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Jul 30, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Monopoly MOD APK v1.9.3 (Full Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Monopoly MOD APK v1.9.3 (Full Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Monopoly MOD APK v1.9.3 (Full Unlocked) Game for Android


This is probably the best monopoly game. The effects, UI and board are phenomenal. While there are several bugs in the game, one in particular is a real problem online. Sometimes it randomly won’t let anyone play and the game goes into limbo. Also, for people who have broken the game (which I have had several times), it should have a reporting system. It’s irritating when people who rage quit and let the game play itself. AI should be in their place.
There is a bug in the train stations. If two train stations are owned by player #1 and the third station is owned by player #2, and the last station hasn’t been bought yet, when I land on one of the train stations owned by player #1, the game charges me 100 when it should be 50. This the situation happened to me twice. It hasn’t happened in another game, so it’s unpredictable. Second, when I play on hard mode, it is extremely difficult. Players will never trade/sell land.
There should be some rating system for online gaming so people don’t leave so easily. AI is REALLY STUPID. For example, he trades a trait with a player, resulting in that player getting a set, but the AI ​​only 2 traits (no set). Or he gives a set to someone to get it too, but he has no money and already has a set without buildings. The AI ​​really ruins the online game when someone leaves!
Downloaded to add “Play Online with Friends” option. It was great, except our game took longer than we thought (even with quick play options) and we can’t seem to pause the game and resume later, which is annoying. We lost our game when we found this out (we assumed there would be a restore option), the platform is basic af. The Ticket To Ride app platform is so excellent in comparison, I suggest the guys at Hasbro take a look.
4 stars, would have been 5 if not for rigged game. The animation is great. The graphics are amazing. Monopoly has never looked better! Great custom boards, tokens and house rules. A.I. gets better with increased difficulty, but the dice rolls are blatantly rigged. Make the dice neutral and random! For a game we have to pay for, it’s ridiculous that our rolls are rigged! Create an A.I. to do better business and keep the rolls clean and honest. The game is top notch. I haven’t tried it with human players yet.
Decent game, could use some more interesting features as it gets a bit repetitive. Maybe add mini games? But it’s Monopoly, a classic game. It works fine and has no issues other than reconnecting but that’s my bad wifi. I would recommend adding a ‘reduce animation’ function to the settings to make the game more accessible.
It’s always been one of my favorite games, this is the third time I’ve had to buy the game. Hasbro doesn’t update the game you paid for so it’s out of date on the latest platform so you have to buy a new version. Ok, but then you’re even more greedy and want me to pay for every little convenience in the game, new dice, new colors on game pieces and even different locations as well as custom game pieces. And there is no reward for the player who wins as a new location or pieces
Nicely done graphics and faster throws and moves than before. The free parking sound effect is nice when we land on that corner. But we want the option to receive cash or dice. Thanks in advance for respecting this post. Also, many of the weapon sounds are very nice. All bomb explosion sounds are realistic.
Changed from 5 stars to 4. So many glitches…can count on 1 out of 3 games freezing in the 2nd part of the game. Also very rigged (though understandably they don’t want players to lose too quickly in the game). There must be a “smdh” button.
Just like the classic except that it helps you win in a targeted manner, which can make the game longer in a quick match. Besides this game, digital monopoly is exactly what comes to mind!


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