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Aug 21, 2023
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[Free Download] Lords Mobile Mod Apk v2.112 (Fast Skill Recovery) Game for Android


After about a year, the game has changed a lot. No ads, massive story experiences and plenty of navigation. It’s not very obvious where what is, so the game has a massive learning curve to it, but it doesn’t take too long to find everything. Some levels are insanely hard because the heroes are ranked lower, but you can’t line them up without beating the level or waiting for the next chest.
To be honest, I love the game and the experience I’ve had with it. Over the millions of soldiers lost to action that got the heart pumping. The only thing I really feel should be implemented is for the fan base that is more on the Free To Play side. There should be more events for those players. More backups for them. Because I know it’s not always easy to be a free to play user, I sent emails to IGG and all about my ideas and stuff. Anyway, this is my review. Thanks – Capt Jack
I played the game a few years ago and it was very annoying because it had too many ads, so I left the game after a lot of investment in it. But it’s good to go back to a lot of the improvements I see in it.
I like the game, it took me a while to figure it out. I am disappointed with the offer they gave me. Buy $10 in game pack and get $2 credit. Great but the only problem is you can’t get anything between $10-20, they don’t have any items. It starts at $9.99, then 19.99 and I have to pay tax on the stuff. So I got a $9.99 item and was taxed so it comes out to over $10 and still no credit. So what are Google saying they are full of when they say they are nice.
The videos are not completely wrong. Drag units for challenging battles, hero battles are auto battles but you can target their special attacks, siege battles are auto but with heroes and soldiers (like the videos but without formations). Map bosses to rally against, map guild wide stuff, hero and unit cards for leveling through duplicates for challenge battles, heroes for map attacks and hero trials are separate, and level up by collecting equipment items. Better than I expected.
One of the best base builders. To top it all off, you won’t just sit back if you play for an app that earns you money over time. Both types of battles I’ve played are fun. The game is 3D but I hate the art style. That’s probably the only negative I came across. That and that is another base builder. These games don’t seem to know how to make money other than waiting in the real world to complete very small game goals. This is boring; not gameplay
The auto join rally feature is good but it doesn’t track captain troop level that’s the important thing but it sends t5 at 2dn level where captain sends t2. all other features work perfectly ☺️ please add auto collect by selecting tile level and resource to collect. it will help f2p to grow.
your new features and updates are really amazing. But you have a small suggestion if you choose option like (collect all quests in one tap) in guild quest and admin quest then it will be more awesome. So collecting these quests won’t be boring. Now it’s so boring collecting completed tasks one by one. and you know not to allow PayPal and other western paid apps in every country. So if you add the paid method of Bkash app, Asians can easily buy packages. your customer support line is great.
I have been playing this game for over 3 years. I like the latest updates like auto use for speeds and resources. Update 8/2023 I still love this game but there is too much stealing and cheating going on with P2P players. I’ve been playing for 7 years and I’ve seen the game evolve from an MMORPG to a party for rich nickels . Racism and misogyny are the order of the day, making it nearly impossible for new players to enjoy the game.
Love this game. The interface is much nicer than other games. I just wish the packages were cheaper or there were more specials. Not everyone can afford the required amounts. I give it 4 1/2, but I rounded it up to 5. 🙂
A lot of love has been put into this game! Very generous with supplies and goodies. It would be super fun to play, but it’s extremely old, you just start when you’re trying to build your turf, it repeatedly attacks you, and it can’t move/power up. One step forward, three steps back to the point I’m about to give up. However, this is not the developer’s fault.
I was surprised at how engaging this game was. While the tutorials are a little unclear and there is so much to do and so little explanation that it can be confusing at times, the reality is that it was amazingly fun.
It’s a patience game, so if you don’t have patience and money, I suggest you don’t play it, but when you get to a good level and spend a lot of time in it, you start having fun, and yes, if anyone is interested in War then I can say it’s the best choice because it simulates everything, even the time you need to prepare for a real war, so anyone who likes war and is willing to wait a while and spend some money can be sure that this game will not be disappointed. Thank you for reading


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