Prey Day: Survival MOD APK (Immortality)


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Aug 2, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Prey Day: Survival MOD APK v15.3.13 (Immortality) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Prey Day: Survival MOD APK v15.3.13 (Immortality) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Prey Day: Survival MOD APK v15.3.13 (Immortality) Game for Android


Perfect. I’m in my own world doing my own thing with no barriers. Pvp is amazing and I’ve never had more fun looting. I like that I don’t run out of exp missions, no matter how many times I die, I just keep moving forward positively. Maps are good, items are great. Sources are not hard to find. Everything in the game is pretty self-explanatory.
This is the closest you’ll ever get to DAYZ on mobile. I promise I’ve been looking. The graphics are pretty good, I really like the atmosphere. The hit markers are a little off and when I watch an ad and come back to the game I have to force close it to get the game sound back that far in the 35 or so hours I have on this game. Two days ago I had problems connecting to the server but it resolved itself and I will continue to give this game five stars because I think it’s a great game
This is a slow process game. But you will enjoy it. The graphics are decent and so is the player movement. But with the new update and maps it is changing. Some of the items you get are inside buildings. Which cannot be reached in any way. You will lose hunger and hydration quickly. Researching to do more than 1 material at once is a bit annoying. I would suggest toning it down a bit. Also get a better backpack in the beginning. Thank you, we hope you will change your rating soon.
Good game so far! For the most part, it’s like the last day on earth game, but it definitely has its differences. I mostly enjoy the differences, for example: I feel like I can play without limits. I don’t have to wait until I have the energy to go for supplies. One problem I have is that your tool/weapon/clothing strengths don’t seem to last very long. Gathering supplies seems easier… even trade? That being said, overall it’s a good game and I can only see it getting better.
I have played every game of this type on the play store, this is simply the best if you are looking for a zombie theme. The other players are actually real, the only one with an active city (with quests and shops) and better graphics. More character customization would be nice, but since you’re armored most of the time anyway, it’s not a big deal. It’s only been played for about an hour so far, and it beats all other zombie survival MMOs in every area.
The game is too much fun. But when you die, you can’t get your items back. I had a suggestion. 1. When you die, you can still get your items at the place you died. 2. Add some other hairstyles/wigs or costumes etc. so we can hide our basic armor. And we can play the game more uniquely with different kinds of costumes, hair, accessories and more. 3. I hope it will be okay. Add some voice chat. But only through your teammates or party. When you play multiplayer. That is all. Thank you.
Literally every aspect of this game is better than ldoe. The graphics, sound, immersion and variety of enemies culminate in a great experience. Don’t even get me started on simple gimmicks like level up healing and the ability to stay stealthy while looting. Also NO BS ENERGY SYSTEM. You can play as long as you want, another key difference and in my opinion the most important. Two thumbs up Pragmatix, well done!!!
The game is more unique than other similar games. I really liked that the game is story based, you start with half a house and not from scratch and complete quests not just mindless harvesting over and over, even the travel times are more reasonable, overall it’s really fun. I ran into a few issues though, once you open a crate you can’t open it again once you leave the map, so if you find something you want make room for it or forget it and you can only visit the event once.
This survival game has been much more beneficial to my efforts than LDOE and the like. Gameplay isn’t as smooth; and death is brutal. However, none of these facts outweigh the convenient NO ENERGY travel system, coupled with a successful leveling system that keeps players engaged. However, I would have to say that the crafting system is a bit frustrating; both in time spent and in discovering recipes. I put two machetes on the planning table with a 100% chance to spawn and both failed.
Great game developers! The style of the game is great. I wish you could get your items if they aren’t broken or if the area hasn’t reset. But it’s an amazing game. I would change the fact that you can only reset once every three days, because if you leave at the beginning, you get to your house with no starter stuff. Overall I would recommend playing despite the issues.
It’s a really good game with nice graphics and you don’t have to wait for energy to travel. But it has its drawbacks. 1. is that the weapons don’t last very long and 2. is its lag. I have a 5g device which is brand new and when I go to collect rock and wood sometimes it doesn’t and then it wants to reload the game. But it has stopped for now. I’ll get five stars when the lag goes away and the weapons last longer!
I remember playing a beta version of this game once and I really enjoyed it. The gameplay is fun, but the weapon and armor stuff breaks quickly. I would never buy anything because things get lost easily. Most people will kill you when they see you in the land of the passport, and even if you don’t lose it, buy dying, it will break. So it might be hard to get started, but it’s fun to build those cabins.


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