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May 6, 2023
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How to install Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.23 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.23 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Minecraft MOD APK v1.20.0.23 (Premium Unlocked) Game for Android


The mobile controls definitely require some tweaks. I played the game prior to the overhaul of controls and the current version is not much more efficient. I love playing with the joystick rather than the d-pad, however there are way too many new buttons that are confusing things. The crosshair feature has been destroyed by the amount of clutter.Make crosshair, individual jump-crouch and joystick/dpad all separate options. Additionally, add the option to move and change the size of button, attack, and location are way too small for my screen.

It’s a relaxing game with friends, but how can I submit a bug report? The item frames aren’t functioning anymore. I don’t know if it’s an issue or not, but it’s been a while enough that it’s not been fixed. When I tried to place in the chest using the frames of the item in it did not work, so i am hoping Microsoft will fix it because it’s really frustrating and hard to remember where all the items were put into it.

The game is a great classic with lots of replayability. There are no two worlds that are identical, which means there’s lots of exploring to do which is enjoyable. Many diverse biomes. One thing I’d love have are the End (or Desert) revamp. It’s beautiful and enhances the experience by making it more appealing and distinctive (Pigstep Go brr). For controls and interface (for mobile devices) they could do with some tweaks. They’ve made the GUI smaller (which reduces the size of the hotbar) and it’s impossible of making it nearly as huge as it is.

Hello, this is a fantastic game with endless possibilities. It really inspires me to think However, with the new update, I’ve noticed an issue wherein on creative it takes nearly as long as a person’s life to break blocks. This is a bit odd I’m not sure whether it’s an entirely new feature or a bug, however it is very irritating, therefore please correct it. Thank you!

Minecraft is among the most exciting and flexible games available, and from the very first time I played it I could feel the excitement that drove the programmers. The feeling of being in danger while exploring is a lot of fun. Since the introduction of the Warden, the game has become more mysterious. Also, the mysterious atmosphere of the Deep Dark Biome is thrilling. The game additionally inspired me to design my own textures and models to personalize my gaming experience. I would highly suggest this to all. I’m looking forward to 1.20! : )

Okay, I think this app is amazingYou can play for free and are able to play a lot without spending money on in-game purchases. only one minor issue. There are a lot of unnecessary updates frequently and it happens so often that I do not anticipate it. Every time I play as a group with a friend, it randomly states “Outdated Client!” It happens all the time. I know that this game is extremely high-maintenance and that it is constantly being improved but I’m feeling that all the updates make it more difficult for me as I can’t automate updating.

I really enjoy the game. The reason the reason I didn’t give five stars to it is due to two reasons. 1. Every time I go into a room an item will want to split in two. 2. When I play with my brother, minecraft stops working and takes me out of minecraft. I must log in to log back in, which is a pain. Bugs are also frustrating, such as when I’m swimming in a ravine, I can see slimes floating in the water, and both glass pains and blocks. Thanks mojang for the game. I hope the sniffer will be able to find flowers for my mom while she is playing.

A great game. But I recently made an original classic skin using an app but the game said it was not an official Minecraft skin. I’ve tried everything from various apps, as well as trying to delete and reinstall the game, and then waiting several weeks to see the latest update but nothing. I would appreciate it greatly that this issue was addressed.

It’s really good overall however, since the latest update, I can only delete blocks if hold for twice the amount instead of the standard time. This is very irritating. It was initially thought that it was dead however I am hoping it will be fixed in the near future.

The time for item despawns can be a bit iffy out, despawning items faster than usual. (lost much loot when trying to recover in the alotted time following death, and was returning to the death site however, there were no loot) Additionally, when you are in inventory, occasionally the cursor shifts from the right side (paperdoll/lootbox) into the left-hand side (player crafting or inventory) without input. I am using a Gamesir the X2 Bluetooth Controller with my S21 FE. The controller is not having issues moving or used in other games. Otherwise GG.

I was used to giving a higher rating because it was an excellent game, however the controls on the new update aren’t suited to me as a mobile player. I’m hoping you can correct this issue, as it’s impossible to change the item you are holding in the hotbar, without actually placing the item in it or using it. If you don’t fix it I will not play this game.

I’m certain that I can tell you the reasons I am a fan of Minecraft. Minecraft is an online game that lets players to create, explore and think to their hearts’ delight. With endless possibilities to build and making Minecraft is a game that never gets boring. I adore the chance to begin from scratch and build my own world, sculpting my own ideas. There’s a certain excitement to exploring new resources and working out how you can use these resources to create something truly amazing.


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