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Stay in the game with NBA 2K Mobile. Build your team of basketball All-stars and experience authentic NBA plays & action on your phone or tablet in a brand new NBA Season - Season 4 includes updated player likeness, jerseys, courts and card stats to reflect the upcoming NBA season and now offers a Courtside Pass to unlock exclusive rewards! Daily basketball objectives, premium rewards, an updated 2021-22 NBA roster with more NBA Legends, new themes, new MyPLAYER items, new basketball plays, and new events - in an all-in-one free online basketball arcade game.
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November 25, 2021
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How to install NBA 2K Mobile Basketball v2.20.0.6694879 Apk Mod + Data Android APK?

1. Tap the downloaded NBA 2K Mobile Basketball v2.20.0.6694879 Apk Mod + Data Android APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] NBA 2K Mobile Basketball v2.20.0.6694879 Apk Mod + Data Android

I’m having trouble entering your name…it isn’t taking any input..on contrary, it does will automatically generate a name when I’m using it, the name is too long, but isn’t able to reduce it as’s annoying

I really enjoy this game. My initial 5 players are mopping online matches. However, just like in one review I’m not able to hit the right button. I’m unable to even start the game since the rules and things appear. I’m trying selecting accept, which is the fourth option but it’s in the middle of the other three options but it won’t let me select the fourth option. My phone isn’t flat-screen TV, however, my screen is adequate size, but even if it was just 6 inches I would still be able select accept. Therefore, please correct that.

Hello, I’m still experiencing problems in this game. When I touch specific areas of the screen, it won’t let me play, so I have things that I must be able to collect but cannot due to this issue. This isn’t my phone because every other game I play work. I’m likely to miss out on the last awards if you do not fix this issue. It’s a game I enjoy every the time and haven’t allowed to play for several days. This isn’t a pleasant feeling. It all started with the season 26 update.

To be honest, I am in love with the idea that they’re putting into the game, just as the console version. However, it’s still in need of serious improvement on the graphics and gaming performance.. Maybe the engine used by the game isn’t advanced enough to make it run efficiently, since it’s constantly being slow for no apparent reason during season-long games which isn’t fun to play. Personally, I’d prefer this game to other basketball games because of its gameplay, but it’s difficult to play it when it’s slowing down so much. It’s time to improve it.

It’s an amazing game! The fact that it’s free makes it available to those in the third world. But, there’s three points I’d like to discuss one of them is an delay(bug) of the double defence button that is never efficiently enough for people who are playing on our own. Two, the buttons must have the ability to be editable(place as well as size) within the app, so we can choose depending on how big the device is. Three, you must add the button to switch players since if any player plays by themselves, they’ll be able to see how difficult it is to switch players in a short time using the dfns.

It’s a fantastic game, but there’s an issue that I am referring to it is the control could use more responsive and the graphics could do with some work, however there’s one major aspect I’d love you to include and that’s character customization in order to alter the color of their hair, such as making your own outfits and design them yourself but I’d say overall it’s great.

It’s a fantastic game, Don’t get me wrong. But it’s the shooting. It’s almost always gold (which according to my experience is the 2nd most effective shooting option). I’m not able to describe the feeling of sadness that I feel when I hit gold only to fail to make it through the paint. It’s a fact that it’s unlike a green which never makes it through. I think the moment you land on gold at the very least, you should give it an 80 percent chance of making it into. I’m not sure whether it’s because I have bad luck or if this is a game issue.

The game is crashing every 10 seconds, NBA 2K19 mobile is a huge game with similar characteristics, however it’s not crashing like this one. It doesn’t let me complete the tutorial and then it lags. Eventually, my phone causes it to close and restart, and what can I do to enjoy the game? The game’s settings are high and this is the reason the reason why I’m forced to quit, I would prefer that all the settings are set to lower or minimal graphics, to allow us to alter it to get a stunning high graphics. It’s a one-star game for me.

I’m almost sure I like this more than the real game for consoles, as I have the option of keeping my items over the years. The downside of console games is that you have to purchase a new console every year. If they can keep this one up-to the present and then add more I’ll likely stay.

The latest version sucks…it removed all my gear from last season ect…and it is now that when you purchase items you will get bs as normal equipment, even when you try to buy players. And there are no prizes to be won to do drills ect…nba2k should improve, I’m missing the previous nba games! !..AND now you have to pay to WIN..GAME doesn’t give Good Credit Cards to accumulate SETS..AND when you pay people to get on your roster, THE GAME will give you a GEAR CARD INSIDE..

I’d like to play this game. However, when your team is 1700, and you compete with teams of 1200 in season play, that beats you in a gruelling manner in auto play. The game begins to take its effect on this game. The power disparities suggest it’s not even a competitive game. If they could improve the game’s play, it could help in making the game better. If I see my LeBron James’s 3000 ruby kick it off to Zydunis Illgauskus a second time, and see him shoot a three pointer, I’ll be lost in thought. Then my LeBron James can’t defend…

I’m extremely annoyed by the sound in games. There is a reason why in sfx during a game , there’s an unending echo after whistles are blown and dribbling. It also echoes from the ball hitting the edge. Anyone else experience this problem. I’ve deleted the app and uninstalled it and then reinstalled but there was there was no change. Do you have a solution for me. I’m a fan of this game, but it’s not as good without volume.

The only issue is that it initially is slow to start loading, and it’s exhausting in a constant state of waiting for something to be displayed, but after you log in two more times, it will load quicker. The graphics are stunning as is the gameplay. It’s enjoyable.

[Free Download] NBA 2K Mobile Basketball v2.20.0.6694879 Apk Mod + Data Android

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