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This is a paid version of MX Player which provides an uninterrupted video experience without any ads.
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MX Media & Entertainment Pte Ltd
Jun 23, 2022
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How to install MX Player Pro MOD APK v1.48.6 (all unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded MX Player Pro MOD APK v1.48.6 (all unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] MX Player Pro MOD APK v1.48.6 (all unlocked) App for Android

After using an unofficial version of the app for around two years, I made the decision to purchase the official application. It’s the second most expensive application I’ve bought on Google however, I believe that it is worth the cost! As many others have stated, you need to address the pop-up that plays back resumes and also add the support of AC3 audio formats. I haven’t used Chromecast yet and therefore can’t discuss that.

Another thing that I’ve not thought to mention is that when using screen sharing apps such as Miracast or SmartView the screen remains in place for a few minutes. Samsung video player doesn’t have this feature, and neither does VLC. I must switch my phone around so that the content does not distract me from my television. It’s a minor problem, but it needs to be taken care of. This would make other players are more useless to make use of.

It’s amazing, perhaps some essential features aren’t available however I still give you five rating for this. I would like to have a panning option that allows audio panning right or left as well as mono and stereo option that will allow the user to switch between them. Thank for the help.

Today, I upgraded MX Player Pro. Now, when I utilize FMP Manager Plus to play a film, MX Player does not redirect me to FMP. Additionally, it doesn’t play the next film and instead appears to MX Player. How can I solve this issue? FMP is connected to the Samba server. Update (7/14/22) I forced to close MX Player Pro, and tried it again , and it is exactly what I was expecting. Thank you for thinking of your users and supporting them!

Excellent app. It’s still one of the best Video Players available on Android that can play a variety of video formats. This is an app I’ve used APP since the first day it was released on the Android platform. It is getting better with each upgrade. The Vault is available for personal use and is an excellent benefit. Thank you for implementing this feature, and also for providing an unlimited license instead of a subscription-based methods. I am very grateful for that. A big thank you for everyone on the DEV Team for their hardworks behind this app. * Thank you! [Pro]

It is generally excellent when using. My only issue is that Bluetooth functions are not consistent. On a headset from Shokz OpenMove the volume up/down buttons are functional, however the multi-function button can’t play or pause video. The behavior is inconsistent across devices, too. The play/pause function within the same headset functions on my SM-A520F however, it is not working on my latest model SM-G780G.

I’ve been using Pro for some time, but there’s always a gap between the paid version. I tried using an app for watching online videos, and it worked on the free versions, not pro version… Why is there a purpose of having a paid version that is immersed in the same place as the free version? Isn’t it reasonable to keep both apps updated? Update: Rating updated as shortly after my review just a few days ago. The app was updated.

It’s the most powerful player I’ve ever had which I’ve owned since its beginning. More than a decade. However, the player has stuck at the “I’m your notification bar” without a quick and simple way to remove it. The majority of media players come with an X that closes it. I’d like to see this fixed quickly, or else I’ll have to choose other software and reduce my 5 star rating more.

One of three applications I’ve purchased. Despite the recent announcement of a few lag issues when playing certain HD media from local storage, VLC has been and is still one of the most effective video player applications available for Android. VLC has made significant progress however it is still not quite able to match the slickness and sophistication that it offers from the start.

According to reports, the team will not fix the playback control issues with Bluetooth on Android 12 because they think they’re too big and could force Google to make changes in Android 12. This is hilarious, but it’s still the appearance of a blemish to an otherwise high-end video player.

How can I keep it from reminding me every time it requires “draw on the top” permission? I have decided to removed the permission since I don’t want it continue playing while I swipe away. However, it continues to show the reminder! Annoying.

It’s still the most effective video player available for Android however, there have been certain videos that do not show subtitles at times. It skips just one or two sentences, but it happens across the entire video. I’m willing to help and give examples if you require assistance in fixing this. Thanks!

I love this application. However, since the latest update, I’ve was having issues watching videos with subtitles. It shows it mostly of the time, however there are some parts of the video that don’t display subtitles when a person is speaking. However, when I use other video applications, subtitled videos work perfectly.

Hello, how do I avoid floating messages “switch to a new player” when listening to audio? The message doesn’t disappear when I use this application in window split mode. The the message takes up the screen too much. I do not like this new player for audiobooks. There isn’t any option to swipe to search there (when an audiobook file is between 4 and five hours long)

Subtitles aren’t working. When I stream my anime from my computer to my Samsung tablet 15 percent of subtitles are not displayed regardless of how many times I mess around on setting, no matter what the hw or sw. This isn’t an issue on my previous Xiaomi phone since all subtitles appear perfectly and without any issues.

Very good It’s almost perfect, the only feature that I really need is the ability to continue the playback even after turning off my screen. This is a very important feature, but is, unfortunately, not available.

Best Player ever. Do not use your phone’s default music or video player regardless of how sophisticated or up-to-date your phone is. Many options are available. But you need to look over its settings in order to know and decide carefully the way you would like the player to play for you.

What's new

- You can now set your favorite music tracks as ringtones
- USB OTG has gained thumbnail support
- MX Player Pro now requires All Files Permission on Android 11 and newer version as it now targets the latest Android version
- PIP mode is now enabled by default. Set Background/PiP mode settings to stop if you are not yet ready to upgrade to a seamless viewing experience
- Fixed the issues in restoring private files to external storage


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