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Apr 27, 2023
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How to install Miga Town: My World v1.55 MOD APK (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Miga Town: My World v1.55 MOD APK (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Miga Town: My World v1.55 MOD APK (Unlocked) Game for Android


I like the fact that it is now possible to build your own house and then decorate it this makes the character look different. It also doesn’t fail like the toca Boca. It’s not even five stars as there aren’t that many places to visit like it requires money. Maybe you can unlock more locations to visit. If you choose the size of the car, thank you!

I’m really enjoying this game. I love the colorful artwork and the detail. I have purchased several items and the character customization has a many more options. I believe this game has lots of potential. I am impressed by the fact that a lot of the items are affixed as jewelry. .which allows for easy access for you to swap earrings etc.It is nice to have a small recipe book or some other kind of guide because I’m constantly missing the ingredients for meals.I cannot wait to see what more is added to this game in the near future.

The game is awesome however, after you download it, some locations are locked, and it demands money which is a complete cost to you. So, guys don’t throw away your money, simply remove it. ensure that all places in close proximity to the free home to be available for free. If it is evident that more people will remove this game, please thank the creators of this game. The second thing to note is that you can re-create these people but you are unable to alter the size. Toca Boca is much more than that, and you can get everything for completely free.

I really enjoy the game but I’m not having the most enjoyment because some areas are locked. I am unable to purchase it. There aren’t many things to do. Also, the clothes are not as good and you have to play with the characters of the game to play, so I’m saying all that to ask you to include more free items and I’m not grateful, I just want have more fun.

It’s an excellent game, but my only issues are that I’m not able to purchase clothes, which is extremely frustrating. Another problem is that there are lots of places that are locked, but apart from that the game is fantastic ….also it could create our own characters. If the game could be improved, I’d be awestruck and rate it five stars. rating, but due to the issues in the game, it’s going to be a four-star rating. I suggest that you download the game:)

It was amazing that it let me design my very own home, and I adore it because there’s numerous different places to go, it’s as if something’s gone missing yet this is incredible. I would definitely recommend

I’m not happy with the game, it’s a clone from Toca Boca and there is only seven places to explore and one house. It doesn’t even contain enough clothing and it’s so frustrating, however allows you to move the characters and the sound is sticky and the objects and it copies Toca old Version’s eating sound. I don’t like when you press the buttons, it’ll sound extremely loud and is the exact replica of avatar world. It’s an awful alternative to Toca world. The game itself is dull in the miga world, the characters are ugly !!!!! It’s a blast!

Hey, I’m sorry you don’t have to do this, but I would suggest adding stables for horses and houses and house to decorate, and more imaginative things to decorate such as clothes on the floor or additional toys. Thanks.

I think this game is a fantastic educational game since it can educate youngsters about money. The items purchase you made could last for one hour but it’s an excellent game.

Miga World is a excellent and thrilling game in which you can make your own tale, however the issue is that there is no school in the game if there is a school. be free. rate this game 5 stars as numerous things in the game aren’t free, and many people cannot afford it so please create schools at no cost. Thanks

Miga world, please take note of this! I am a huge fan and believe it’s a great game, but there’s one thing that you can fix: the locations. I play it every all day, but it’s difficult to play when all the stores are closed. I would also love it if you could add schools to the world, instead of creating a totally different application. It’s currently at 4 and a half star however, once you’ve added these (if you’re able to) please let me know via email. Also, if you’re a norlaila Zahira, you can buy clothing at an ice cream store.

This game is really enjoyable and fun to play. But, is the creator able to create more spaces free of charge? It’s similar to the furniture store along with other major homes and stores. However, I love how you can create your own home! I’d recommend this idea, however only if you have more spaces that are for sale. Thank you for your time to read this.

The best game is actually very good and is really enjoyable to play with your buddies and alter your character if you would like. This is one of the greatest games ever. Please make more of these games.

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