Musixmatch Premium MOD APK v7.10.4-2023050505 (Unlocked)


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May 7,2023
24 MB
Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Musixmatch Premium MOD APK v7.10.4-2023050505 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Musixmatch Premium MOD APK v7.10.4-2023050505 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Musixmatch Premium MOD APK v7.10.4-2023050505 (Unlocked) App for Android


Perhaps the best app of its kind, but it lacks a basic but important feature: There is no way to turn off the secondary language for all songs. I have music stored in multiple languages ​​on my phone and I don’t want to see translations, only the original language. Every time a song is in a different language, you will see the original language and the language of the previous song, so you have to manually disable the translation each time.
The app is great, you should add a way to change the font and add a better shadow for the texts to be more visible on a white background, I also want to be able to use the full screen freely and still see the idea of ​​the text.
I have this app on my quick access button and I’ve discovered most of the songs I’ve only heard for a few seconds and it’s 1.99 for the first year for translation and lyrics, I have to download it :’DD
The only reason I’m giving this app four stars is because of the buggy interface that overlaps with your apps. I don’t want Musixmatch blocking my entire screen when I’m using Google Maps for example… Besides, I’ve always been a fan!
I can’t even BEGIN to say how incredibly helpful this app has been for me! Not only for learning lyrics to songs that I love/have loved for years, but also for learning lyrics in Spanish and also being able to translate them into English to learn what they mean in my native language. This app is definitely an absolute must for me! To the MusixMatch team keep doing what you are doing and keep up the good work!!!
My experience with this app is terrible. I loved Musixmatch because it had offline lyrics for me because it gave me premium for free. Now I have free premium and the offline texts are stored but cannot be accessed. I get an ip ban every 20s, after verification it takes 20s and then it bans me again, it really pissed me off so I stopped using it. 3 stars because it’s easy to add/sync or translate texts, -2 stars for my experience.
When using the app, it may not be complete with all lyrics for all music, but it will certainly serve its purpose. Great app.
I love the way it displays the lyrics of any song I’ve been listening to, what makes it even more fascinating is the translation to English non-English lyrics and automatically.
I’m 3/4 deaf and love music, so Musixmatch giving me lyrics to everything regardless of the app is a phenomenal feature. Thank you!!
This app is so amazing when I first tried it, it was so confusing before I learned how to use it. Now I enjoy all my music lyrics to know every meaning of the song. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the artist’s accent and you might miss the best part of the song. Make it easy with MUSIXMATCH.
Apps work pretty well but finding a song in local downloads is pretty hard except it’s top 100
The absolutely beautiful app displays the lyrics when the screen is locked and you can organize your local music library.
An amazing app for learning English and understanding texts, I have been using it for many years and I can be sure that it has been a blessing to me!
MusixMatch changed my music listening experience and changed my life! It helped me learn the lyrics to songs that I always heard on repeat. Every time a song came on that I couldn’t understand the lyrics to, either because the vocals were too fast for me to pick up or because the artist’s singing style was hard for me to understand, I would turn on MusixMatch via the app or Spotify. it shows me the official lyrics and my favorite songs now have a more relatable meaning🎤🥳you
The app is amazingly designed and very easy to understand. It has many features and is very accessible.
I love that it exists so I can sing along to my favorite songs specially BTS songs and other songs I like to listen to.


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