My Little Universe v1.24.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)

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How to install My Little Universe v1.24.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded My Little Universe v1.24.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Adapting to a new environment is challenging, therefore building your own universe is not simple. My Little Universe provides you the tools to undertake all sorts of various things. You will create everything by yourself with a thick amount of effort, and it will take a lot of time to accomplish. In addition, you will be inhibited by many elements, which include protozoa.

My Little Universe

The tool that will accompany you in My Little Universe is a pickaxe that contains physical power from the arm to aid you in mining materials in different regions. There are more than 15 sorts of resources available in different areas for you to discover, such as stones, crystals, diamonds, gold, silver, and many more. You will use your pickaxe to mine as many resources as possible and create your world.

Resources are aplenty for you to mine, construct, and battle against proto-living beings to finish your divine plot. In addition, you will garden to make a magnificent planet there with a variety of materials.

There are 10 various sorts of settings made with unique and gorgeous colors. This covers the natural environment, rock environment, soil, etc… and each type of environment will contain various sorts of resources with its own features. For example, the natural environment is mostly wood resources, while the land environment will include stone and gold resources, and the remaining habitats will have additional rare and precious materials.

My Little Universe

My Little Universe
Your starting location will be in the natural environment; thereafter, you will explore to expand your area and unlock additional habitats with more sorts of resources. A new plot will be unlocked when enough materials are collected in each natural field. There will be many new resources for you to discover and build unique items for your universe in each new area. Gradually, you will accumulate all types of diverse materials and construct a world of your own.

In resource extraction journeys, the main foes that you will fight are primitive animals. They will spontaneously arise in vast numbers in many different situations. They will rush to attack you while mining resources, so you have to be careful. Eight sorts of animals you will confront include snowmen, alien mushrooms, swordsmen, enormous ants, etc… In addition, you will have to face gigantic monsters with great strength. Every time an adversary arrives, you have no choice but to battle them to stay alive.

Over time, new settings and new regions will be opened up with emerging civilizations for you to explore. After that, the facilities will also be opened for you to build and will be a location for you to manage resources. By melting metal or processing minerals to generate specific weapons or equipment that boost your mining skills. Those weapons will provide you a bigger damage increase in combat.

My Little Universe

My Little Universe
In short, the basic gameplay of My Little Universe is still resource mining besides mixed with the war with protozoa. You must acquire enough resources to unlock a fresh piece of land.

The visuals are basic yet incredibly beautiful with a clear and bright style. Besides, the rich sound structure helps the game attract more players and create a unique environment of its own.
Expand your planet and diversity with 10 various sorts of settings, develop, explore, and use my resources to create the planetary paradise of your desires.
Fight with monsters: more than eight varieties of opponents, including snowmen, ants, and mushroom foes, are always ready to thwart your holy intentions and attack you at any time.
Set up industrial facilities to smelt metals, process minerals, and manufacture weapons for you to utilize in beating your adversaries and fleeing the terror of monster opponents.
A huge but uncomplicated hammer lets you combat monsters, smash rocks, excavate minerals and harvest rare resources to assist the development of established industrial facilities, enhancing the god’s production.
My Little Universe v1.24.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources, Unlocked) Download

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