MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


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Sep 5, 2023
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Android 9 and up

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How to install MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter MOD APK v23.17.6 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter MOD APK v23.17.6 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter MOD APK v23.17.6 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


Great for what it is, a calorie counter and a step towards a healthier life. I like that you can connect and sync other apps with it to make your life easier, but I think it’s time to update the list of apps you can connect and sync with. For example, in my opinion, I think there are better uses besides Glow for logging/syncing women’s health information, because Glow seems to have gone downhill from the partnership and I think it’s time for you to find a new partnership. . 🙂
One thing I like about the program is that I haven’t found a food that isn’t already in their database. I just scanned the barcode and there it is. Allows for easy calorie tracking. One thing I don’t like, probably a bug, is that adding a workout doesn’t remember the precious record. If I enter food, the program always remembers how I entered it before, even on the scale, but this feature does not apply to adding exercises.
I connected it to my Google Fit account, but for some reason it won’t transfer my steps, so I feel like it’s not calculated correctly for the amount of activity I actually do. I would like to be able to at least manually enter my steps. Lots of extras and I’m not invested enough to go premium. But I was just trying to see if I would be consistent enough with this to invest in this or Noom. You get out of it what you put into it. The free version isn’t bad, but it could be easier to navigate.
The MFP is sturdy enough. It does a pretty good job as a calorie counter. However, in recent years I feel like the scanner has gotten worse, it’s hit or miss, even when I manually enter the product it will show up. The premium price is what drove me away in the end. I think it was $49 the first time, but now it’s $80 without a single noticeable added benefit. If they kept the same price or increased it reasonably, I’d probably still use them.
Like others, I think removing the barcode scanner from the free version was a move, but whatever. More importantly, the crowdsourced food database is a total mess. There are so many matches for the same food and they all have different serving sizes and calorie counts. In about 30% of cases, none of them match the label. You can report the record, but it will never be updated.
The app is even easier to use. I absolutely love it, but I gave 4 stars for removing the use of the free barcode scanner. Now you have to pay a premium to use the scanner. But that’s a bummer. Developer: I’ve read a lot of recent reviews, a lot of mentions that the barcode scanner is no longer free. Your answer was that they can write it. Sometimes you still can’t find items by typing and in the past the only way I’ve found them is to scan the barcode. Please change it.


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