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Jul 16,2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.20.21 (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.20.21 (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.20.21 (Premium) Game for Android


I have been playing mcpe for years and it is such a good game. I don’t have access to use other devices to play minecraft so this is pretty good! I noticed a bug where if you press one of the movement buttons, it will keep walking for a few seconds even after you take your finger off. That doesn’t happen often. Proposal! Make it easy to change perspectives. It’s such a pain trying to get a group picture or something, having to go into settings and stuff.
Okay, who doesn’t love Minecraft? It’s perfect! I love putting the sheep on the fence so it spins forever 😂 no glitches the game is so good and runs so smooth even on my old xbox it’s perfect 10/10 actually just one thing I was playing and randomly had the chance to view blocks and i had to restart my phone and it had a problem loading my inventory so it happened to me more than 3 times because i could randomly see through blocks that’s it
It’s a very relaxing game to play with friends, but can I report something? The item frames don’t work anymore, whether it’s a bug or something, but it’s been long enough that we haven’t fixed it. When I tried to deploy the chest with the item frames it just couldn’t work so I hope Microsoft fixes it because it’s really annoying and hard to remember where we put things in it
This game is great, it brings back memories from when I was younger so I gave it (5 stars) but sometimes it crashes when the screen rotates and it’s a bit hard to move around, I hope you fix it. 😀 I had a few ideas for the update like a new year event and maybe a new mob if it updates like the chinese dragon, I also think I need some guidance on how to improve the graphics. I also thought they should add new dogs to minecraft.
One of the best games ever and I’ve been playing on PC since the 80’s. With an open world and dynamic gameplay, this game is simple enough for kids to enjoy in many ways, but deep enough to be fun for intelligent adults. I’m an engineer by trade, and Minecraft has some technical issues with building complicated machines and circuits, automated farms, and so on. I’ve been world building with my kids for 2 years and it’s a great bonding experience that we all enjoy.
My experience with Minecraft has always been positive. But recently Minecraft for Pocket Edition: E.g. 1 error: won’t let me use custom skins. I’ve been trying to select a skin that I’ve been using for years and suddenly it won’t let me have a single custom skin to select. E.g. 2: I can no longer join my friends’ worlds. It loads to the point where it says “generating world” and stays there until I leave it. & It’s not a connection problem, my connection is fine.
2nd day in a row and the game is still crushing after 3 minutes of play. After the 1.20.10 update this happens whenever I open my worlds. I made a new one and it still happens. Deleted and downloaded again and still nothing. I cleared the storage (even though I have about 80GB of free space) and it crashes again.
It’s an amazing game! It’s so much fun to play with friends because we can’t now due to the pandemic (Wear a mask please!!). I have only one problem with this version of the game…. PLEASE make it so that our mobile player can listen to music discs and background music… It will be boring without it! 🙁
I love this game because you can do anything! This game is perfect if you like free play, hardcore or simple game. This game is perfect for me and others so yes. A little glitchy, but a great game! As far as I know, no ads and you can login, log in and create your own characters. Infinite worlds and biomes. So fun and cool for all ages.❤️
It’s an amazing game, I love playing it all the time, but one problem I’ve had recently is that it won’t update and my friends phone can’t install it at all (And yes, we both have more than enough space on our devices). Other than that this game is amazing and I love it!
Honestly, I always have and probably always will love minecraft, I’ve been playing it for years and it’s come a long way, but with updates comes new bugs and little things that need to be fixed. If they are fixed it will be a 5 star game.
It’s an iconic game, a good one. Please add more support for Samsung DeX and fix minor bugs like w+ctrl+space cancels sprint and sometimes character crouchs when sprint-jumping. It would also make sense to allow Java users to connect to Bedrock users locally, it handles almost EVERYTHING
I had the ps3 edition for 7 years and was upset that after 1.13 it wouldn’t get updates and then I remembered that there is a mobile edition and it’s fun to play nether is really hard but I’m still getting used to the controls you did and you do a good job developing these games it’s changed a lot over the years and i still enjoy it oh the memories
it’s a good game but for some reason it won’t let me upload my own skins no matter what i do. the file is correct, what I’m doing is correct, the sizes are correct, the pixel size is correct, I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, logging into a different account, even restarting the phone and it didn’t do anything. advice would be great
It’s a really fun game but every time I update I have to delete more games from my phone and it’s kinda annoying :/ the problem now is Achievement – buy high, sell low – I’ve done it so many times but I’m not getting my Achievement fulfilled. I went to different worlds and tried resetting the phone and mc 🙁 it is also updated
I absolutely love it, I can use my imagination to build things (I’m not great at building in minecraft) And the animals are cute, I even love how you can do so many things yourself in the game. I LOVE IT Idk how to get point over screw fortnight minecraft is the best for me! It’s like endless Lego on a portable if not mobile so sorry I can’t help you the controls are so easy and fun even animal taming but there is one thing I would like more blocks and more animals!
It’s a good game, I think everyone should play it, it’s a fun game where you can build whatever you want and there are different mods you can do and you can choose your own character, you can also customize and design your own maps and houses and if I’m really honest Minecraft is probably best for playing with friends and family but some people don’t like it so I’ll still give it a 5L


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