MX Player Pro v1.39.14 (FULL) Mod

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This is a paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads.
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4.3/5 Votes: 136,155
MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Varies with device
September 22, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device
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How to install MX Player Pro v1.39.14 (FULL) Mod APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MX Player Pro v1.39.14 (FULL) Mod APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.39.14 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

Free version comes with songs, movies, and an MP3 play options. I was hoping to have all the features of the professional version without advertisements. However, the pro version has restricted in features, and has only local video playback option. There is no cloud option and no songs or movie. I’m not happy with the paid version. Still using the free version.

The best video playback application on Android. Absolutely no doubt. It comes with a variety of customizable features and a smooth and effortless navigation. The best video viewing app ever. BTW I enjoy Android due to this amazing player MX Player Pro which is frustratingly not available on my Ipad.

it’s a very disappointing night. I watched Taken 3 downloaded from with 720p Blu-ray format by the MX Player Pro version. It’s not easy to watch. video’s getting slower than the actual buffering speed of the downloaded files. then. I downloaded km player’s free version. It’s playing the same files effortlessly. why i buy mx player? ?

I am really impressed with this player for video. Would like to ask for two characteristics. 1.) Use it with an keyboard. More hotkeys , or assigning hotkeys. 2.) Move the video across the display and adjust image by using the keyboard. Because I am using the tablet that has a 16:10 ratio I would prefer using the strip that is free to use for subtitles. However, moving two fingers isn’t precise, which can be very frustrating. We need to add a second feature , at a minimum. As in holding keys for shift and arrows to rotate the image on the screen. Thanks.

Sorry I could not rate zero points… What is the reason isn’t online content like films, music, TV, etc. on the premium version? The free version is the most frequent update and fix that those who pay for it! Why??? We need the same features in the free versions in the paid version too. This seems to be a scam on the paid version. I was expecting better support and an update for the paid version.

Best mp4 player so far. I bought it with the Premium version when it was offered and even if didn’t, I’d still recommend it since it plays my videos flawlessly and shows which video you last played. It’s amazing and I don’t need to use the stock media player of Samsung more often since this one is much better in terms of quality. Thank you.

The app works well. Only was hoping that when using the option to share screen, it will only connect to my Chromecast 4k , is not the internal Acreen share option that I usually utilize from my LG V30+ to the LG smart TV. The default video player works with both. But why is it that a superior video player (like MX) doesnt. This is why j have decided to give only 4/5 instead of 5/5.

It is not able to cast to a TV however, it can connect to a TV. As when we add an item to the list. the app crashes and we must launch it over again, however, when we open the app once more and trying to play a video , it is unable to play it. Tested on every type of videos. Also connected with the network as well.

This is a problem. The older MX player versions could load subtitles quickly and smoothly , which created an excellent watching experience. The new(and unnecessary) redesign has destroyed everything, as subtitles don’t load as smoothly, and the fast advance and double-tap “play-pause” has been completely destroyed. I paid a lot for this player, but I’m convinced that I made make a massive mistake. Edit and even more disturbingly, every time I try opening an SRT files, it says it can’t open it. To confirm that I’m not making a mistake, I tried opening VLC and it was able to work.

Excellent player, however only available only in the HW+ Mode. But, HW+ mode doesn’t allow multichannel audio to be played this feature was requested by users for several years but has been overlooked by developers. Nearly every other player permits this.

I’d be willing to pay $10 for the version of the app that was available five years ago. Don’t ask me to give five Stars for this crap I bought. your portrait only, horrible audio player sucks. It has abandoned useful gestures that you are familiar with and gestures? Which committee completely destroyed the player in this latest update? What about the data mining and the Eula? This was one of my favorites players. He’s now totally off the track. Make the change now as nobody can upgrade on this station (easily) as we could. You’ve ruined it.

Play and Pause won’t play or stop working properly. Av1 video support requires more work , since audio skips between. Include HDR10+ as well as Dolby Vision support prior to as it’s a the standard feature for mid-range. Auto crop will be a good idea . If the player spots black bars and then hides them automatically by stretching or zooming the video . Based on the aspect ratio .

I’ve been using the mx player for some time, possibly seven or eight years, but in the last couple of weeks (since last update , at the very least) I’ve had issues with the volume being drastically reduced and the navigation being poor in design. The volume was my biggest problem. I tried everything and thought that it was my phone until I tried vlc. I we know that mx player is the issue. I’m going to use VLC for now.

[Free Download] MX Player Pro v1.39.14 (FULL) Mod APK App for Android

What's new

- This update brings you the support for USB OTG devices (FAT32 only)
- Support for casting of all media formats
- Support AI subtitle translation
- MX Share now supports sharing files from other apps
- Speed Controls in Local Video Player now supports direct inputs from the keyboard.


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