Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK v4.5.7.609 (Premium)


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Aug 10, 2023
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How to install Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK v4.5.7.609 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK v4.5.7.609 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Prisma Photo Editor MOD APK v4.5.7.609 (Premium) App for Android


Well, this is an edited review where the app has again moved from 1 start to 5 stars. The app itself works pretty well and has been all along. There was a problem with the subscription, especially when trying to use the app on multiple devices. The problem was fixed in the latest app update and what amazes me more is how understanding the support team was. Although the response came very late, but when it did, they were really committed to solving the problem.
I would like to select the intensity. I can see how to change things like brightness and vibrance etc but I still see how I move the intensity over the image and on my Samsung phone the image just moves left and right… Two icons don’t seem to do anything – one looks like layers and the second looks like two images on top of each other.
No real updates in years, just bug fixes for some devices. Nothing wrong with that, but will you ever make it more usable? For example, do you remember the percentage of the filter used when moving back and forth between filters? One press to compare with the original? Etc…
This is a fantastic app for art filters and such a wide variety available to use. Recently there were some slight technical issues which proudly helped the Prisma team to restore my account. This is a great photo editor where the team starts the app and really cares about its users.
I use this app to explore palette options for painting 3D busts (~1/10 scale) and miniatures (28mm-75mm). Prisma allows me to turn realistic photos of models into different color schemes that are as impressionistic/contemporary as I like. The pre-made filters make it very easy to get started quickly. It has limited Photoshop-like features (eg exposure, gamma, etc.). The power is in combining a rich set of art tools with photo editing tools. It’s worth it for that.
Love this app. I do a lot of photography and digital editing and this is a quick and easy way to get really nice textures and effects. Everything top quality, nothing looks cheesy. I wish I could make the ad disappear from the bar because I paid for it and it took about a week for all the filters to unlock after I paid BUT it’s worth it.
Yes! The latest update adds a zoom function and I’m finally able to fine tune the effects again. This is very welcome as previously without landscape mode it was a lot of guess work which limited the features. (It took me a minute to figure out the new effect intensity placement and I love it!) The frames are a nice addition. Prisma is one of my favorite photography apps, and now it’s coming back to a higher level of control with zoom! Good job!
It offers a number of artistic filters in the basic version. Contrast, saturation, etc. can be adjusted with them, as well as transparency. One looks like a 19th century English print; others like acrylic painting and many more. A different one-day filter is also available each day. (You can only use that filter that day.) I couldn’t find a convincing watercolor filter among them. Buy an Impresso for that.
IT’S FREE! You have to avoid payment screens and most filters have to be purchased, but there are plenty of free filters and the options are great (for a free app). I end up using PSexpress (also a free app) to do more tweaking, so in-app editing could be better. I would consider buying if the file sizes / resolution options were larger (much larger).
This app is great for changing the look of a photo, but you can’t crop, zoom, add text, or do much more to the photos you want to edit. It doesn’t take up much space and has a premium feature for those who wish the app had a lot more, but the premium costs a lot and doesn’t seem worth it. I still recommend this app, but really only for profile pictures and social media posts with a great filter.
that was a long time ago. uses very complex algorithms to mimic the art style with amazing 👏 results. great respect amazing tool!!!!
I had to buy two subscriptions, one for my ipads and one for my android phone. I’ve noticed that with Android you get extra features like customization that you don’t get with Apple. On Android I had trouble with filters not always working, I get an error message saying Prisma has too many users right now and try again later. That will never happen with Apple. I love the filters, some of them are really amazing, they are like magic! Annoyed that I have to buy two subscriptions, but worth it
The photo styles are great and I like that there is a choice between SD or HD and that you can use the slider to adjust different settings, but the styles themselves are limited and there doesn’t seem to be a way to include more (either as attention or paid). As much as I enjoy it, I can’t see myself using it for a full year with this limitation. I’m not sure if it’s worth the annual cost. I have photoshop on my desktop; I’d rather be with that.


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