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Jul 24, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK v10.7.1 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK v10.7.1 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Plants vs Zombies 2 MOD APK v10.7.1 (Money) Game for Android


I absolutely enjoy playing this game. I’ve played this game about 4 times from scratch, it’s still a thrilling thrill. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of glitches, especially in Big Wave Beach Level 3, and a lot of memory leaks, the game crashes and I lose my progress. I’m not happy with that part, but overall it’s still a good game.
I really love this game, it’s amazing. The difficulty of some level is just right and there are so many beautiful plants that you can get level by level, I just want to ask how can I go to another dimension because I have already finished playing all the levels in this game. I thought that if I tapped that thunder-like form, I would go to another dimension, but to my disappointment, nothing happened. I’ve tried and tried but nothing really works, I’m really hoping for some higher level
The campaign is good, but when it comes to the end. It’s pretty boring. Although some plants are bought with gems and the quests only give around 20. It’s quite fun to play, especially the campaign, but the ending is still disappointing.
Even though part 2 is better than the original game in every way, this game has 2 problems 1.: Pay 2 win you basically want a snow pea so you have to pay to get it and that includes a few more 8 out of 10
This has been my favorite game since I was a little kid… It’s a revamped version of pvz 1 with more plants, level up and more. Personally, I find this game much better than the original. BUT… OF COURSE they had to make some plants cost USD. And they are TOO EXPENSIVE, what if 1 plant costs $5? I understand 1,2, even 3, but NOT 5. They also started introducing ads after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. But otherwise… keep up the good work👍👌!
I’ve been playing this game since 2015, it’s really great, only the plants that keep coming out have about the same effects as other plants, so it’s not much different besides the appearance. just hope something new can be added as it seems they are running out of plant ideas as the updates are quite fast
It’s good, but I don’t have money and I’m not that good at playing strategy games, so I don’t really like it, I keep installing and uninstalling this game. My suggestions are to have all the plants unlocked and spend the money on upgrades. Sometimes it’s hard for me to beat a level, I know you wouldn’t even read this but I hope you will. I’m just a kid who wants to play games that I enjoy, I want to use/try all the plants without paying money. Still, thank you for creating this.
I have 3 things I would like to say. 2 are complaints and the last thing is just an idea to revive the game. 1) My game is having problems playing music in levels. Specifically Jurassic Marsh. 2) Sometimes I have trouble collecting my 10 diamonds from the daily challenges and haven’t managed to collect like 40 or 50. 3) Co-op would be bad, like playing through the levels with a friend would absolutely drive people to play this game.
This game is really good, yes there are microtransactions and ads but just turn off your internet connection. From what I’ve heard, the game also has some issues, but I haven’t run into any of them. The game also has quite a large fan base, which is shown by projects like PvZ2 Reflourished or Eclipse and even some creators like Wofly Playz or Zom Void. Overall it adds a lot more compared to pvz1 even if it removed things like iZombie but overall it’s one of the best mobile games ever.
Well, it’s good, challenging, and fun, but there are a few things you need to fix. For now, the musics. when I’m in Modern Day, one song is gone (the song at the beginning of the game before the first flag). Where it is? The piñata party is also, there is no celebration sound at the end of the piñata party. I hope you fix it please 🙏🥺.
I really love this game and would really appreciate it more if at least “Snow Pea” was free to use, but of course the sun cost is still available when planting and no additional purchases are needed since “Winter Melon” requires 500 sun cost to plant it; it’s a bit annoying sometimes. If only “Snow Pea” could be free. I hope my suggestion will be considered 😇
Great game. Very nostalgic but the game is too pay to win. I wish they made it so that with enough seed packets the plant will unlock, if it’s locked, like when you have enough seed packets the unlocked plant will be upgraded. Edit: I’m pretty sure this will benefit the player and others as it can make the player more rough and attract more players.
I like it but some of the advantages are ads that come every time after beating each level and some levels are hard with ads I have to restart my phone every time after beating a level (The Plant for Far Future (Tile Turnip always changes its sun cost after using it to make tiles I also have to download a mod that allows me to use infinite sun and I don’t have to worry about turnips that are easy to pack new plants that don’t make any sense)


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