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It’s My Talking Tom 2. The superstar virtual pet is back with even more to say and do.
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May 30, 2022
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How to install My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK v3.3.2.2780 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK v3.3.2.2780 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] My Talking Tom 2 MOD APK v3.3.2.2780 (Money) Game for Android

It’s awesome! The perfect game, it develops and is so adorable to look at as a baby! There weren’t too many ads however some people say “TOO MANY ADDS” or other things, but I have one problem: the toys break easily. Please fix this issue, however, I’m playing the game

It’s a great game! There is only one thing. If I attempt to view an advertisement. If it doesn’t work, it kicks me off the screen and put me in my screen at home. Fix this issue. It’s so irritating. I can’t even enjoy the game in the event that this continues to happen. Fix this issue. I’ll attempt to play the game until it is solved. I’m really looking for more fuel , and i wish he stayed awake for longer. whenever i attempt to run an advertisement for him to be awake, it will do the same. Thank for your help.

My son loves playing the game. He’s 3 years old and is always involved in the advertising screens. I have paid for the subscription in order to stop the ads but there’s the gift balloon that appears that appears on the home screen to display ads , and it’s always requiring my attention. It’s very irritating. I paid for absolutely no ads , but there are ads. It’s not cheap also, it’s around 15 or so each month and plenty of advertisements! If the situation doesn’t improve, I’ll simply end the subscription.

This is one of the most enjoyable games EVER It’s a blast! Yo just so u don’t get ads…. Switch off wifi !!!!!! Not hard bro. In any case… U took plenty of time to make the fun game … This is why it’s great !!!!!!! I love this game, bro! it!

It’s an excellent app that helped my brother learn numerous new words and also the color due to this app.You also enjoy so much fun with Tom can do lots of things when asleep. You are also able to play the animals. This app is fantastic you must definitely try it

Very nice game. My one issue is that it’s always the same “this item broke” and then I’ll have to pay fifty coins in order to repair it each time. This is annoying, because it’s not that you earn that many coins, and even if you do earn something, due to fixing broken game objects and blender , you aren’t able to save money to purchase additional items like clothes. Therefore, every time i must wait for 30 minutes before I can play again being bored with the game due to this. This reduces the enjoyment of the game

What are we playing here? A flawless game that is imposeable well done My talking jemala 2. lovely not many things to say but when will it come to an end? I own one cat of my own and who only has a life span of 29 years. He is British short hair, but we knew you could be good at it. end the endless cycle of life stop stopping STOP STOP!

My experience playing the game was fairly good..I’d call it a fantastic game for children. It was fun to play playing the mini games as well as the flying plane game. This is why I awarded 4/5 stars to this game, because the game’s mini-game called space trails demands lots of internet and even when I have a sufficient network connection, it doesn’t show any network connection.. This is why I gave this game 4 stars out five. The rest of the options are excellent. That’s it.

I’m so fed up with ads to the point I’m willing to pay to purchase food items and other things and then things break. They have never broken as often before. It’s frustrating watching an advertisement to fix it. I enjoy having a routine to play this game, but waiting for an hour before waking up again, and then wait for the message to wake him up is a pain.

This is among my favorites. There aren’t many advertisements. My favorite part of the sport is the space trail, and then getting in the air to be the winner of prizes. I’m not sure why people say”There’s too much ads or, it’s not appropriate since it’s a fantastic game.I I would recommend this game.

I’d like to write a five 5-star review but there are many ads and i would like you to fix this issue as soon as possible. By the way, that game is great i enjoy the Tom and game within this application. It’s similar to the time pass

A great game that is a staple of my childhood ever since it was released, however this is superior to Talking Tom 1, but concerning the mini-games could you please add some more mini games at the very least, the minigames get boring, why not include some mini games from Tom 1 which aren’t in Tom 2. Oh, and a few game from Talking Tom and friends as well. And please, include some interactive features as well as some exciting ways to play, such as brushing Tom’s hair after taking bath, and other an excellent game 🙂

This is an excellent game for kids . I give it four star rating because it contains many ads, which is no games that are suitable for kids. And mini games are enjoyable however they can get boring, so the one my mini games with a talking tom were a blast and there were two players . Maybe adding mini games, it will be more entertaining. That’s it!

It is a game I enjoy very that much! It’s even more so now that it has been has been updated! Hope that when I got back I could get free food or something else I’m in love! I am a huge fan of this game! It’s enjoyable to play! You can play with internet, but no internet. And it allows you to rate your outfits and can use to do anything you want and more! There’s even an animal! You can own four pets and four different styles! As a City, Candy World, Circus or Island I enjoy it! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and, while you’re reading this and update it, you can read the comments! Bye!

When I played tom several years back. Then , when I played the game, the talking Tom 2 I was extremely happy. However, now it’s boring.But I am still playing this game . you mentioned that the update would be on 5th May 2022.but the date is now 12th May 2022.Then what is the date of the update?

The app is excellent however there is one issue. The ads ! One of them showed women dressed in a maid’s costume. the ad read “WHATS UNDERNEATH?” or something similar, then she was shown her bra. I suggest putting up ads that are more kid-friendly instead of these ads when you can. Overall, the game is enjoyable !

The game is extremely good from all angles . There are numerous mini games. The cute and hilarious pets are my favorites. sugar , gus, and dot hilarious motions. When we play with tom, it is very adorable . It’s beyond words . However, there is a issue . Tom is exhausted very quickly . If this problem can be corrected, the game will become more sought-after to play . Child-safe , no money-based demands or ads are the main reasons why the game will be perfect. Four stars to this game as my opinion . I am in love with it .

I am a huge fan of talking tom 2 because it is possible to feed him, have him repeat what you’re saying bathe him and have fun with him take him to bed or play with him, and plenty more! Talking Tom may be designed for younger children however it is still a great game for people who are older! If you’ve played Talking Tom and didn’t enjoy it, this talking Tom 2 is more enjoyable and fun as you get to see him develop from a youngster to an adult. I suggest you download this game!

It’s a decent game, for the most part. However, there needs to be a greater diversity of games, including those that the first My Talking Tom would do. These mini-games are boring to me. I love the idea of Tom having a pet and each has a distinct voice. I am intrigued by the idea of flying to collect gifts, however getting coins and stars is difficult. I’d suggest using coins in miniature games that you can play with fuel from the plane. Also, there should be more clothing options for Tom.

Okay, this game was great, you have to take the care of Tom and I’ve opted to subscribe to this game, and now I do not have to see advertisements and this game is great and I awarded this game five star rating.. I do not know why I awarded this game 5 stars even though it was not the most excellent game, it’s just good and does not contain negative or no issues, but should you wish to take out Tom you could take him down if you place him in the sky, and then drop him down, he may actually die and I’m sure I’ll die.

What's new

Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.


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