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April 04, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install Mi Music MOD APK v7.11.01.033020i (full) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Mi Music MOD APK v7.11.01.033020i (full) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Mi Music MOD APK v7.11.01.033020i (full) App for Android


My experience with the music was pleasant. However, I’m not satisfied with one aspect. Sometimes, the song you’re looking for isn’t available. If you don’t download the music using Mi songs, then it won’t display the lyrics.

This version v7.x appears to be it’s a downgrade. The ability to display artist and song names beneath the artwork on cover was a great improvement, however now the long names are cropped since the name of the song doesn’t scroll any more, which means that many times I have to guess which song is playing. Cut, share , and timer buttons have gone, however the placement of the elements on the screen hasn’t taken advantage of that , and it feels empty due to an unfilled space. Perhaps v8.x will come with a more refined GUI but for the time being I’m sticking with v6.14.01

Would you like to suggest an enhancement that is essential for this Mi Music app. In the watch , there is no option to connect the account I have on YouTube (Google) accounts, so the content isn’t my favorite. Additionally, since this is a music-related app, you must ensure that the videos in the watch are those which are music related and not some other nonsense.

A basic app. Easy to use. The poor placement of random ads and no way to alter the user interface, or to sort songs by genre were major issues my opinion.. However, on the bright side, the ability to modify metadata as well as add lyrics.

It’s a great and user-friendly music player , to be honest, however I have a few issues with it. If I alter my information and the design of the songs, it appears as if the changes have been made, however in the event that I make them available to friends however, the information and cover are not changed. This is extremely frustrating because it seems like I could alter them to my own pleasure! If you could solve this issue, I’d give you 5 stars absolutely. Thank you for your efforts!

Mi Music Listen Unlimited, surrounded by the Rhythm! Mi Music is a completely free and unlimited Music application! Unlimited access to millions of songs with curated playlists, playlists and other content from your favourite artists. This music app is that allows you to enjoy offline or online music. What’s more? Hit and download music no cost! Listen Unlimited! Music of all kinds are available on Mi Music Popular music, new songs, live music, Classic, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Kpop, and many more, whatever you’d like to hear and download is available on Mi

It’s an excellent application. It would be great to delete songs directly from the player’s page. It could be it could be added to the options available from the 3 white dots in the right-hand side on the right. Because there are times when you wish to remove a song out of the box, but you’ll need to navigate to the song list and search for the song. This is particularly problematic when you’re shuffled songs within the same folder that contains a large number of songs.

I was a fan of this app , however it is constantly crashing and I’m asking you to make it a priority to update it and fix it because I’ve put many hours into figuring out the app, and it’ll take me a long time to fix it over again with every song I have.

excellent app! Very useful and beneficial If you can, please make it possible to make the “add songs” function work, it’s not working for me. I have no files that can be considered to be good enough to include text to the lyrics section (PDF or odt). ,…)

I am really enjoying app, however, i’d like to see the ability to create playlists using the internet feature as it is extremely tiring searching and looking instead of having your favorite songs play in a playlist. I really would like to see you include this feature.

It’s not a bad player once you turn off advertisements and the rest of the junk that comes when you purchase Xiaomi products. The audio quality is excellent and all tracks appear to be playing in the same way The only issue it is the fact that the shuffle function isn’t working, and appears to play a variety of songs repeatedly.

I had mixed feelings about the new version, but when I looked at it in comparison to the previous version, i feel i prefer this better.. There are some things I don’t like about the update, however. 1. the white part on the bottom (it used to blend in with the music player prior to) 2. It needs to be more spaced. The song titles appear uncomfortably close to the sides and each other. 3. The size and color of the “favorites playlist, most the most recent” the playlist is smaller, and the color isn’t as great. I like the music albums’ updated look however. This is all

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