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Sep 24, 2023
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Android 4.3 and up

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How to install PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK v0.26.0 (Menu, Damage) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK v0.26.0 (Menu, Damage) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] PUBG MOBILE LITE MOD APK v0.26.0 (Menu, Damage) Game for Android


I reinstalled the game after a few months and now it won’t even play. It still has some connectivity issue and doesn’t cross the lobby. Whenever I tap on START/MATCH it cancels itself It’s difficult to do any action in the lobby like adjusting controls or other settings The game just won’t play I don’t want to uninstall it because I hope to find a way to fix the problem please advise. Thanks.
Great game, smooth graphics. It introduced a whole new chapter to the world of mobile gaming. Easy to use and best of all: it’s free! People who don’t want to buy PUBG on PC can play it on emulator and enjoy the same fun. Great third person shooter and first person shooter, definitely recommend to my friends. However, there are some issues with large lag spikes and sudden drops in frame rate or overheating,
I would like to suggest some modifications before releasing the final version. Weapon damage is too low, one magazine equals killing one enemy. It’s bad for a 1vs4/1vs2 situation. The rate of fire when the scope is on is also quite slow in some situations. The graphics are good for the size. He is impatiently waiting for the final version. Thank you. 👍
More and more hackers are joining the game. Killing remotely and reporting them doesn’t seem to work. Although the game is nice and exciting. The graphics and gameplay are simply extravagant. But there seems to be a problem, I try to install the game after changing the phone, and when it gets to the end, it says that it can’t be installed. Please help me with a solution.
Based on gameplay mechanics, graphics, and community feedback, the game has been greatly improved in recent updates. Fast-paced action, a diverse selection of weapons, and stunning visuals create an impressive gaming experience. In addition, the game’s matchmaking system is efficient and the community is welcoming and friendly. Overall, the game is a well-rounded battle royale title that deserves a high rating.
thanks for the lite version bcs my phone has little ram and i can’t install the “non-lite” one. the graphics are pretty good and smooth too. just not that happy with the shooting and aiming. it seems to vibrate a lot and can’t really focus on the enemy even though I aimed it first. hope you can improve it. we must not forget the number of players. hope it increases to 100+. Thank you 👏
overall a fantastic game… but a few things need to be improved. CRITICAL POINTS:- (1) Character movement is very strange compared to pubg mobile full version. (2) There are too many bots in the game which make it really boring after a few matches. Weapon damage is too low and time to kill is ridiculously high. GOOD POINTS:- (1) The game runs smoothly NO MATTER WHAT!!! It’s so smooth without sacrificing graphics (2)The changes in the Erangel map are refreshing and interesting…
5 stars. Although I got a headache after playing 2 games. It’s very playable even for cheap phones unless the screen is 5 inches… which I have and it gave me a headache. I can’t find an option to switch to first person view. Although there is an option somewhere in the settings, I couldn’t stand the headache I got. I’ll go back and play it again when I have a bigger display or a better phone in general. Thanks to Tencent Games for letting me experience the basics of the game. ♥️
The game is good 👍. The following are the issues I faced while playing: 1. Within 30 seconds of waiting before boarding the plane, the location I marked on my map disappears after boarding the plane, which I then have to mark again. 2. The orange step indication on the map does not occur (sometimes) when the enemy is close or in the same building. 3. I once had the game freeze and had to force stop it.
This is the best thing ever, especially for those people who really want to play PUBG but can’t afford the price or have phones that can’t handle the original mobile version. The only problem is the controls and graphics. I know this is a Lite version, but please improve the graphics a bit without making the game less smooth. Also allow us to configure custom control settings. If you add them, it will be the best Mobile Battle Royale game for low-end phones
There is no problem with this game because it is very smooth, the only problem I have is when I play ranked or classic, when it takes 5 minutes or 10 minutes, the screen suddenly goes black and crashes Even if we play together with my friend, it will take a long time, before the black screen and crash (but don’t say it’s in storage or ram because we all have a lot of free storage and my friend’s phone ram is 4GB to 6GB RAM ), I hope you can fix this ERROR , thank you!
This is the best game ever, I absolutely love it, as do most of my friends, the graphics are not bad at all, although there are some problems, I would like to get it fixed, the microphone and speaker, sometimes it doesn’t work. It doesn’t play the sound so well. Second, sometimes the game lags a bit when you are busy with a match. But overall it’s great, thanks for this game.


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