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Jun 11, 2022
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How to install PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.33.271 (Full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.33.271 (Full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PUBG: NEW STATE MOD APK v0.9.33.271 (Full) Game for Android

For a newly released game, this is rather impressive. I’m enamored with the physics in this place. This game’s physics are quite similar to those of the PC and console versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This was fantastic. Unlike PUBG Mobile, it’s difficult to tell between the adversaries in this game. I’m not sure whether it’s the graphics, but it may be. However, it’s difficult to tell the difference between allies and foes. Furthermore, the audio is, at the very least, disconcerting. Nevertheless, it was a fun game. Loved it!
Although the game had a difficult start, it is now fantastic. Apex legends is a great game, but this one has a far more expansive world to explore, and the decisions you must make feel more exciting because of it. Additionally, the gameplay and mobility are both excellent, and the controls are completely configurable so that you may find something that works best for your personal preferences.
This is a 9/10 game. Negative reviews aren’t worth paying attention to. The game’s release was rocky. Others who are complaining are either using a faulty equipment or are simply ignorant. Or it’s just too difficult. This is a fantastic game, barring a few niggling issues. Realistic to the extreme. The recoil and weight of a gun are genuine. The fact that killing and being murdered are so simple just adds to the realism and tension. It’s not like my bullets are meant for nerf guns. They look fantastic. I like how things are always becoming better.

After two hours of play, I’ve observed a little improvement in the game’s performance with the April 21st patch. I’d say it’s improved in terms of performance, since I lag less now than I did previously. In my opinion, the audio/footsteps need to be improved, since it might be difficult to discern when an attacker is around. It’s clear that the light clapping sound they employ to represent footfall has to be improved. Everything else about this game is great, and you can tell it’s becoming better all the time.

I found out that the matchmaking was based solely on me being ranked in the server. The matchmaking wasn’t completely terrible except for encountering 4 man squads of upper leagues. I still want duos back because of the change of tactics. Solos get old and squads get lonely. Just some personal preferences. Did run into logout issues and ping problems in some matches and the inability to leave matches in a few cases. Sure they’ll be fixed in the future though. Thanks for the great game.

I had to customize the controls to similarize it to the other PUBG, but no big deal. I lowered the graphics to high and i still get some lag despite having a good recent (1 year old) mid-range phone with 6GB RAM. However the game is great. Love the different features compared to the other PUBG. It would be nice to see a few more worlds added in Battle Royale

The game is good, there are a lot of great features, but there is a problem with your server, Most of the times when go Into the game and I am in the lobby there are two big spheres that are attached to each other and are attached to my character, and then a warning comes saying Unable to Connect to the Server even though my signal is great , fix it.

seemingly team killing seems to be a more severe issue currently considering how easy it is currently, to demonstrate just drop a grenade next to your unsuspecting teammate and that player would be downed. after that they would lets the bots do the remaining part of the job, i think if any damage done to any player by teammates should have an option or instantly freeze the downed player’s items to prevent any form of team killing for high grade loot. (I may add more prevention method later on)

Absolute perfection in graphics and car types. like dude, you don’t need a skin for the nova car as u get it free (well the pre registeration reward gives it a skin equipable). Also the shoulder cam sucks like it randomly turns my pov and I can’t kill enemies due to that. Also I didn’t face the developer options bugq which get you banned. Also, there was some bug that in training ground the DSR-1 wasn’t in the gun rack next to the AWM but that’s fixed

realistic game, one of the mobile games with the best graphics. very easy to play. I like it very much. Hopefully it will grow and bring up other exciting events. there is a little problem in the game like a momentary frame skip, not too annoying when looting, but will be annoying during a war situation. Thank you, waiting for the next update

Like PUBG but everything is more futuristic and the models have longer legs… Why 4 Stars? There is bugs, matenance, but I get it it’s still young so of course it’s going to have that. So for a 5 stars for me ether stay next generation and fix the bugs and issues hard or make it playable and bring something new to the table there aren’t a lot of bugs but they are bad once you encounter them but have no significant impact on the game that I encountered just looks bad. Overall great game!

its really a great game fun to play and has really good graphics but the issue i’m facing right now is the network delay, and it happens alot from season 2 till now in season 3 and last night i couldn’t start a game because it keeps saying “unable to connect to server” this has been going on for far too long, if this doesn’t get fix, some may stop play at all.

I hope you fix bugs soon like riding with a teammate in a car gets buggy when they drive. Also please update the crosshairs of your scopes especially the x6 scope the crosshairs are too thick and doesn’t have the animation like the PUBGM when zooming in/out. Most importantly, there are cheaters now and they have names with chinese characters. Impossible to report and why can’t I report them individually? Just 1 enemy can be reported in results page? They can already shoot through obstacles 🙁

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