmetics is made more accessible and does not require real money for this. However, there is one issue. The game will crash often, with either OpenGL or Vulkan disabled. This hasn’t been a common occurrence to affect my experience However, it is important to keep this in your mind. Otherwise, 10/10

One of the top games since PUBG worldwide, this one is less hacked. The New State game can introduce the maps of Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar and introduce additional maps such as Akinta and Troy along with them.Moreover they will improve ADS as well as speed of movement as well as improve the grass in order to stay couflaged, and improve other costumes, such as military theme or casual, etc.

Continuous frame drops constantly in BR game mode… Otherwise, the game is great. Please fix this problem. Physics and graphics are great. The players must realize that, due to the high-quality graphics, enemies can be difficult to identify. There is no need to think about seasons, just address these little issues and the game is a great alternative over any other mobile battle royale game. Please make these cards simple to obtain or create room for free

It was absolutely amazing. first impressions are that the graphics are top notch . I thoroughly enjoyed the game . The game was downloaded just an entire week and am not boring, prior to the game, I played BGMI but the NEW STATE is at the top of its game in terms of graphics, design e.t.c It was a great experience. Thank you!

There are a lot of graphics options available in the game, and numerous options that are not common in the vehicle mode such as turning the doors and engine options. In the training field, the road appears so ugly due to the erangle map and lane markings. It is also so ugly that it has to be visually pleasing similar to other maps like Akinta. The game was is a step up from previous year. I’m hoping to change the rating from 5 to 5.

First off, very enjoyable game, however the problem is that there are often issues with connectivity to networks, regardless of whether you’re connected to wireless or cellular. The ping problem is one of the main issues. Because of it’s Cool shooter’s mechanics. It’s a request to fix the connectivity issue.

I’ve attempted installing New State Mobile four times and each time I was disappointed by the experience. The first three times I experienced an extremely bad experience however, I am convinced that each time you play this game lots of improvements have been implemented. And my experience is getting better.


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