Maskgun Multiplayer FPS Apk + Mod (Unlocked)


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Apr 4, 2023
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How to install Maskgun Multiplayer FPS v3.037 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Maskgun Multiplayer FPS v3.037 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Maskgun Multiplayer FPS v3.037 Apk + Mod (Unlocked) Game for Android


This is an amazing game. I really like this game. It is time to update the game so that you can chat with your players during the game.And reduce the price of all weapons. It is very important to update the game soon.if I require any improvements I can write and share the information.

I really like this game. It’s great for kids who are older than mine, and is enjoyable to play with other players. However, I think of a brand new game mode. It’s called zombie survival . It’s an adventure game where you’re in one map, and there are zombies. You have to fight others for a set duration of time. Every one minute, there’s an opportunity to get supplies of ammunition as well as grenades and medical kits. To make it even more exciting, you will be able to win prizes each time you’re alive, like gems, coins and more and more! !

Excellent game, enjoyable game to play and fun to play with your friends. I really enjoy this game well, but there are two specific issues that I’d like you to highlight. The first problem is that while walking, I’ll stop and need to put my finger to begin moving again, but this happens rarely and could be an issue with the hardware. The second issue is that sometimes the day resets , but daily tasks are not unfinished, which is a problem to earn weekly points. Apart from that, it’s an amazing game!

This game is simply amazing it works on any device.This game is developed in india which is the most proud of us

Dev Please listen to me. This issue has been present from the beginning in the game. The buttons aren’t able to be changed in size. of the buttons. This is a major problem for certain players. For me, the buttons are way too tiny for me to use. I have often missed any click to leap, considering how tiny the button was. I’m hoping there’ll be an option to change the size of the buttons displayed on the screen

Fantastic game, great pastime and a great game to play with your friends. I really enjoy this game well, but there are two specific issues that I’d like you to bring up. The first is that at times when I walk, I’ll stop and need to put my finger to move again, but it happens only occasionally and could be due to an issue with the hardware. The second issue is that sometimes the day resets , but daily missions are in progress, which is a pain to earn weekly points. In addition, it’s an awesome game.

Excellent game play. I am awestruck that grenades have real-world blast radius. Graphics aren’t the most impressive compared to other games however, the maps are fantastic and the ability to modify your character is incredible. There’s a glitch, however that lets opponents take you down from the map in one hit even if you’re out of the range of their sights. If you can fix this glitch, I’ll give five stars with certainty.

The game is extremely good. The graphics and atmosphere is fantastic. The game comes with a variety of weapons and some them are truly amazing. However, despite the advantages, it also has its cons. The game is extremely short maps, and up to 10 players play. Sometimes, I die the distance. I have a ping disconnect regardless of having a decent internet. Hope this helps. I ask the creators to address these problems.

Incredible game, however, not compatible with my phone. The frame rate is unbearably low on Samsung M33. This could be caused by the exynos processor (or possibly its game engine issue). The game plays at 60 fps for say 10 seconds, before dropping to 0 frames per minutes. I tried reducing the fps to 30and the the quality to low however it didn’t change anything! Keep in mind that bgmi and free fire, and bgmi never lag with this device. Also, Genshin impact was higher “consistent” frame rate. On my iPhone XR gaming experience, it was excellent.

The game is spot on. The graphics, the realisation of characters, the realistic killing. There are a few issues however. The game can take far too long for loading. The sniper rifles must have their own games. Sniper rifles can be shot only one shot in comparison to the automatics that require between four and several shots to take out. Also, when I shoot with the scope for snipers, it’s everywhere, and other shooters can also use it the scope with pinpoint precision. It doesn’t seem right to permit the sniper rifles to be used with automatic guns.

It’s a fun game. It can be a bit snagged in certain areas. Yes, I would like that you could pick levels but it lets you play instead of waiting for other players to arrive In a way, it forces you to participate. I’d like to see more levels but it’s okay. I’m happy that we don’t talk to one another, complain ….after or during a fight , or tell people what to do. You simply play. You just text and then play …. the thumbs-up game! I’m hoping that the rewards will improve However, for now, they’re not great. You can try it

First off, a excellent game! One of the top shooter games available on Playstore. There’s only one issue increasing the damage caused by the assault guns and firearms because they are very weak when compared to shotguns. Please devs…look into this problem as soon as you can. It’s affecting gameplay.


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