Parking Jam 3D MOD APK (Money)


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Mar 28, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v162.0.1 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v162.0.1 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Parking Jam 3D MOD APK v162.0.1 (Money) Game for Android


Love the sport, but the ads are stressful. This new golden automobile is annoying as it stops your game within the middle even as you gather the cash. Just add the coins on the stop! Also, what is the point of the coins? When I first started to play there has been a metropolis you could build with the coins. At the cease it says “Coming Soon” however it really is been for over a yr and no improve has been brought. Very frustrating.

Mostly very a laugh puzzle, sincere however with circulate and cut-off dates, enough of a project to be amusing however relaxing. However, there are some surely annoying ad interruptions and deliberate time wastes – the gold vehicles just delay the puzzle and pressure you to wait inside the middle of a puzzle. I despise them. The needless, thoughtless, tiny stages that you are pressured to play to get to the amusing puzzles are simply an infuriating waste of time. Far too many ads.

Really like playing the sport, suitable photos, controls are green and that they offer a ‘ no advert’ choice… I contacted assist now for over months trying to get an answer to my questions about the game about when the automobile constructing and the scavenger hunt might become to be had in the sport. I am over degree 1500 and still not anything…? They will not solution me! So that simply tells me that they do not surely deliver a s#@t approximately your experience!

I clearly, actually appreciated this recreation until I could get interrupted, within the center of a game no less, to be requested if I wanted to forestall all ads! That is demanding! Now the brand new ploy is to feature a golden car incentive. Once you’ve got successfully untangled it the game is interrupted to award a hundred points then show you an advert… Inside the middle of a play!! I do not need one hundred greater factors to observe an ad at some stage in every recreation. This is a massive turnoff. I’ll look for a similar recreation that isn’t always so slick.

The recreation may be addictive however the quantity of advertisements ruins it. When you’ve executed multiple thousand stages an disturbing golden vehicle is placed into it and if you have no choice to leave it to clear final it forces you to watch another ad proper in the center of the extent. In the hard stages you have a constrained time to clean the vehicles away but while there may be still over 20 seconds left it may not permit you to clean all of the automobiles. Too many glitches

Don’t time your automobile’s go out via assuming a moving impediment (humans) will preserve shifting according to their current pace and set trajectory. Instead plan as if your automobile is aiming for wherein they are not at that very moment due to the fact in case you don’t, they right away stop and also you hit them and fail the level because you assumed this labored like a actual online game. Also the coins, like with all app video games, imply nothing, watching advertisements is what rewards you with cool incentives. Ok game, higher than many.

I’ve been loving this recreation due to the fact I first played it. They these days introduced the “golden” car to the larger car variety levels. I do not thoughts them, however the devs actually need to place the praise for liberating it on the give up of the extent because it ruins the go with the flow of the sport. I clearly hate doing the difficult mode undertaking tiers now because it’s making me fail after I never had a trouble doing them before. Please restoration this.

Super addicting and I’m residing the game. I wish there has been a manner to spend all those coins on a few extra skins or some thing. Also, the new feature with the golden car does now not want to pop up each game. I’ve happily paid for the advert loose version, but this seems like a pressured advert and it is kind of stressful. Other than that, high-quality sport!

It may be a amusing little sport. As others have cited the ads are continuously interrupting play but you can pay to lessen them, however what I determined extra frustrating was the vehicles don’t usually respond when you attempt to circulate them inflicting times tiers to expire earlier than you can finish them. Between the two I become annoyed so I deleted the game.

Fun addictive recreation Recently a golden vehicle become added and it forces you to watch an add mid-game. You ought to have an choice to no longer take delivery of the additional a hundred points and keep away from the upload that performs while this vehicle is launched. I realize that having this car go out last is an option to keep away from the interruption to the sport, that isn’t always continually optionally available. Please fix this so the game isn’t interrupted.


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